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  1. Hopefully this means we’ll get the lineup soon, if the theory about them wanting to avoid the backlash from MCR fans is true
  2. As long as it’s the original lineup though
  3. It certainly will be I’m sure but needs more than that to play an extra 45 minutes of music
  4. I think she’s guaranteed to headline in 2021. No point having her back before she has new music out, but they’ll definitely want her back asap
  5. If it’s the one I think, it’s the one I made a while back. I’ve seen a few people On twitter posting it recently thinking it’s real
  6. Good point, if that’s their thinking, I think that’s makes BMTH/Travis more likely
  7. Would Travis Scott coheadline? He had his own sellout festival last year and is headlining Coachella this year, makes him think he could headline outright. Even if he’s not as big as other rap headliners or my personal first choice
  8. it does seem a bit of a funny coincidence that MCR are doing this stuff as soon as R&L have just been through their social media and sorting it out for an announcement. But I think that’s just me being too hopeful
  9. They were really critical of the organisers last time they Played and said they never would again unfortunately
  10. Travis Scott headlining coachella, shows he’s at least doing summer festivals next year, might make him more likely for reading and Leeds
  11. Glad someone recognised this haha
  12. I used OCR A extended, it’s not exactly the one they use but it’s the closest I could find on windows
  13. Cheers, here you go. yeah they’re probably more likely a late/mid day main stage act, but I always end up being too optimistic with making posters haha
  14. Since it seems they’ve changed up the formatting this year, I felt I had to start over on a new poster. (Used some parts/ideas form another user on here, but can’t find the original post to credit)
  15. I had a chat with Theresa Jarvis (yonaka singer) a couple months ago, she said they haven’t been asked. I don’t know if she could say if they were, but they would be a great early/mid day act
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