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  1. The two main stages alternate which I love when festivals do right and Mad Cool managed it, so I would guess someone will be on main stage 2 until 5/10 minutes before TS starts and then someone else will start 5/10 minutes after she finishes. There's plenty more options at MC and you should have the choice of 2-3 others at the same time as her, especially now they've put it back up to seven stages. There's the clashfinder from when I went in 2018 when it was 7 stages to give you an idea... https://clashfinder.com/s/mcf18/?user=
  2. I thought him but would you class it as rock? Guess it's only the person quoting it's opinion, my other thought was Johnny Marr but aside from The Smiths and solo wouldnt know what his third 'phase' was, a lot to choose from
  3. No I was never suggesting RHCP for today just further down the line... I think I could've guessed all night for todays and never ended up with Jamie Cullum, saw him do a secret set in the BBC Introducing at Glasto this year, was worth seeing.
  4. So RHCP are in Europe next summer... surely mad cool is the most likely Spanish fest given that they did Benicassim in 2017?
  5. AAlex

    Resale club 2020

    If I post on here at any point this week "SADBFDBKJFDSADAS CJVREIOJFWENVNAOIRFEWECCLSADACSDPOACDSA" then assume that's the case 😄
  6. It says on their website it's Billie Eilish's 'only Spanish concert for 2020' so I can't imagine they'd have her on an exclusive if it wasn't at least coheadlining. Personally I think Taylor Swift outright and Billie Eilish coheadline, the others could arguably be a headliner but when you look at the last two years Noel Gallagher, Chemical Brothers, Tame Impala, Kasabian, Vampire Weekend and The 1975 didn't even coheadline their respective years. Would be very surprised if they've anounced 3 or 4 'headliners' at this early stage.
  7. AAlex

    Resale club 2020

    Waterstones responded to somebody with the small print saying it will be within 6 working days of it closing, so could be waiting until the end of the week to find out. Quite nervous now, two of my potential routes into Glasto could be ruled out this week
  8. It's looking good for me as well so far, I probably wouldnt go to all their own solo shows but out of the 11 so far I'd happily stand and watch 8 of them at a festival. When you consider 7 stages and 4 full days next year too, there could be 130/140 acts left to come. Will be interesting to see where Foals, Pixies and Twenty One Pilots end up on the line up, bodes well for the rest of the bill if they aren't even coheadlining.
  9. FOALS! Just self confirmed two hours early with a poster of European dates.
  10. After missing this years festival due to Glasto I'm almost certain I'll be returning next year, unless they absolutely bomb the line up. Seems to be very late for announcements everywhere this year, but I'm hoping rumours of The Strokes and The Black Keys being around next year ring true and they both make it to Belgium, it'll be four years since Tame Impala and Foals played as well so hopefully they make the bill too. While the 'heavier' acts aren't my usual scene I have enjoyed seeing the likes of SOAD when I've been there, are there any rumours on that front yet?
  11. AAlex

    Resale club 2020

    I've never been in this situation so haven't needed to use this...but am I right to assume the spreadsheet will have a list of everyone who's still in need of a ticket and we'll all be trying for each other? If so, count me and my friend in!
  12. AAlex

    Resale club 2020

    Probably far better odds than the ballot! Not too sure what to expect for the Waterstone's prize draw... other than disappointment of course.
  13. AAlex

    Resale club 2020

    There's a prize draw section on the page for the book but all it read is 'Win general admission full weekend tickets to Glastonbury Festival 2020'. I didnt get asked to put my registration details in when I pre-ordered so I dont know how it would work, presumably one ticket has to be in the name of the person who bought the book though, to stop the winner just selling them both. I'll keep an eye out, thanks! Finger crossed I'll be back on the farm come June, not been in this situation before ☹️
  14. AAlex

    Resale club 2020

    Here for the first time, got tickets in 2017/2019 with relatively no issues but thi year was a complete nightmare. Entered the ballot, signed up to Oxfam and pre-ordered the book, if all else fails after the resale I'll have to invest in a sturdy shovel and head for the fence! I only found out about the prize draw from the book pre-order via here (thanks!) does anyone know if this is exclusively to Waterstones or pre-orders from all retailers? Just wondering how small the odds of being the lucky ones actually are. Absolutely desperate to go back, does anyone have any other recommendations apart from the routes I'm trying above? Short of buying a house in Somerset for the local tickets...
  15. It was some bloke called Joseph’s Trousers or something, we left pretty quickly after I realised it wasn’t lead singer of the coral 😂 The Greenpeace spokeswoman was saying very, very, very special guest but I have no idea who he is
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