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  1. Their set in 2019 was really great. Shame they're calling it quits.
  2. With there being lots of rock on the lineup already, I'm hoping for some indie/soul/hip hop/pop to be added to the lineup. Little Simz, Lorde, Stormzy, Big Thief, Wilco, Kae Tempest, St Vincent,...
  3. So millennials are getting nostalgic too now?
  4. Excellent trio of headliners for me. Huge if true.
  5. lighthouse

    Kendrick Lamar

    Bumping this thread for nothing is cruel, you people.
  6. Yeah, that festival seems to do better with an older audience too.
  7. The Smile, playing their first real live gig. Full circle after their reveal last year at the farm.
  8. lighthouse


    They will probably play the US in 2023.
  9. Like almost every Muse song ever.
  10. But not very good either. Cheesy band.
  11. Literally one of the biggest pop acts and one of the biggest hiphop acts on the planet. Styles seems a bit off but apparently his arena tour is selling like crazy in the US.
  12. I think governments will slowly start treating the pandemic as a seasonal disease. Which it pretty much is. I haven't got lots of worries for the festival season.
  13. Good lineup. I'd have at least 10 must sees every day. Good headliners, slightly decent second line (I'd only see Phoebe, Stromae, Danny Elfman and Run The Jewels out of those) but an excellent undercard.
  14. Strokes day looks stacked though.
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