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  1. Don't know if this has been mentioned on here yet, but I saw a tweet saying that Sam Fender announced himself at a small Leeds gig he played recently.
  2. This is what everyone was saying last year around March/April. I can't see it going ahead with the amount of daily cases.
  3. Love the EP. I really like all the tracks except the last one. They have to headline soon. I hope the rest of the EP's they release are to the same standard of this
  4. I'm listening to this on repeat. It's actually a tune 😂
  5. Yeah I saw that. That's like people asking for Arctic Monkeys after the line up is out
  6. That sub is kinda like 4th down though when you think about it and I reckon that would fit him
  7. Radiohead are more likely out of the two. But I doubt that they'd play.
  8. I reckon Wolf Alice could be a shout. But I think that Gerry Cinnamon will definitely be there
  9. The josh rants at security bit should be considered it's own song as it's a given
  10. That would be an instant ticket buy
  11. I think it would be an unlikely booking
  12. It's the Hunna as special guests that I strongly disagree with. Also Wolf Alice are too low and Fontaines are too big to headline FR
  13. Would be an amazing set of headliners
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