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  1. I’m in work and don’t have time to look back so I’m sorry if this has previously being bought up but I just saw this 👀 the week of R&L. all 6 could potentially be there tbf - but AM and Yungblud standing out the most to me
  2. They would be an absolutely fantastic addition to The Pit Yes it is and I can't wait for it 🙂 I'm a huge fan honestly haha.
  3. I much more believe Dan then this 😂
  4. When MSW is a billion times better than MSE 😭 nah wouldn’t mind this tho tbh. It’s gonna be a guessing game and rumours flying about right till they announce it in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait!
  5. I’m a massive fan of Yungblud so if he headlines I will literally cry. Please oh please let it be the case.
  6. Can we replace KOL with BMTH? Best of both worlds 😂 honestly I’d be absolutely buzzing if YUNGBLUD came back, I know he’d smash it. AM and Rage will be amazing. Yeah, no complaints from me
  7. You honestly couldn’t get much stronger than Rage, Arctics and Dave if true that’s ridiculous to even say 😅 but who would you have on MSW headlining supporting these guys? That’s the intriguing thing I’m now beginning to think about.
  8. I've seen much, much worse I tell ya that. I've seen better too music wise, but I've seen worse 😂
  9. After seeing Yungblud 4 times in the past 6 weeks (inc. (half) of his Leeds fest set, and his biggest headline show at Ally Pally) and with 3 more Yungblud shows for myself coming up, I could honestly see him doing it in 2023, and personally, I wouldn't complain one single bit. It's such a fun atmosphere, a good vibe, and a cracking concert to be involved in.
  10. Yeah I attest to BMTH been absolutely ridiculous live this time around, They were amazing and defo ready for a headline slot. Saw them in Sheffield and was the 8th time I’ve seen them, but the best I’ve seen them too. Absolute class
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