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  1. The Menzingers are doing a tour in the US from early April until middle May. Finishing just in time for these dates and Download. Also with Hot Water Music as support.
  2. The Menzingers are doing a tour in the US from early April until middle May. Finishing just in time for these dates and Download. Also with Hot Water Music as support.
  3. Nah they wouldn't try and do that.
  4. There is no major significant point to it. It's 4 songs merged into one that is pretty to cut and do with a dancey backing track. I love it when when take more time looking into stuff I post than I do.
  5. Jesus! I spent one day in intimidating Adelaide! I hated it bar Glendegl Beach and the tram getting down there was so uneasy and awkward. The surrounding areas of Perth are worth it but Perth itself is worth the river front area, the English/London building you walk through the middle of but not a whole lot else. Rottnest is very nice as was City Beach. But the area of Dunsborough a couple of hours south is a beauty. Sorry for going into more lol.
  6. Right. So what they've done it take words from Sacrifice to use at the title for it. Aren't dance remixes what people dislike on here. I thought it was going to be an original song taking longer than 5 mins to make.
  7. The Hives were great, they just dragged the set out a bit. I'm probably always going to enjoy an Offspring set. Original Prankster was great to hear. Shame they only did All I Want on 1 date. Let The Bad Times Roll came over really well. Bad Habit, Hammerhead and Hit That wouldn't be my choice of 3 songs together though.
  8. Even though i don't attend for a weekend, way beyond my days now. It was still my first festival so the excitement of drop day is still there.
  9. So I'm unsure where to put this but just to clear up that Elton and Dua Lipa is just a remix of Sacrifice?
  10. My badare, so they are, should have known that. They could do late June onwards and cover August as they have nothing in the early to mid June build up.
  11. Ah yes Soundwave. I always looked at them and fancied it. I imagine like people here the bands were also like a chance to do a tour around Oz would be awesome. Yeah going over the earlier years of Soundwave were some awesome lineups. Big Day Out has good one's too but was a little too away from my tastes a lot. Headliners appeal many times and some undercard but a lot were way more like Primavera style for me. A mix of both festivals would have been nice but as said places are far apart. The efforts to go from Perth to Adelaide then right across when it's the same country is a lot. Even Australian's said to me though that they do get decent live gigs and local bands in bars but the music scene is nothing like England etc because they have to go so far and it's much easier to tour here. Plus there's shit loads of great Aussie bands. Each city pulls off their Australia Day as they all do something different.
  12. Could be on to something with those other 3 guesses. Pendulum aren't at Creamfields either. They around in Finland in June but are British so it's not a big issue. They definitely fit the Disclosure booking. Imagine Dragons however I think is wrong. I don't think all 6 Dan said that early are correct as he never says the correct 6 from the off.
  13. Biggest issue with Australia is that firstly they are the best on the music scene anyway and since Big Day Out folded they've never really had a festival cater to a rockier crowd. There is some nice bookings there but it's about as heavy as Australia gets now.
  14. Papa Roach are playing Mexico in April. I don't know if US do combine Mexico and US tours together a lot but I can see them being on the next announcement here. They wouldn't really be big enough but they fit under ADTR very well and to be honest AFI when they played 3rd are no bigger. I might be wrong but I don't see the next lineup being far away. Friday morning maybe.
  15. And you are entitled too that view. Thursday was my favorite day easy and it's returned weaker for me. Thrice also aren't really big enough to headline hence they've ragged Turnstile is to help cover the slot.
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