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LAWKS! It's the next announcement thread


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53 minutes ago, Gnomicide said:






2005 poster. Maybe because there only seems to be low resolution available but it's unreadable.





that looks like a photo of a tshirt

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1 hour ago, Lakey91 said:


I feel like there should be a thread dedicated to posters with the worst artwork. There has been some absolutely terrible ones over the years. Has anyone got any other shockers saved from times past??

Theatre and Circus 2022 is my personal least favourite. Genuinely unreadable without enormous levels of effort haha 

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26 minutes ago, Acid_Haze said:


Came just in time for our conversation about the worst poster design

This is repulsive and strengthens my belief that most areas actually TRY to make them look sh*t, almost a tradition!

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11 hours ago, Lakey91 said:

Maybe in true no pattern style and to displease efesters, someone knocked these up in 15 mins this evening after reading the above!


maybe a work experience output?

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4 minutes ago, foolee said:

That’s Arcadia out. How many left before we get the full lineup? Just Carhenge, Block 9 & Greenpeace? 


I don't know whether it comes before the full lineup or not. Or for that matter whether they even pull it off in the end.


But I do know that the Green Futures field and stages are at least attempting to do something more coordinated and "official" this year than they have previously, and the specific part of that I'm aware of has been "ready to go" for a few days now.

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2 minutes ago, FloopFiller said:

Same every year though right? If not end of May then the very start of June, but basically nailed on to be around then either way.

yeah true but obviously a big clue we are in the ball park 

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