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  1. Resale Monday. I have friends after tickets. Anyone know how many there might be? Any campervans tickets back on sale? is the 2022 plan still down in the bowl? taking kids this time so could be interesting
  2. thank you. 11 5K, 12 13k, 13 30K, 14 38K, 15 45K, 16 60k, 17 60K, 18 65K, 19 66K, 20 66K, 21 30k Interesting, so back to 2013 levels. My first, didn't seem crowded at all. I recall spending a lot of time exploring the doors in the uptown area. Although, maybe that only happened because I was in campervans. Lions den was uptown I believe so could they bring that back as a stage area? Wasn't a huge fan of it there but did like the sand in the tree area. were there any other stages uptown at that point? town centre? -This thought has cheered me up no end
  3. Is there a list of years and capacities since they've been at Matterley?
  4. A similar message sent out today from Beautiful days
  5. not directly 2021 related but does anyone have the 2012 map? official programme view ideally. if there was one. Keen to see layout & if there was any uptown. 2013 was my baptism also 2011 if available danke
  6. Initially shocked but now excited!!! Loved my first ones when it was smaller. I do not like calling it chapter 1 though. If it's just bowl does tangled roots stay as a venue? hope so, as the sound system is great & don't want to miss out on that hill climb/view. Bet you a penny the campervans are still up the hill. Losing the camping makes that area huge. I'm sure an outdoor stage can go in to the left of the hidden woods Love the no line up announcements. Some will leak and the internet sleuths will be out which will build the excitement. There are some gems in the 2020 line up that better still be there. Hope the Reggae side of things is still in effect whatever stage. Barrington Levy is gonna be in Europe for Sunsplash the week after - could this be the year? Koffee too is a must please
  7. Any rumours on the downsizing numbers? humour me, do they have to pay landowner for each additional field/ area or per head? I can’t get my head around not having the smaller venues. The production is so good. And the woods are enclosed. Nightmare. Maybe bring back Arcadia for a year. On seconds thoughts, forward ever, backwards never!
  8. Oh I hope not. Preferred the stage visuals but the location just didn’t fit right with me. It’s great where it is and fits perfectly with area 404 down the hill & hopefully their planned 2020 changes of kids area. The acts I want to see nowadays are mostly lions den and it’s perfect when it’s sunny. So fingers crossed. Outside & spacious seems to be the way forward with the Covid rules 🤞🏽
  9. Are we likely to see largely the same line up next year do you think? assuming they can have a festival for 60 thousand people do you think they will? or scale it back a bit?
  10. it just keeps getting better! not sure if its just my tastes have changed that much but every announcements is full of can't misses. i'll kick myself on the Monday morning for drunken missed sets - bring it on!
  11. I'd like to take full credit for this. I've been badgering Lak and Kaptin for a few years to make this happen. The recent tour didn't blow my socks off but I will be there with bells on! Amazing line up for me all round!
  12. any thoughts on what they might do with what was whistlers green? I loved it up there in between lions den acts, the views, stalls, sights, moonspa etc i remember when we had campervans up there but i can;t see that happening
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