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  1. Are The Libertines big/relevant enough to headline MSW?
  2. I’m exactly the same, hoping it’s just standard festival flu. I will be devastated if I test positive and miss slam dunk on Sunday.
  3. Anyone got Covid yet? 😅. My mate just got pinged.
  4. Frank Carter and the 🐍. 6pm. Lock up tent.
  5. This was yesterday, could they be the other slot in the lock up today?
  6. Is Frank Carter and the rattlesnakes playing or not??
  7. Still nothing from Creeper on any social media. They’ve just vanished from the line up without a trace 😂
  8. Would take both of them in a heartbeat. I get the impression that festival republic don’t really give a shit about the lock up/pit though so they’ll probably just end it early.
  9. Alkaline trio are playing slam dunk next weekend, maybe they’re over here a week early 👀
  10. Don Broco will probably close the pit now. Yawn.
  11. Yeah just seen. They were definitely on the website on Monday. It’s strange how they haven’t tweeted anything though.
  12. No joke, creeper and fever 333 were the two bands I was looking forward to the most. I’m gutted.
  13. Gutted about fever 333. But what?? Creeper have pulled out too?
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