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  1. thewayiam

    Latitude 2018

    @Funktownbro he's a knob bud just ignore him. He's got a mime more a profile pic which apparently is racist too which I'm sure my white and black friends would agree. And thinks because I don't think Solange is getting her slot off her own back that it's racism against her!....my god there is white groups....not that it matters what you are, that I've thought how are you that high but I'm probably racism against my own colour tbh.
  2. thewayiam

    Latitude 2018

    Solange headlining is bullshit....she has that spot purely because of who her sister is and nothing else.
  3. thewayiam

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    It's about right but I doubt they would accept.
  4. thewayiam

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    They probably could get a sub due to rarity but they should be 3rd down really.
  5. thewayiam

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    Weezer have to be an option.....confirmed for Bilbao BBK next year already and probably likely that Werchter will try and book.
  6. thewayiam

    Mad Cool 2018

    It's alright having good sound if you can get in to hear it. All the reviews very much put me off. Your Coachella ripoff statement us interesting though
  7. thewayiam

    2019 festival

    I can't see him touring as late as August next, it'll be his 3rd years straight.
  8. thewayiam

    2019 Headliners

    Macca must be in with a shout but I imagine he'd do Thursday there to give him a day break. I'm unsure it'd FM....not sure if RW could afford it with everyone else and for Glasto they'd fit it in to tick off.
  9. thewayiam

    2019 festival

    Yup, minimum co-headliner. Wouldn't be surprised at them, BMTH and Drake. They could be a co-headliner but I don't see The 1975, BMTH or even Paramore now taking that.
  10. thewayiam

    2019 festival

    Yeah co-headline looks likely but they could bump up themselves.
  11. thewayiam

    Download 2019

    I think it's a good shout but I still don't see BMTH being there. I also don't see fans of them being bothered with Ghost on a large scale but that's me.
  12. thewayiam

    2019 Headliners

    Oh I don't think it would be a good idea personally for both but can't deny it's strong. FM all depends on whether they are here at that time next year or 20. I don't really care for Macca, I've seen him so I'd rather have FM, Madonna and another option I'm not interested in. Stormzy I don't see topping it next year, I can see 2021 as he won't be doing it on the big one.
  13. thewayiam

    2019 Headliners

    I don't think I said he wasn't? I don't see Stormzy being there but the interview has made me rethink Macca a bit. Let's have Arctics, FM and Macca. You have two acts there Liam would sub too....that would be as strong as it gets to be honest.
  14. thewayiam

    2019 Headliners

    FM, LG, ?, Kylie.
  15. thewayiam

    2019 Headliners

    Dianna Ross, Cher or Kylie.....no way Madonna would accept a daytime slot. Plus Frozen would be shit in daylight.