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  1. ian_sw

    Coach Question

    Thanks for all your replies, appreciate you taking the time to respond.
  2. ian_sw

    Coach Question

    This has probably already been answered or discussed but couldn’t see it from a quick scan, so apologies if duplicating stuff but .... This year all my group are aiming for coach tickets, however as a teacher I am unable to get the days off needed for the coach and have to be flexible with work so will have to drive. So the question is .... If I get a ticket on a coach am I 100% unable to get it/they collect on my behalf if I don’t actually use the coach service? I’m assuming not, but thought I would check see if anyone has any knowledge or experience around this issue?? Thanks in advance for your help
  3. Hi, I’m not able to go this year and have a ticket for the weekend. If anyone would like the ticket (no strings), will post it to you on Monday. Genuine offer ... Shame to waste it. DM me and we can arrange postage thanks ian
  4. Thanks to both of you for the info. I know it will probably all be apparent on the day but do I need to get hold of a taxi firm number (if so could you advise) or does the site have a taxi pick up point nearby? Thanks again, really appreciated
  5. Evening, I am the only person travelling from London in my group so looking for a bit of guidance before I book my travel. Am I right in thinking the best route is to get the train into Portsmouth Harbour and ferry over to Ryde? Also, looking at the return foot passenger ferry prices, does £29 sound about right? I need to be back in Portsmouth to catch the train for about 9am so assume I will have peak travel time prices? Final bit, is getting from the festival site to the ferry for 8am realistic with busss etc? Thanks for all your help Ian
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