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    Co op didn’t get the cancelled memo
  2. This virus isn’t entirely bad after all
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    I seem to remember the BBC having some sort of space-age-looking-silver-caravan-type-thingy in their back stage area behind bbc introducing in silver Hayes. I might be remembering wrong but I think some of the BBC’s glasto interviews were done there last year. edit: There it is!
  4. Me b the gentlemen rhymer, croissant neuf 2016
  5. I would be waiting for a certain Land Rover to appear in the distance before a man disembarks and reliably confirms that this is the best year ever. Waiting for the moment the gates finally open and some people start pushing through the queue once it moves despite being in the first couple hundred on a site designed for hundreds of thousands.
  6. I think you could say something similar about the killers though. Both still huge acts but both not as huge as they were 10 years ago especially in this country
  7. In hindsight I’ve seen massively mixed predictions, but that’s 3 months away, it’ll be fine by then? Right? 😐 the point is, if events are allowed to happen again by then, then something smaller with a relatively small build time is completely feasible and could happen in a small handful of those fields, atleast let us dream anyway
  8. Ya know what, with rum shack opening over the weekend, and all the other venues also wanting to claw some money back from this absolutely shite situation, would not surprise me if a couple of small venues get the go ahead to do something similar. By no means is glasto gonna miraculously be back on but imagine if they had rum shack, the common, wormhole, and whoever else opening and releasing a small number of tickets to make something happen for that weekend. Predictions seem to suggest that we may be starting to return to some sort of normality by the end of June and if that’s true then I don
  9. It’s not the postivitity and blind optimism that we need right now but u just cannot see this happening given the current situation
  10. For what it’s worth, amongst all rumours and speculation, to cancel everyone’s tickets and make everyone try again in October is WAY more unfair than letting everyone with a ticket still have a valid ticket for next year. how is it more unfair to miss a chance to buy a ticket to a festival you aren’t going to than to have to cancel a whole festival for people who have a ticket. Yes I do have a ticket and as a result I am very bias but I am happy to challenged on this because I do believe that that is the fair way of doing this. having a ticket and then having it cancelled a
  11. Statistically unfounded though.
  12. Liam has played the last 2 glasto’s and Noel as far as I am aware attends nearly every year whether he is playing or not. I can’t see why it would be any different next year if we are to assume that NG is taking a big slot this year as the forums suggest. I was hopeful of that happening and in my head it seemed highly likely but the truth of it is you won’t see them on stage together unless it’s for an ungodly sum of money for their gigantic show in a stadium/park or for something along the lines of BST. That’s my take on it anyway, stubborn brothers who don’t talk to each other why
  13. I knew there was a silver lining somewhere
  14. You couldn’t find a pair of shorts anywhere in New York City?! Even in winter I’d fancy my chances, I think your hat making ability outweighs your short sourcing ability
  15. I meant in terms of my worry levels day to day currently. I am very low risk but then again there's always a chance. In terms of Glasto, someone has to make that call if necessary and I do not envy them.
  16. That's all I needed to hear, see u in the wormhole.
  17. They wouldn't have a chance of realistically enforcing rules here like the ones in Wuhan recently, but the situation in Wuhan is increasing dramatically thanks to a near shutdown of the city.
  18. They also look like they're saying "Sire, the prisoners, they've escaped..."
  19. Right - so amongst the endless pages of waffle and going round in circles, someone here must have put some proper thought to this. What is our consenus in terms of likelyhood? Surely events like Glastonbury are the very first thing to go in such an event. As much I would be devestated, is it increasingly likely? To be honest, as a 24 year old healthy (ish) male im really not worried about myself but I appreciate that not everyone is afforded this luxury.
  20. The roasts are pukka, it’s pricey but you won’t regret it. Roll out of bed at lunch and get an already paid for roast dinner in your face before an afternoon of Diana ross. Scenes.
  21. The smugness of having a ticket in me wants to say there’s an IOW forum for this but I am interested. Considered IOW during the fallow but never materialised
  22. Agree, I thought samula was very well done, spent several hours off me bonce on the balconies above the waterfall. If they are improving this further then fair play because they could have definitely got away with doing the exact same thing and having many happy punters.
  23. jow95

    The Strokes?

    Yes but that slot on the other is at the end of June and not right now to coincide with all this new album business. Surely doesn’t affect their summer schedule that they’re playing in London next week.
  24. jow95

    The Strokes?

    Think I’m getting excited because of all the festivals they’re announcing in Europe but then thinking back that has happened a fair amount in recent years so why would it be any different this year?
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