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  1. Just to make it clear, down vote all you want as there is 2102 reasons why you're wasting your time lol
  2. Just to make it abundantly clear despite what some arseholes on here think, I'm not against the festival at all. I'm against this and such like under circumstances mentioned.
  3. Exactly my point! Double vaccination is all they can do for this. EVERYONE wanted to government to act and do it there and then and not 7 days later. Though now it's okay to do it 6 weeks later and not instantly instead because it benefits people who want to attend an event. Bad decisions make zero sense. Let's just accept that what is being allowed to happen and what people are okay with due to they get to go to something is 'sugar coating' it and ignoring previous views. It's very much double standards if a huge selection of people will be using a test system that is 50% accurate to get in which has suddenly changed from my top point in this. Plenty of people of the younger are testing positive but given the stance on here from people were it doesn't matter a while back I guess that stance is it's OK! I'm real and honest about my views, not real and honest depending on what appeals to me or not.
  4. You're missing my point, I didn't say stay permanently say shut down. I've said act on the same values of protecting people fully as what was done through the rest of it. I stick by my own values for that, others are not, their choice. It's a wrong choice, it's a double standard choice but it's theirs. Same as this is your opinion, fair enough.
  5. My whole being is that it should be done under fully vaccinated circumstances period but yet the majority who were pissed at Boris delaying new rules for a week etc and why not now all the way along are happy for him to delay this six weeks because it allows for their enjoyment of an event. Yet it was totally opposite when it only involved the mixing of people, rule of 6 etc etc. I don't think there is a clear way to say that many people in an open area won't have an affect on cases. I think it will but that's my view. For me those in authority have agreed to let thousands into an event with potentially many false negative results due to greed. That is no safer in my view than having let people mingle at events much earlier that had to cancel off of the basis of one vaccination. Not everyone has to have that view, I don't care who agrees, who doesn't, who has an opinion against it. It's just my view. And I feel strongly about that because people have died unnecessarily with completely no choice about the matter.
  6. Aging, drugs and alcohol haven't been at all.
  7. You can always see who you want though. No one is stopping you
  8. I'm not sure about nostalgia but he sounds so bad here.
  9. Great response to someone speaking truth rather than changing their views to double standard bollocks because suddenly they can attend an event. All the fake shit the past however many months from people on here giving Boris earache and it's all suddenly forgotten just like that. Shouldn't actually be surprised though given that some people actually said it's okay and not a big deal for young people to catch covid given it's far less likely. Yet the last 4/5 people I know to catch it are 21 and under and two of them are quite unwell.
  10. Defend it only being so many cases as we come up to 80k joint events. 90 cases out of 180k is still 90 cases. It's falling yes but 20k daily isn't good at all, we were raging at that before vaccination. There is no defence over the numbers rates falling, they shouldn't have been where they were and are due to lack of control in earlier stages, but let's forget that previous opinion when it comes to being able to have fun. No one said it was but I'm not going to sit here and say it's okay anymore that delayed announcements and decisions were before. Yup you are right. People entering with a LFT result is as good as it gets. Shit people are quick to forget everything they wanted from Boris when it matters to their festival entry. The standard of double standard on this board now if crazy. People are basically saying it's okay and accepting a route into an event that is 50% proof at the same time as there is also an option at the level of as covered as you could be. For greed and because they know the right people over others that have been canned and struggled. I have never changed my view from the start regardless but how quickly heads turn.
  11. Why are we trying to defend this as okay though.
  12. For me it's more that people should be fully vaccinated. It's quite clear it'll go ahead now given they're only asking for LFT's. The amount of cases confirmed from this are going to be stupid though.
  13. Where we're going. But that's just my view. Was tempted by a Leeds Friday ticket although all gone now. But without that song I don't see Gerry worth it really. Biffy obviously although I've seen them time and time again and their best output has far past peaked. Liam twice as well. I'd have been tempted by Biffy in Scotland but I'm busy that weekend and it's turned into a proper hectic one today too. I'm going to need to stay awake majorly.
  14. I find it strange that Gerry Cinnamon doesn't even sing his best song on tour.
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