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  1. Wouldn't Coldplay cause a way too overcrowded field like Sheeran did? I think they're not really suited for festivals anymore. Too big.
  2. Yes, two National sets comfirmed! ❤️ But I think you’re talking about Tame Impala? And maybe Royal Blood and Billie Eilish? Although the latter 2 don’t excite me too much as they’ll take in a big slot.
  3. But this tour will last until well into next year, won't it? Can see them doing some EU festivals in spring/summer in 2020 before taking that long (and well deserved) break.
  4. I'd pick Fontaines. The Streets is very hit-or-miss live. (Plus, I personally don't like that act at all ;-))
  5. Never got the appeal of Foals. Chemical Brothers are outdated and utterly boring live. Talking Heads was probably the greatest band that ever existed.
  6. lighthouse


    Surely this is a joke right. And not a good one.
  7. Have you been to that stage before? It's a stage where a lot of subdued or more 'alternative' acts are playing. Not a party tent.
  8. I can imagine they're a fun band but it's just not the type of act the Club is made for.
  9. Heard it was excellent. Even on the stream I could feel the excitement and emotion. Best set of the festival thus far?
  10. I hope The National have a full field. Like the one they had when they headlined Mad Cool last month. If one band deserves it, it's them. Seems like the best day today, musicaly. 😄
  11. Was Richard Ashcroft any good? He was excellent at Rock Werchter (big audience singalongs, perfect vibe).
  12. Yeah but how could you have fun of you’ve got no emotion? Happy is an emotion too! 😉 Really need to see them on this tour. Love that new album.
  13. I heard that the guest singers bring a new dimention/vibe to their shows. More emotion. I haven’t seen them on this tour myself though. I really really want to hear Rylan, Oblivions, You Have You Soul With You and Light Years to be set regulars.
  14. Have you actually seen them live? They are the best live act I’ve seen this year. Even better than the (excellent) Gorillaz and solo Damon shows I’ve seen. And I might also add that LP2 sounded even better live than LP1. What a blast.
  15. lighthouse

    The Rock Slot

    Listen to their last, post-reunion one. It's great.
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