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  1. So, are we looking at this afternoon then?
  2. Yeah but I somehow connect ACDC with dad music than Macca.
  3. Me... I’m with you pal. It stings.
  4. I would be over the moon with Thom and The Strokes. But new names are always welcome. 🙂
  5. Yeah, but don't look at those classical 'album sales charts'. And if you do, you'll see that her second album actually charted higher worldwide than her debut...
  6. When did Lorde make a flop album. 😆When is an album successful then? Green Light alone has 362 million streams on Spotify and 146 million hits on YT. And next to being a commercial hit, that second release was one of the highest praised albums that year.
  7. Funny thing is, RHCP is a bit mediocre live, whereas LCD kill it every time.
  8. I'm pretty sure Ken meant Werchter news by saying 'something's moving'. And I'm pretty sure Ken said that because of a hint from an insider on Festileaks that RW may announce something this week.
  9. Lost In Yesterday is pretty big too. I'm always surprised by the amount of streams this band has on the likes of Spotify. A band like Arcade Fire can only dream of popularity like that.
  10. I recommend it. His set at DTRH was easily the best concert I’ve seen in the whole of 2019. And I’ve been to 4 fests a a lot of concerts. His current live setup is a thriumph. YT vids don’t do it justice.
  11. Rock Werchter is expected to release the first names for 2021 this week. Let's see what happens.
  12. A crime really. And I kinda like the idea of 1975 headlining this.
  13. Every time I’ve seen them they played for a big crowd/packed venue. They’re a big band nowadays, draw lots of devoted fans. I think they’re at a place many ‘indie style’ bands can only dream of. They’re also pretty big at each side of the ocean, which isn’t a given.
  14. 2008. Bit weird year for The National. They were slowly getting bigger by then, with the moderate succes of Boxer.
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