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  1. But everyone who crosses water to go is stepping outside of a local zone and certainly into a non essential travel situation. In two months time would be say?, they need to know that the country will be in tier 1 comfortably early June for this to happen?
  2. You can't blame them though. In 6 months time Glastonbury would have essentially passed by a month. There is very much a feeling of needing to be at that point to know instead of guessing. Lots of things could be unforeseen and delay etc. I don't think for eg there is a chance they'll vaccine 13m by middle of Feb.
  3. Yes they should. Exactly this. Too many people think that as soon as people have been vaccined that it'll be all go. It's being passed by that the majority of people will not have entered a hospital to have the vaccine but the NHS are overwhelmed. Not only this. Standard everyday hospital procedures that are being put off due to covid with then come into the fray.
  4. It will not be safe to have the event by the end of June. You've got 5 months and yesterday after a few good days we had 5k new cases with the last two days claiming highest death rates. The country will need to be vaccined 95% at least first.
  5. This will be cancelled purely out of that people won't be allowed to travel.
  6. Naturally not surprised. Unfortunately inevitable but I also agree with a couple of others than should 2022 be an issue that might be Glastonbury done.
  7. I'll go for Macca, Arctics and Swift
  8. He won't be. He's all over Slam Dunk each year. Still baffling they are appearing at the same gig as Feeder and Catfish for £40 in Swansea. That gig is going to get moved to especially given Wales restrictions. That much is obvious enough.
  9. Are you sure that's correct? There is only approximately 2, 871, 400 vaccines so far. Just under 500,000 are receiving it weekly. I'm 34 and I'm not expecting it soon. He was 13m to receive by end of Feb even though at the current rate that would equal 5.2m.
  10. My point was the festival attendee general age is of that stated and whether under 49s are fine or not, that isn't reflective majorly on that festival.
  11. The majority age range and circumstance surrounding not all but in general I guess are the less vulnerable being the 16-19/20 category. For mass gatherings to go ahead these people will need the second vaccine clearance and 3 weeks to let it settle. At my age even it's the same time frame and expected by end of December.
  12. We won't all be vaccinated by then. My age range has a estimated end September to end October. People younger than me by enough years have been estimate January 2022 to March 2022 I believe.
  13. For me for exmaple. I went travelling in September 19. I came back just about end of March when the pandemic was getting bad. Since then I've family and a few friends on a couple of occasions. Nothing since early November though I belive apart from my support person and I can't see that support as easy as their own support frequent their house and visa versa so we are stuck to ourdoor walks virtually. I don't know what you do for a job but that sounds more reasonable. That said that is your job, seeing that many gigs as a job should not be confused with the reality of everyone in a paid f
  14. I'll firstly start that I think for Paul to downvote this is embarrassing! But does it stop you from seeing any of your friends? I don't ever have one time each year that me and all my friends get together because that's life. Children etc etc dictate things. That's just it though. Some people are suggestive to the point of, I can't miss another Glastonbury. So while I get some of your points, I agree to disagree on many. Plus over 250 gigs is a rarity, I can't even think of fitting that in or trying to afford it.
  15. Not really. If I can travel again and have a break away it would be nice but I can listen to music at home. Life isn't game over without a music event to go to and it certainly doesn't define my life is I can't go to a gig for a reason,
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