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  1. Mmm, strange, I have always found boomtown to be the best for toilets out of all festivals that I have been to.
  2. Bowling For Soup / Billie Eilish
  3. Anyone of this thread doing the London Marathon on 28th? I know there probably is, I just can't be bothered to look back to be honest.
  4. Could anyone potentially see a Simple Creatures set happening?
  5. Imagine the scenes if Gareth Southgate actually turns up to do a DJ set
  6. Royal Blood (45) +5 Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes (10) -5
  7. I am legit the same
  8. Could anyone see Blink 182 headlining? New album supposed to be coming out, will be 6 years since they last did it?
  9. No train to didcot on day of festival, then shuttle bus straight to festival
  10. Truck quote tweeted someone saying that they will be disappointed when asked if catfish will be on the bill. I know that might just be them hiding it but I don't think Catfish will do It this year.
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