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  1. Anyone else Solo camping Leeds from tomorrow? Friends all pulled out of buying tickets leaving me to go on my own😆 Wondering if anyone wouldn't mind an extra camp mate, drinks provided.
  2. Anyone know of any Download Style camp loner groups for Leeds? Bought tickets when they went on sale expecting at-least someone I know to be going like usual and apparently not 🙁
  3. Seems as though the BBC is slowly transitioning to the met prediction, BBC had showers all day Friday but every update seems to be reducing that inline with what the met is forecasting which is minimal rain.
  4. never really seen the appeal till now, fantastic album
  5. New Bring album has just leaked in the usual places and holy shit
  6. Want some lube to fuck me with this dry hope you left me, Dan
  7. No BMTH and a repeat headliner from the last festival that ran, absolute fucking travesty
  8. Post Malone 3 festivals in a row with barely any new music
  9. BMTH confirmed secret set every couple of years forever
  10. sensational effort, but brand new account with the same animation style as the last brand new account with a fake poster seemingly correcting the criticisms of the last one is sketchy This ain't it
  11. If you'd have put Dua Lipa instead of Stormzy as a headliner I'd have passed it as real, good effort none the less
  12. Same background assets/texture that hasn't been used in a previous announcement which would be hard to pull from a gif, doubt
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