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  1. £6.65 for a Carlsberg tonight at Shepard’s bush empire for Brian Fallon!
  2. Definitely got earlier than that but it was national express not see tickets!
  3. Anyone know How strict are they are on getting your allocated coach on the way back? Pretty sure in 2017 they didn’t care which coach we got on but that was national express and not see tickets.
  4. Wednesday 6:15am from Oxford, 5:30AM return!
  5. I know it’s early days, but from a personal perspective I couldn’t pick better weather than that if I tried!
  6. I’m saying Monday, 3pm
  7. This would be fantastic! Tour dates fit too.
  8. jonnyisRFC


    Hoping to get this made into a flag ready for Paul McCartney.
  9. Currently got one of them too, not sure why, I’ve been veggie for 8 years 😅
  10. Recommend everyone to check out Bob Vylan!
  11. Asked Bob on Instagram live last night if they were playing Glasto this year and he ignored it, someone asked him straight away after if they were playing Reading and Leeds and he said they weren’t this year. Really hope they play but you’re right, leftfield felt like the most obvious place for them. Maybe they’ll appear somewhere in shangri la?
  12. https://festivalcop.co.uk/collections/accessories/products/secret-stash-velvet-hair-scrunchie-with-zip This crafty item so that one of our group can safely bring in anything that they wouldn’t want security finding!
  13. The morning after the Brexit vote, Beans On Toast played the Greenpeace stage and opened with this.
  14. 100% this. I can have 15 pints slowly throughout the day/night at Glastonbury and feel as fresh as a daisy the next day. If I went to my local tonight and had 6/7 pints in a 3 hour period I’d feel absolutely horrific tomorrow!
  15. Thought this was going to be about the grand national next week 😤
  16. Reading was £6 for a Carlsberg and £6.50 for a Somersby last August.
  17. Ah, was really hoping thatchers would be back this year.
  18. Yeah I agree. Gaslight do have a great relationship with this festival though, it was their first ever show outside of the states when they played in 2008, it was also their last show they played before going on hiatus in 2015.
  19. I’d hazard a guess at around the 1500 mark but I could be way out!
  20. Think Frank Turner is in the states in august.
  21. Chances of appearing at Reading and Leeds now?
  22. So glad these guys are back together! Would love them to play Glastonbury again one day.
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