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  1. There's not a lot of hip hop at Mad Cool so this is pretty weak.
  2. lighthouse

    Kendrick Lamar

    Where can you rewatch it? This show has already gone viral but can't watch the full thing.
  3. Good to hear Kendrick pretty much won the festival. Very very jealous you guys got to witness that set.
  4. Last night Nick Cave blowed the lid off maybe anything I've seen on that main stage at Werchter. And I'm a regular since 2008... Insanely good show.
  5. lighthouse

    Kendrick Lamar

    What a setlist, Jesus.
  6. No way these lads aren't going to do a massive festival run next year. With their comeback/new album and all.
  7. Making a top 10 or even 15 is really tough. Although I have to say Nick Cave were by far the most memorable set of the weekend for me. That man operates on another level.
  8. So Incubus are headliners now? Jesus.
  9. The Smile played a gig yesterday. Even debuted a new song there.
  10. I feel you. Experienced the exact same thing yesterday. Feverish, mild chills, pain due to a sweet combo and of a small heat stroke, a lot of stress (my Airbnb appt didn’t exist, an absolute nightmare) and a lot of airconditioning. Horrible. Today I’m feeling a lot better thanks to a good nights rest. Hope you can enjoy Cave!
  11. So I guess I will finally see The Strokes in 2023 then? Gutted.
  12. Hope so. Maybe even some AB/LOO stuff. (Or dare I dream about a Henry Lee?)
  13. Damn this picture fills me with joy. So pumped to be in Barcelona. Grinning like an idiot now. Enjoy the ride people!
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