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  1. That’s missing a lot, if I remember correctly Frank Turner played almost 10 years consecutively so he might be the most played
  2. I love Frank Turner but I would hate to have him headline the mainstage
  3. With 6 headliners this year I could definitely seem them getting a more unusual act For the festival like Coldplay or tame impala as there’ll be less backlash than normal. Of course that’s not considering the extra costs
  4. Here’s one I made, based on the news from Melvin and the idea of having 2 different themed mainstages
  5. There’s still 3 more “main headliners” to be announced. I recon two of them will be Billie Eilish and Kings of Leon, since they haven’t confirmed them not to be returning like they have with Taylor. Fairly happy with the rest of it but it’s not quite as good as what this year’s could’ve been
  6. Might be nothing but they replied you’ll see them soon to this comment on the tease post
  7. Hoping we get a few heavier acts for the RATM day, similar to Foo Fighters last year
  8. I’m gutted too, but one of the few acts I could see BMTH accepting sub headlining is rage
  9. Right can you all stop posting. I’m trying to be productive with my day but every time I see there’s a new post I just have to read it.
  10. Maybe nothing, but yonaka liked my comment asking if they’ll be there this year. Recon they’re a safe bet to be playing early radio 1 stage
  11. Good point, fully forgot about that. edit: must be causing him problems since his girlfriend a British wrestler
  12. I just do it on PowerPoint and get the logos for bands off google. probably better ways to do it but it works for me
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