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  1. Can’t even lie, Gayle, Crawlers and Poppy are 3 excellent additions. Looking forward to all of them. Looking to legitimately be so varied and one of the best lineups in years.
  2. Honestly though kinda see why - easy, cheap names to book who get a pop. I adore YUNGBLUD, and Wargasm are okay (not the best, but can tolerate them) (also don’t hate on me, this ain’t about my taste in music) but I also see lots on my feed about Wet Leg so they must be getting somewhere - so I kinda get it.
  3. I've seen much, much worse I tell ya that. I've seen better too music wise, but I've seen worse 😂
  4. After seeing Yungblud 4 times in the past 6 weeks (inc. (half) of his Leeds fest set, and his biggest headline show at Ally Pally) and with 3 more Yungblud shows for myself coming up, I could honestly see him doing it in 2023, and personally, I wouldn't complain one single bit. It's such a fun atmosphere, a good vibe, and a cracking concert to be involved in.
  5. Yeah I attest to BMTH been absolutely ridiculous live this time around, They were amazing and defo ready for a headline slot. Saw them in Sheffield and was the 8th time I’ve seen them, but the best I’ve seen them too. Absolute class
  6. I like literally any genre, Eminem and NF, Anne-Marie, or Slayer 😂😂😂 I’m open to anything honestly
  7. Anne-Marie has been mentioned a lot recently - would love to see her get a good slot, it’d be very well deserved. Get KSI back too, his crowds were mental. And boost Yungblud up to headline maybe? Honestly just taking it as it comes and keeping an open mind - just looking forward to seeing whomever over the weekend!
  8. Yeah after today Dave has to headline surely
  9. Yeah I’m the same. Since Tuesday had a ridiculous cough, temperature raging and the sniffles but I somehow keep testing negative 😅 but I get ill at this time of year always anyway so I’m kinda used to it.
  10. I’d see all 6. This would be truly wonderful if this was to be pulled off.
  11. Wouldn’t mind this. Some absolute cracking acts!
  12. Rage? Although he said this last time and Posty, Disclosure & Biffy from the top of my head all have done it before so could it be more than one? Idk but I’m excited to find out.
  13. So I definitely think RATM will be rolled over. I’d love to see Muse back headlining, I think they always go down well tbf. Dave as a first time headliner. I’d love to see KSI back headlining the 1X tent, he was actually unreal haha. then the rest would probably be indie, dance and pop acts but I’m not into that so not even gonna speculate
  14. I’d see 5/6 of these so honestly I’d be happy with this set.
  15. Very intrigued by them saying 2022 news is coming soon already. Earlier than usual maybe this time around? (Hopefully)
  16. What a weekend, I hope you all enjoyed! as for COVID etc. Thankfully don’t have it, but I’m coughing A LOT today. Think it’s when you’ve consumed too much alcohol though - it’s happened before 😂 day or 2 to recover then ready to go again. Hope you all enjoyed. See you all in the 2022 forum!
  17. Hi guys! Keep me informed over secret sets as I’ll keep checking my app for Leeds and it’ll be good to know in advanced too about the ones today at reading. It all officially begins today - I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!
  18. Since YMAS and Waterparks have been officially announced, who we saying for secret sets?
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