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  1. Lewis Capaldi and a few others added?? what is this promo, weird release schedule
  2. Not for me this year, first year in like 4 where most major festivals have just kinda not been my taste🙁
  3. why's BMTH suddenly ruled out, they could co with biffy
  4. I really hope it's not Stormzy and we get BMTH/Biffy
  5. BMTH are headline or nothing, also I made that poster template months ago
  6. Very much doubt we're actually going to be waiting a month when they teased it last week. Announcement this weekend a week on seems likely.
  7. All of the socials are starting to spin up now, reckon an announcement incoming - though sources say elsewhere I'm skeptical MCR teasing a UK announcement and R&L spooling up they've managed to get them somehow
  8. It was my poster that you took inspiration from 👌 Few things, dont cover the R&L logo that's a big nono, the press style guide covers stuff like that leedsfestival.com/styleguide, looks good though, gotta keep cranking those horrible FB pages somehow
  9. I think it's a subtle tease of new Paramore stuff. Paramore has been pretty much Hayley's thing in same way Panic! has been for a while.
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