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  1. Shikari wont be back so soon after their 5 sets this year
  2. If any band is next in line it's them, they've been pushed up the list slowly and the sub at R&L of all places gives them that credibility. Winter arena tour next winter with the headline slot year after.
  3. Worth noting that whatever MCR do it's going to be huge, theyve announced a one off date in NZ too at a stadium, capacity is 55 thousand.
  4. Seems like they're going straight for the money, I'm hearing Milton Keynes show in June
  5. Goldenvoice UK and US are different branches right? Clutching at straws but Live Nation UK and Europe don't share acts with the different Downloads, surely it's not completely out of the running to put them in the sights for R&L? APE just seems a bit shallow for a UK comeback
  6. Honestly I can't believe it's actually happening after rumours for years
  7. I reckon Download will get Green Day or Fall Out Boy, maybe both, no Midlands date for Hella Mega and they're floating about Europe at the time. I'd be sceptical otherwise but they're doing festival dates in and around their tour in Europe so why not? If not Green Day then Fall Out Boy don't join the tour on the Saturday, wouldn't really be much for them to stop off on their way on Friday.
  8. Uzi replaced with a slightly longer Enter Shikari set and Swmrs on mainstage? I see this as an absolute win
  9. let down and a half, Don Broco would have had me at a ticket
  10. I'd say Broco are at the stage now where they could get away playing 3rd down main
  11. Hope TOP close Leeds, just can't imagine finishing the night with Posty just singing, just doesn't have a bang. Not to say I'm not mega excited for both.
  12. Not bad, All Time Low are a NME headliner though for sure, they're above the level You Me At Six were when they did it.
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