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  1. Surely it's either SD or their own shows. They would headline SD though.
  2. P.O.D, Rise Against, Volbeat and SOAD. Rise Against are in the best place they could have been for me.
  3. Yeah Sunday is good for me again. ADTR clash with The Distillers but it would be the latter. I'd guess The Offspring were unavailable.
  4. They really should have done Glastonbury the year they first did Reading. I know that's down to being wanted too but they were big enough to do the Friday slot. Do Reading the year after was my thought at the time.
  5. Also of the view Biffy Clyro have ran out of ideas.
  6. thewayiam

    Dua Lipa

    Yeah if Lana isn't there it's an easy bump up and if Noel isn't there it's even easier. I think he will make it as a one off though as the chance to play before Macca will be too much.
  7. How the hell can that be played at Download though?, it'll get a worse reaction than last time. Honestly they are better off giving it to BMTH if Maiden are out.
  8. thewayiam

    Dua Lipa

    I think she'll move to Friday sub and take the LDR slot.
  9. A lot has changed. Personally I enjoyed them at Leeds 2010 but they were great in London.
  10. Be surpised if Volbeat, Rise Against, The Offspring, and The Distillers weren't all back. Billy Talent are at SD, I'd expect Lagwagon to be too as well as Mayday Parade. Bad Religion would be good too but they played SD the previous year. Getting them 3rd under Offspring and Distillers would be great but they subbed 2nd last time I think.
  11. You've contradicted yourself here. Why would Live Nation book Muse and Biffy Clyro for Download, why not just Reading where they can sell it out? Slipknot for example don't need a crazy metal lineup everytime to sell well, there are plenty I know would attend if it just had similar orientated bands. Take a Reading Day recently that had Skindred, Sum 41, Papa Roach and Pendulum....a day that sold out at that. Put one more rockier band on that main stage in the day and it should sell well but I'm guessing they don't think enough. Songs like Wait and Bleed, My Plague, Left Behind and screamy songs if you like can mix with bands that are just straight heavy. If anything, by just booking thise bands under them it might stagnate sales. Look at Korn for example, they did an area tour with Korn supporting, they are nu metal but far from heavy so if that's okay on a tour it could be good to try it for a day.
  12. Okay. SOAD are a headliner seemingly everywhere they play bar Reading where they accepted a sub. They are a heavy band yet when they played it was a time when Slipknot could have headlined. They've had BMTH sub as well.
  13. The point is though they are probably not seen by Reading as that or why not use them? No one is doubting they are, that doesn't mean they are the pull necessarily overall. Take Green Day for eg, played Emirates the same year they sold out Reading too, something I'd imagine Metallica at Reading and Eninem for eg getting away with earlier in the summer as they sell Reading quick. Hell even RHCP sold their Reading Day quick last time.
  14. I agree but that doesnt put them on that level. If it wasn't up for debate and Reading have booked Metallica even as close as 2015 and I reckon would again. Hell Glastonbury have booked them but Reading haven't. Ticket prices were bonkers, i get that it's the going rate for big outdoor shows but they do fluctuate from like £75 to £90 and they'd have helped themselves by going lower end. It's not as if they've ever sold out Download Day Tickets at £85 with a full card either. Obviously a band announced to support would have helped.
  15. Someone on here who seemed legit seemed to be aware that sales weren't all that and others took notice of what he'd said too. It's not like it's something to waste your time on doing of not and it was off the back of a big arena tour. As said with Slipknot, yes they are a big band but they aren't a bonafide headliner at every event they would play. Cross comparison for example....Muse headlined Reading and Download as did Biffy Clyro as have The Prodigy many years back. Slipknot however would not get the slot at Reading as they wouldn't trust it.....even when it was more heavier lineups.
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