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  1. thewayiam

    2023 Headliners

    Reading will get them, I'd be pretty sure of that. I however happy I didnt opt to see them in the end. I've seen Placebo play better sets and I'm only a casual fan of a few MCR songs.
  2. They actually are the most boring band. A sub slot now would just be stupid.
  3. I can't see that Fender was as low as 3rd Other in the end but I see it being Wolf Alice bumped up if they were 3rd and Fender slotting into the 3rd place.
  4. You know they sold out a previous arena tour and there has been a big buzz about their return
  5. I think people are underestimating how big N-Dubz were, and that's without a reunion!
  6. So this is how they get more of my money and not do Slam Dunk again! Fucking Ally Pally though. On a second note, cheers lad! £45.
  7. The self destruction has started. Acting like he's the only troll. You know he might not be the poster, hacking is a thing?! See you Dd, you'll be the first of a long list. Forum has been down the drain a long time, just it's all therenis now. Because you lot are seeing what I picked up ages ago. What I want to know is, why you also helped this idiot get a ticket to Glastonbury based on his attitude? You see why I'm not a gold member now? At least you chose this year to help him though! You are one of the main idiots on here and have been for a long time. I've seen it and now the ego is has hit the fan and so have others. This has been coming for a while. To be honest, it's no mpre realiable now that virtual festivals used to be anyway or sometimes consequences of sound
  8. There has been a trend for a while on here, ego comes into it A LOT! A little like Download, they can continue to be shit because there isn't something else out there now like it. Likewise with this pandemic, like may things, surviving has been a struggle. Egotistical power and empowerment.
  9. Olivia opposite Elbow would be a mad move, she will smash their crowd to pieces. At least give people a chance not to be injured. Diana is the worst Legend for me, not one I'd have picked at all so.
  10. Drink at the bandstand, onto Avalon Inn, Brothers Bar, Cider Bus and sleep as it's about 44 hours awake by then
  11. I'll be waiting for this now just incase JEW have pulled out.
  12. I think there could be one, not many at least from my side including someone who defends Glastonbury heavily thinks music wise they've done the best this year. A couple reckon they've struggled.
  13. thewayiam

    2023 Headliners

    The headliners overall isn't for me. But Bleachers, Placebo, Descendants, Less Than Jake. Yellowcard, Bad Religion, Yungblud, The Menzingers, Charlotte Sands YYYs, JEW Friday is superb. 4 great bands with MCR too. I like Alkaline Trio but not as much as I used to. Saturday undercard is nice but headliner does nothing for me. The Sunday has much less but too great bands for me.
  14. I'd have to drive but going to try pick up a cheaper ticket from twickets. It's on the final day of the Premier League but I have nothing to care about with that lol
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