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  1. Thanks again .... really helpful
  2. Thanks to both of you for the info. I know it will probably all be apparent on the day but do I need to get hold of a taxi firm number (if so could you advise) or does the site have a taxi pick up point nearby? Thanks again, really appreciated
  3. Evening, I am the only person travelling from London in my group so looking for a bit of guidance before I book my travel. Am I right in thinking the best route is to get the train into Portsmouth Harbour and ferry over to Ryde? Also, looking at the return foot passenger ferry prices, does £29 sound about right? I need to be back in Portsmouth to catch the train for about 9am so assume I will have peak travel time prices? Final bit, is getting from the festival site to the ferry for 8am realistic with busss etc? Thanks for all your help Ian
  4. ian_sw

    The National

    'Trouble will find me' They have plenty of good albums but I really enjoyed that one. The Apple Music 'best of' playlist gives a good taste to the new starter
  5. ian_sw

    Forrest Gump II?

    Thanks for bumping this .... absolutely brilliant story and some great clips. Like the previous poster asked, are you going to make it this year?
  6. Fleetwood Mac Prince Kate Bush Bowie From the unrealistic pile And Frank Turner, Royal Blood and Ash from the more likely one
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