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  1. Similar here mate, but with added tour de France. Have a great week.
  2. Yes, agree. I'm just happy to be able to be there.
  3. Time to kill the thread. Is it midnight tonight?
  4. There's a lot that isn't to my taste either, but that's never really been a problem at latitude as there's always something close by to go and check out, or just take some time out to have something to eat and drink. For me there's far too many very dull singer / song writer type acts. I'm assuming you feel the same by the acts that you've mentioned that you are looking forward to?
  5. I just think it means that this shit is over
  6. Ah, I think there was a bit of confusion. I was referring to a post about PVA. Not to worry though, I'll probably be at 3D too
  7. The Alcove, which is a pretty small tent. I reckon it will be packed.
  8. Don't worry, definitely not midnight. Usually plenty to do well into the night, possibly 2 or 3am?
  9. Thanks, keep them coming. Wet leg were one that stood out, also working men's club but I think they clash with someone big
  10. I've been listening to a lot of tracks by artists I've never heard of to get an idea of who to see and who to avoid. Seems to be a lot of very similar singer/songwriter acts, who do nothing for me at all. Can anyone recommend any acts that I (we) might not have heard of that could be fun / interesting / exciting even?
  11. Friday I think we'll end up at hot chip, although would be happy at either. Saturday chemical brothers, no question. Sunday we'll be at Bombay but not bastille.
  12. Piss off Stu. Nobody likes you.
  13. That's one opinion I suppose. Lots of kids would agree, lots of grown ups wouldn't. Anyway, it's good that not all festivals are the same. I hope reading goes ahead for you.
  14. Any reason why you'd be happy going to reading at full capacity but not latitude?
  15. Which numbers are soaring?
  16. Oh I missed that! Sounds great though!
  17. It's not £40 from a few people on here though is it? It's £40 from everybody who wants to buy a ticket, so if they sell 20,000 tickets that's £800,000 that they know they can fall back on. Nobody is being forced to pay anything, and you'd think that them having a bit of confidence (ie knowing that they have a bit of cash flow) will help them to get the wheels in motion.
  18. Yes I would. Why does every reply need to be so aggressive? It was just my opinion.
  19. Seems fair to me. They risk putting on a festival and all the work, time and effort that goes with it, while you risk 40 quid. Without that deposit there would be no chance of a festival. I'd be happy with that.
  20. Hope you don't get a headache mate
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