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  1. I can’t imagine a year without festivals. 😳
  2. C'mon. Royal Blood is'nt headliner material for something like Mad Cool.
  3. That would be a holy grail kind of booking.
  4. Roskilde is starting to look damn fine if this is true. Edit: announced by the band. Tyler, Taylor, Twigs, Thom, Strokes, Faith No More then. Very nice indeed.
  5. I think it depends on them releasing a new album. They don't seem to be touring a lot, so I think these aren't 'new album cycle shows', and thereby not interesting for RW.
  6. That Biffy song and that Green Day album may just be the 2 worst music related things released this year. Especially that Biffy song is setting the bar very low. Sounds like a song The Script would’ve thrown away.
  7. lighthouse

    Nick Cave

    How on earth aren't those shows sold out already. His (huge) show here in Belgium sold out in under 15min...
  8. Should we get our hopes up for today @Jazebel, @Ken19? Or is it for next week?
  9. Only her indoor shows, not her festival appearances. Which makes me think she'll compensate by adding more festival dates? One can dream. Don't count on it though... That friday remains a big mystery.
  10. Rather have Macklemore than that godawful Limp Bizkit though. Neirher of those please.
  11. Shocking. It’s an achievement to make a lineup this bad. Why do festivals keep on booking garbage like Die Antwoord.
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