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  1. Yeah, I reckon that she'll get a biggish slot next year. Like mid-main to high-r1
  2. yeah he's the same age as me so that's a bit weird. headlining the FR would be a great achievement at his age
  3. I reckon Alfie Templeman will headline the festival republic stage next year. He seems to be getting very popular
  4. Better than a Courteeners headline set
  5. Sam Y

    Mercury nominations

    Surprised at no J Hus or Sam Fender but I'd say a good list
  6. Sam Y

    Mercury nominations

    Probably just having a fuss about not being nominated
  7. Sam Y

    Mercury nominations

    Yeah there's so many albums I haven't listened to already on this list. The only mainstream album so far has been Dua Lipa's
  8. Sam Y

    Mercury nominations

    Georgia's debut so there could be more on there
  9. Sam Y

    Mercury nominations

    Also Sam Fender who I thought was guaranteed a nomination
  10. Sam Y

    Mercury nominations

    Glad about sports team getting a nomination
  11. Sam Y

    Mercury nominations

    Has anyone mentioned Stormzy? I reckon he's gonna be nominated.
  12. Sam Y

    Mercury nominations

    I hope the Mercurys doesn't turn into the Brits 2. The 1975 really don't deserve a nomination for their recent album
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