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  1. It was some bloke called Joseph’s Trousers or something, we left pretty quickly after I realised it wasn’t lead singer of the coral 😂 The Greenpeace spokeswoman was saying very, very, very special guest but I have no idea who he is
  2. Yeah that was me though I think asking if it could be them as they’re here for the radio 2 interview 😂 But I’m here now so will update when I know!
  3. Has anyone heard anything about the Greenpeace Stage special guests 22:45-23:15? Not expecting much but will probably go down anyway
  4. Doesnt really seem to be a slot for Travis on the Friday unless it's going to be one that's not listed as TBA... any chance they could be the Special Guests on Greenpeace Stage 22:45-23:15 Thursday? Ideally so because I was plannning on being there anyway and they played Croissant Neuf in 2016 so no stranger to the smaller stages.
  5. Great! I did think it would be strange for them not to be there at all at this point, and with JP ruled out the only logical slot seems to be that 18:15 one at The Park so I'll make sure I'm up there.
  6. Didn't Foals on The Park come from a source that also said Diplo was headlining JP?.. So presumably not much reason to think that's happening either now... opens it back up to other possiblities at the very least.
  7. Great, thank you will do! I'm guessing we'll sit around Williams Green Thursday anyway but it's nice to know if it'll be worthwhile!
  8. Do the names for the Thursday generally get out before? 2017 was my first year and it seemed like everyone knew it was Circa Waves/Everything Everything weeks before, assumed/hoped that was the norm.
  9. AAlex

    TBAs 2019

    I spoke to them at their album signing at Rough Trade last night, said they'd been offered 'a couple of slots, John Peel and Williams Green (Thursday?)' but neither we right for them this time around so aren't playing at all.
  10. I've seen some odd undercard/support bookings but Dizzee Rascal on a Mumford & Sons day is right up there, was kind of expecting Leon Bridges and The Vaccines. I don't think it's that bad a day really with those two and Sam Fender/Jade Bird, if they can add a couple more like Gang of Youths, Michael Kiwanuka or Mystery Jets and the prices on Twickets are reasonable closer to the time I'd be tempted.
  11. I’m not sure what’s gone down worse, the game or the line up 24075351-09F5-42FA-BFAF-39EF3F64B03C.MP4
  12. AAlex

    2019 Headliners

    Hopefully they've got bored of the 'lets pick a fan out the crowd to play a song' seemed like they did it at every festival last Summer. Saw them at Rock Werchter and it ended up being someone who was presumably holding drum sticks for the first time, resulting in Flowers stopping the song and telling him to 'get off the f***ing stage', completely killed the atmosphere. All irrelevant if Chemical Brothers play Other same night anyway cause I'll be making a show of myself to The Salmon Dance by then.
  13. Rightly or wrongly I’m thinking that means they’ll be at a Scottish festival announcing soon, so TRNSMT seems the most likely option. Not sure what headliner they’d be an obvious undercard act for though
  14. I think if one has to be sacrificed for a cheaper alternative then maybe Courteeners, they're already at Kendal/Tramlines but I can't see Foals only being at Truck... I can't do the Sunday so presumably they'll be playing that day too
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