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  1. Thing is Placebo have never quite been there, even in 06 at Reading I believe they were subbing the Pearl Jam. Shame I only got into Placebo after that.
  2. One day is really good but it's actually a bit boring for me compared to this year.
  3. thewayiam

    2020 headliners

    Really?!, a large part left after Craig David. Stick around to hear some other MP talk shite from corby, no ty
  4. They are very much a band who have a loyal fan base at their own gigs. 2017 was not an arena tour, 2016 was a 20 years of tour so they could push the boundaries a little, I was at Birmingham in the December I'd that tour and they weren't using all the standing space at all. I think they could play one above the Zippo personally which is 3rd at the max but not more than that. As a standard touring band they are an academy band now. I'm kind of expecting straight SOAD, Maiden and Metallica....If them 3 are available I don't see why they would choose different.
  5. Placebo couldn't headline Download now, I don't think The Cure or Depeche Mode would either.
  6. thewayiam

    The Rock Slot

    KOL isn't the worst suggestion but I still reckon sub is for them.
  7. If you wanted female sub then Dua Lipa is the prime choice for that imo, much more likely that LDR. She had blown up on a 1st album, the 2nd I think will push her a few boundaries higher.
  8. thewayiam

    2020 headliners

    As said, I could name you anything from him off my head I don't think, but then I couldn't from Stormzy....neither are my cup of tea but if Stormzy can be chosen then Drake is unquestionable if he was a wanted option.
  9. I'm 110% positive Korn will not headline.
  10. thewayiam

    2020 headliners

    Probably were talking about..it's put we care as auto correct shit.
  11. thewayiam

    2020 headliners

    Getting a hard time I don't care about but it's not hard to differentiate between playing and a gig at Wembley Arena which is by the way the middle ground between Brixton and The 02....that's quite simple stuff, and playing a gig at Hyde Park to 60k people which AF did. To even try and suggest the Foals and the likes of those in that level bracket are AF size is crazy.
  12. Probably the gigs with less capacity and lower prices, London would be dearer and Wembley would be a stretch. £85 Coventry is more £95 in London.
  13. thewayiam

    2020 headliners

    Arcade Fire did Hyde Park twice, are people bloody mad?!, we care talking about the staple London gig....not go between of Brixton and The 02!
  14. People thinking Defines subbing surely isn't happening, for that festival they would be a big get. It's basically a very small download but better, after seeing Frank at Glasto though I'm happy I didn't pay out for that day and do the journey. Not that he wasn't good but I'm very much a hits person with him and although happy to watch I don't have a buzz for it really.
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