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  1. Trees is my worry as I really fancied an evening ticket for the Thursday. Again though like Catfish, I've not purchased a ticket. I already have two August festival dates in the balance plus a British Airways flight voucher from an Italy cancellation so I'm wary.
  2. Don't appear negative about events this year. Sam Jones will just say your a crying miserable man for it.
  3. I'm happy thanks very much. The fact that you down voted my post but did nothing to someone else's who said they also didn't care if someone came across negative etc speaks volumes. As for the negative scores....if I cared enough it wouldn't be what it is. Breathing fresh air in the sun is exactly what I've said I'm happy to. You are indeed an downright ignorant, arrogant twat. But carry on and shut the door on your way out.
  4. Yes. My Feeder gig will be part of Catfish in September but I've not purchased yet
  5. You aren't allowed to say this though. Every opinion that suggests a music event may not go ahead gets the response of you don't want it to or you are too negative.
  6. Agreed. Go with the lowest you can and opt to sell more if and when a closer time.
  7. I think this is a very important point. The demand will be insane. For a promoter to pull they don't lose the demand. But for a promoter to not pull they lose big time financially and could lose it all
  8. @Samjonesare you just plain ignorant? Down vote me all you like it I'm allowed to have genuine reasons for my views. And the reason for my less optimistic view is so as to not have that gutted feeling that unfortunately the Boomtown crowd have for example. I'm in my rights to take a stand if it happens it does if not then I'm prepared for it.
  9. I fully respect that but I think that works it two ways. My mental health has had a lift by just being able to go outside and to do a hike in a national park etc. Have some lunch and a cider by the water out of my town. My head tells me that my offspring gig in November will be my first music event back and if so I'll deal with that. If it comes earlier than even better but I set myself up early that it may not.
  10. I agree. But it's better to not lose anymore through marketing purposes than to spend it and lose more. The government have shown no sign to back it financially and I don't suspect they will. What if they plough money into that but then certain people can't travel on holiday etc to places due to numbers. There is though many don't like it a much bigger issue out there like international hospitality than a music festival for someone's favourite bands with a few beers fix.
  11. I'm guessing that depends by then what the restrictions are based on 5k events. Hence why I say that what the government allow in terms of fans for that semi final euros and the final are key. Reading at 90k when 6 weeks before only 30k were allowed allowed in Wembley for example with no guarantee of that extending will be the plug. I think people read way too much in to it and over hyped themselves off off of the government's *earliest* dates. I don't mean to be negative but I see so many people setting themselves up for disappointment and I'd rather just save that after every
  12. This is how I feel. But some people are so desperate for music that any idea about a festival not going ahead is like world ending.
  13. You think what Biden has done for covid in America since he took over. Are you?, it's not been 10 months since someone else has yet, then we need to wait 5 days.
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