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  1. thewayiam

    BBC Glastonbury

    Personally I think I'm not missing out on what someone else is gaining so it's not a huge deal for me I don't think.
  2. thewayiam

    The 1975 2020

    I'll listen to maybe 1 or two songs that have hype even behind an act I'm not majorly into but there is certainly artists that full albums listens I won't do so with. I'm unsure why you would listen to an album from an artist you don't like. A bands music that you've never been interested in is different as the approach might chance but I'm not going to go to stand watching music anymore by someone I dislike.
  3. Personally no. Many of us have been to multiple gigs and festivals year on year so one year out isn't a big deal. Money is also difficult with job saturation so while I will attend events and enjoy seeing life music, it's not life defining.
  4. I know what he meant but don't word your sentence like a dickhead when it's really not a big deal. It's quite obvious what I meant but some words input incorrectly on my phone. Honestly whi cares
  5. What's the issue?, that I knew an act more but the alternative was giving someone I didn't know as much a try? Also, way to go with the use of the term stroke given loads of people are dying!
  6. Probably agree setlist wise. That was my first year off, I didn't see enough there that year to go and found for me the Biffy day the worst so I'd have been arriving probably just for them. I've seen them a lot and only probably seen Saturday Superhouse twice but they don't play it as much as they used to....that gig happens to be one they did. I saw them at Shepherds Bush at their intimate gig and it was great being so close and small but there is something extra pre Elipsis. Animal Style however is pretty decent live if just for it being catchy. I think in 2008 instead of Jay Z I should have watched them headline JP at Glastonbury but at the same time, I knew Jay Z and hasn't heard/wasn't in to Biffy then. It add too that however much temptation given Reading 13 day prices were down that the time to get to either site was too long for fuel and still £70 at the time.
  7. Because if a band sing with with no sole and enthusiasm then it doesn't come over as well. I have seen them very good but I've also watched them sound pretty bad. Editors are not a band that I would say electrify crowds. I like their older stuff and they are a good band for a fun set but I would never choose to end my night on a headline set from them. I saw KOL in 2008 when Glastonbury gave them the stint, after that it was all just them not caring. Reading 2009 and Hyde Park were not good.
  8. They do, Foo Fighters are much the same in their own right now. I just want to hear a band sing and fill setlists....not do silly solo's and 9 minute versions of a 5 minute song max. Because not everything from this year is going to fit into place next year. You could say the same amount acts not announced for TRNSMT for example next year that were for this.
  9. It would be silly if the one time they try they've messed up the timing. I honestiy can see Download just having them back next year.
  10. I'd have thought they would have said who else was playing to have generated ticket sales.
  11. Yeah I was interested but not without knowing the lineup. I also thought the ticket price was way too high.
  12. Yes. Arctic Monkeys aside, TRNSMT has been having lower keys headliners for a while now, Sterophonics are not major festival headliners and IOW has clearly dropped. Parklife also is not really a major festival. I'd agree on Liam and Glastonbury but I think this year given his album wasn't released until comfortably after Glastonbury has more reasoning to it. I get the arguement of him not being chose but he is big enough to and so Gerry is essentially subbing an act that could.
  13. Yes he did in 2019, I'm on about 2020 in a year where Liam has moved up to be a headliner. Not necessarily as Liam after Glastonbury did a huge UK tour. I have not tried to say in 2019 that Liam was a headliner for Glastonbury, I have said that Liam this year is a headliner. The Killers have done previous shows including selling out Hyde Park I believe on a series that not many have at full price ticket.
  14. Yes last year, but this year that act is a headliner. And we can't currently say that Reading headliners aren't big enough to top Glastonbury. Reading I'm not ignoring it at all just Reading is the southern part. What is the difference of that and Courteeners playing higher at Reading than they should have been because of their status in Leeds?
  15. He's subbing a south of England festival this year under an act big enough to headline Glastonbury.
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