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  1. AAlex

    2019 festival

    Hahaha yeah it probably is, maybe they saw the attention the guy who edited Y-Not onto Arctics tour dates got and wanted a piece of the action... for some reason.
  2. AAlex

    Yorkshire Fields

    Blossoms above arctics is an instant give away, the fact Arctics would let Yorkshire Fields announce their first European tour date of 2019 at 15:30 on a Friday afternoon is another
  3. AAlex

    2019 festival

    Looks like they’ve only created a Facebook page with ‘tickets on sale in March’, I’d imagine someone’s creating a ‘look how many people I fooled!’ Video now, should get a article in NME or ladbible out of it though. Surprised NME haven’t jumped on it already, too busy making articles about “why the guy off Sabrina is such a snack”, like I saw earlier this week.
  4. AAlex

    Yorkshire Fields

    My guess is it’s either a festival trying to get its name out by posting a fake poster, which would be suicide... or far more likely it’s someone creating a fake Facebook page and fake poster so they can get an interview with LadBible about how they got 20,000 likes on a fake festival
  5. AAlex

    NOS Alive 2019

    Just noticed Florences Hyde Park date is the Saturday of NOS, so not sure if that has any bearing, is Lisbon Friday, London Saturday feasible? Yeah I don't mind the coheadliner idea, doesn't really get the same quality acts in the UK but in Europe you seem to get two decent names. I hope there is a couple of big names to announce European dates, I'm pretty confident there are, because I struggle to make a line up from the ones around so far (that can play NOS) that I'd be excited about. The only one of those I'd like is Childish Gambino, in fact he'd be a big selling point for me, Post Malone and Travis Scott not so much, saw Post Malone at Mad Cool and he was nothing to write home about.
  6. AAlex

    NOS Alive 2019

    I can't help but feel if they had Florence they'd have announced her by now, but maybe not... I probably wouldn't be going if that's all the top lines, unless the undercard on all days has some 'heavier' bands (not HEAVY, just a bit louder than Florence, Bon Iver...). Tame Impala would be great, probably my favourite set from Mad Cool and one of my favourites all year, but seem likely for Primavera Porto headliners so would probably rule them out of this. Mad Cool and Bilbao BBK are announcing next week and both will have about 70-80% of the line up out I believe, so hopefully NOS are going to realise if those two are the same weekend it might be smart to announce a couple of big names too
  7. AAlex

    NOS Primavera Sound 2019 (Porto)

    I've got a couple booked at the moment cause a couple of friends aren't sure if they'll book on, but both look around an hours walk from the festival site so even if it came to that it's not the end of the world. Tame Impala would definitely be worth a day ticket, we can only do the Friday or Saturday though so I'm hoping it's one of those days! May even end up doing both if it's worth it.
  8. AAlex

    NOS Primavera Sound 2019 (Porto)

    Hope so, think a day ticket will definitely be on the cards for me. Are there any rumours in Portugal about who could headline? Tame Impala seem a likely candidate. Have you been before? I've already booked a hotel in the centre of Porto Friday/Saturday just wondering how easy it is to get to/from the festival.
  9. AAlex

    Bilbao BBK Live 2019

    I wonder if Mumford & Sons will do this, unlikely for NOS Alive with a Lisbon date in April and haven't played here since 2015. Probably not everyones ideal act but could be on the cards, Florence is another touring heavily next Summer but obviously won't be here. This years line up was probably the best I've seen from BBK for me personally so will be keeping an eye out on Monday, the only downside being Childish Gambino, Alt-J, Chemical Brothers, Jungle etc. probably won't be there.
  10. AAlex

    This is Tomorrow 2019

    Good news! at least you got a response, they ignored my message It looks like Friday will be 16:00 and Saturday/Sunday 13:00, which I guess makes sense given Friday isn't a bank holiday... so probably more to come for Saturday than Friday. They've definitely given themselves some 'wriggle room' by saying 'as plans stand' and I'd agree it seems an odd way of phrasing it, because if they had at least two stages it would be a given that more acts are coming not 'at the minute thats the plan'. If Friday does start at 16:00 (it says 16:00 on Foals/2 Day and 18:00 on 3 Day Tickets) that may be confirmation in itself of there being at least two stages, because surely the 8 acts announced so far can't fit on one stage between then and curfew.
  11. AAlex

    NOS Alive 2019

    It might not all be to my taste but having Chemical Brothers, Bon Iver, The Smashing Pumpkins and Thom Yorke on the same day is a strong day. I can’t book it based on what’s there yet though, even if it’s just mid main stage acts I hope we get some more for Thursday/Friday before Christmas. NOS Alive is the one I’ve got my heart set on so I’m hoping the line up sways me, but to be honest there aren’t any European festivals elsewhere Im tempted by either at the minute.
  12. AAlex

    NOS Alive 2019

    I’m just happy Chems are on the Saturday not Friday otherwise we’d spend the next month debating if the headliners are The Cure, Chemical Brothers and Bon Iver/Smashing Pumpkins
  13. AAlex

    NOS Alive 2019

    Yeah I would agree the last headliners someone who hasn’t announced dates yet, I’m still thinking The Strokes or RHCP.
  14. AAlex

    NOS Alive 2019

    I think it’s a good addition, certainly someone I’d want to see and particularly happy because I’d resided myself to a Bon Iver/Pumpkins coheadline. Hopefully some more to fill out the Thursday and Friday in the next couple of weeks, didn’t someone say they always announce at 09:00, so is this massively out of character? If so hopefully some more multi announcement days
  15. AAlex

    NOS Alive 2019

    Hahaha in fairness I’ve been staring at my phone for two months waiting for a recognisable name