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  1. I thinkt that's what he means by not officially announced... looks like The Strokes pulled the trigger early on that announcement especially if two days have gone by without Roskilde acknowledging it.
  2. Ahh yeah of course it's only been 3 main days before this year, I don't suppose you remember if full weekend tickets ever sold out and then more came out? I think it works out about £50 more expensive to buy a 3+1 rather than the price 4 day tickets were, so if I can avoid paying that I'd like to!
  3. Think I'm going to bite the bullet and get tickets. Does anyone know if more 4 day passes went on sale during price increases last year? Because even if it's a 20% price increase it would be cheaper for us to wait for a 4 day pass than get 3+1 day passes now. Also, has there been any mention of how much the prices are going up by? I couldnt see anything on their site.
  4. The Avalanches are a really nice addition to the Tame Impala day for me, also quite impressed with Yellow Days after giving him a listen as well, can't say I'd heard of him before! Has there been any confirmation the days are six stages again? I know the APE ones were last year but the APE Presents had four and doesn't look like they're billing any as 'Presents...' for 2020 so didn't know if this had any bearing.
  5. If there's bands that haven't announced any dates yet at the very least it means their active... but that's probably about it. Getting quite frustrated now because I'm a Strokes announcement away from buying tickets, but the longer it goes on the more I'm looking elsewhere out of fear of missing them. Hopefully there's something this week or next at the latest otherwise we're up to March with the main sellers of a day missing.
  6. I got stung with that logic in 2017, if I remember rightly neither year I went had anyone noteworthy unless you count Kaiser Chiefs which is an hour of my life I'll never get back. I haven't paid much attention since but I've never seen their announcements kick up too much heat so I wouldnt expect much more.
  7. Actually went to this in 2016 and 2017 but it's never really compared to the other European festivals and this has got to be without doubt the worst of their five years and the worst line up I've seen for this year. Perhaps it's just too late in the Summer to attract the names they want but whatever the reason I won't be in any danger of finding myself in Berlin this September.
  8. There's a month long gap in Tame Impala's US tour over Summer with their next date after 14th June being 17th July which seems odd if they aren't filling it with dates elsewhere... saw them at Mad Cool in 2018 as the sun set, one of the highlights of the weekend for me.
  9. Tame Impala have a month long gap in their US tour, starting middle of June, I don't know if there's any dates they haven't added to their webite in that gap yet, but could they possibly be heading over for a few shows? Would make a perfect closer after The Strokes for me, and RW have had 'dance/electronic' acts play after the headliners in the past.
  10. A couple of nice additions for me... without listening to the ones I don't know Inhaler, Gang of Youths, Bombay Bicycle Club and Easy Life stand out. Unless 'completes the programme for Sunday' means completes todays announcement, which I don't think it does, that would mean Sunday should be a pretty good gauge of whats left to be announced... MAIN STAGE 7/5/7/7 THE BARN 5/4/4/6 KLUB C 6/5/6/5 SLOPE 4/5/3/4 Can't be a lot left if the Sunday really is complete, 1-2 main stage acts for Friday, a few Barn acts and possibly the odd one for Klub C/The Slop depending on set lengths. EDIT - There's five minutes I'lll never get back @Ken19 😄😄
  11. EDIT - Competely ignore this post 😄
  12. There's definitely the potential for a couple of days in Budapest here, all depends if the headliners I want to see don't end up a week either side of one another. Presumably we won't see the day splits into day dates go on sale, has there been any news on that?
  13. AAlex

    Resale club 2020

    Could someone explain to me how the 'resale club' will work on the day please? Unfortunately I've never had to be in this position before Me and a friend are already on the spreadsheet and 'partnered' with two others, presumably that means there'll be four of us trying for the same four? If hypothetically I were the one to get the tickets, will it be a case of them all being delivered to me and it's upto me and the other 'group' to arrange delivery/payment of their tickets?
  14. Line ups looking half tempting now but I would agree on repeat bookings, I only went in 2017/2018 and there's already 6 on my list I've already seen at Rock Werchter, including two headliners. Friday and Saturday have enough there for me already but that's mainly down to that not being the two recent headliners, was hoping to see some more added for Sunday but given they now have 7 main stage and 5 barn acts booked there can't be much more to come.
  15. Fair enough, thanks, I don't think either of those would sell it to me to be honest, Eminem seems like an early return but I suppose he'd sell tickets, suppose we'll have to wait and see! Strokes don't strike me as a 'secret set' type band, but they've attracted Foals before their headline set and QOTSA recently so who knows, certainly in Europe most of the Summer with no UK dates as of yet anyway.
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