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  1. 2022 will be an insane year, lineups-wise. Even if festivals are smaller scaled this year, at least we have a beefy speculations season coming op this fall/winter to look forward to. Always looking for positive angles. 🙂
  2. God I need some positive news. Boards like these are the only places I can go to for some sparkles of optimism and joy. Life sucks right now.
  3. The Strokes isn't a band who will sub. They're headliners everywhere. Can see RW being able to book them as a co-head though.
  4. Placebo is a great name and the move from may tot september is great news. But I do have to be honest: Flaming Lips is a way more fun live act than Placebo.
  5. I never trusted vaccinating in the first place. Alway thought 2021 was only going to be saved through quick testing. Remember: not too long ago we were thinking that a vaccine rollout in march would be a best case scenario. It turns out it's all moving even faster than that.
  6. Aren't they a lesser version of Jack Whites solo band? Both in musical qualities and catalogue. I'd love a new Jack tour though.
  7. No it won't. That's what we were saying a month ago, when numbers were actually pretty good in Belgium. Can't imagine the numbers dropping significantly before march. But I do believe it will be much better once winter's gone. Don't forget Pukkelpop needs to announce their lineup too and having a lot of time to sell tickets is very important for them.
  8. It will never be a good time isn't it. 😉 And you surely can't wait until match to announce your lineup. (Craving for some lineup announcements personally.) I think it's important for Werchter, and other festivals, to announce their plans on how they're going to handle everything. Concrete plans.
  9. I think festivals are in talk with the virologists/government on how to handle the summer, hence the silence. Correct me if I'm wrong, @Ken19. I'm hoping for next week. Think this week is still a bit early.
  10. Wait, what? I've got Werchter tickets for The Strokes. I'm still pretty optimistic about them playing RW.
  11. Pukkelpop is one of the hardest ones to predict because it's one of the only big ones -worldwide?- that hasn't released a lineup in 2020. I also wonder when they'll release their lineup. Normally it's in the beginning of march at the latest, but Rock Werchter always shares most of their lineup before PkP can even start doing so.
  12. That track out-Interpols Interpol.
  13. lighthouse

    Tune of 2020?

    This is depressing because he's in Benidorm.
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