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  1. Yeah I think out of all the days the RATM day will be the one where day ticket holders have gone specifically for them, I think the other two days Dave/MTS and Arctics/BMTH you can sort of put in a similiar bracket, there'd certainly be more people who are a fan of both headliners anyway, but I seriously doubt many RATM fans will be happy with Halsey and a pop/indie replacement, particularly with Maneskin and potentially RTJ to go, they could have the majority of Main East to replace! The timing could play a factor, how are they supposed to re-sell day tickets if they don't know how many are going to be refunded, all in the space of two weeks? I hope those with day tickets are offered refunds but I wouldnt be very optimistic if I was a ticket holder personally.
  2. We didn't get offered refunds last year when QOTSA dropped out and got replaced with Biffy, hard to see who they could replace RATM with to not have thousands demanding a refund though, but I'm sure if they can get away with it, they will. I'm keeping an eye on it now in case it's someone that would tempt me into a day ticket, has no replacement for Maneskin been announced yet either?
  3. Grea, thanks both, I'll try my luck on there! Shame to be missing it sure you'll all have a great time, will have another look next year I think!
  4. I don't suppose anyone knows a better resale site for these do they please? I struggled to shift them on Twickets, still got 2 x Sunday and 1 x Monday that I am becoming increasingly concerned I'm going to end up just throwing the money away! Accepted I won't get back what I paid with it not selling out, but at this point selling at a loss would be a bonus!
  5. We're going for The Strokes next week as well, only saw it because I looked through their tour dates and spotted the date haven't really seen it advertised/promoted anywhere so will also be interested to see how full it is. Has anyone been before and know if they announce set times beforehand? Diana Ross played last night and I can't see anything on their twitter/instagram mentioning times. It does say on their website we expect entertainment to start at 6pm and finish at 11pm, so with 3 support acts I'm guessing it will be something like below? 18:00-18:30 - Lounge Society 18:45-19:15 - Wet Leg 19:45-20:30 - Fontaines DC 21:00-Whenever they'd had enough - The Strokes
  6. Unfortunately can't make the festival anymore, so if anyones looking for 2 tickets for the Sunday/Monday Tame Impala/Arctics days, I've just listed them on Twickets πŸ™‚ Probably a pipedream to get all my money back so I've set allow offers...
  7. Looks like it will be stage splits, there's two tabs on the line up page on the website for Poster/Stages with "More names announced at midday!" when you click on the Stages tab.
  8. Finally coming to Sziget after years of wanting to, booked day tickets for the Sunday/Monday, also never been to Budapest so will be booking either a day each side of the festival or 2 days before and a day after to see the city. In past experience (though that may not mean anything year on year) are there going to be more 'biggish' names added or is the first batch generally most of the high profile names? The way they've got Sam Fender on his own above the rest, while there's six names above the lower line on the Tame Impala day would imply to me there's more to be added to that line? I think I've seen this confirmed in the past, but I take it it's very easy getting to and from the festival from the centre? Already seen some great apartments at a very reasonable price so going to get one of those booked soon, just wondered if there was a better 'area' of the city to stay in? EDIT: Also just noticed they have Fontaines DS playing Monday... whoever that is πŸ˜„
  9. Great, thank you! For the sake of €40 then (if it works out that way) I may just wait and try and get single day tickets for the three days we want.
  10. Never looked into Sziget properly but I think this year could be a possiblity now... couple of questions if anyones been before please, and sorry if they've already been asked! I can only see 3-day tickets for 3 consecutive days, I presume there won't be an option to pick three days across the six for example if I wanted to do 12th, 14th and 15th? (Bieber (not for meπŸ˜„), Tame Impala and Arctics) Failing that, does anyone know how much day tickets are likely to be based on previous years? I wouldnt know if the 3/6 day are any more than they have been in the past. Because then could weigh up if the 3 day covering Calvin Harris/Tame Impala/Arctics is worth doing over 3 x 1 day tickets for the days we want... or even just Tame Impala/Arctics. Cheers!
  11. Would be surprised if Ashcrofts there, I don't know how much have an impact it has but he's now playing Splendour in Nottingham and Tramlines in Sheffield the week before, surely he won't headline 3 festivals in a 30 mile radius over two weekends πŸ˜„(He wasn't booked for Splendour '20 when he was announced for Y Not, they had James/Supergrass headlining and have now replaced James with Ashcroft). The image NG used on his announcement looked a lot like the Y Not font/colours, though that could be nothing but seemed coincidental timing, if I had to take a (possibly optimistic) guess The Streets/Royal Blood/NGHFB.
  12. The Festival Republic Super League is set to be announced, with The Wombats, Courteeners and Two Door Cinema Club guaranteed slots at, at least one of their festivals every year. I thought they did this five years ago anyway.
  13. Even the 10 hours of Jupiler inside of me couldn't stop me cringing when they brought the guy out the crowd to play drums, realised he had no idea how to play the drums, and Brandon told him to "GET THE **** OFF THE STAGE"
  14. Sorry on the delay, definitely still want to be involved! Thanks for keeping this running
  15. The Friday is already stacked for me so that's good news but I can't think of any realistic Barn headliner I'd miss The Strokes for anyway, hopefully we find out soon enough otherwise my imagination will get the better of me for who's getting added next to Strokes!
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