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Lovely bloke as well. My sister worked for Virgin in Australia and Bowie regularly flew into Sydney especially in the 2000s (I think he lived there for a bit) He always used to ask for my si

I've updated the Clashfinder with all that has been announced so far. Each "program" has a link to it & a description if you hover over it. https://clashfinder.com/s/g2020

That's why you always ask nicely! :p I wrote this up more for people who aren't as much a Glastonbury buff as many are on here, but here's my recommendations from the Beeb anyway:   *Th

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6 minutes ago, dingbat2 said:

I wonder how loud if sounds in the neighbouring villages like in Pilton these days. The site seems so far away from things especially being in the valley. Can you hear the Pyramid from outside the perimeter? John Peel maybe because its closer to Pilton, but even that's surrounded by trees. I know there are other smaller hamlets as well, Pylle, etc but is there much noise pollution now?

Depends on the wind how the sound travels.

2016 had to leave early evening Sunday as feeling ill, remember sitting in the garden and hearing the pyramid stage really clearly.  Never done it again as now work onsite and camp for 3weeks.  

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5 minutes ago, Radiochicken said:

This is 100% going on iPlayer to download, right??

Saw a post on Facebook from 6 music saying will be available on iplayer for 30 days, personally I will download ASAP 

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6 minutes ago, Hugh Jass said:

Could you imagine sitting down to write the setlist?

”Yeah I’ll drop Starman here. Maybe Ashes to Ashes there, or Life on Mars perhaps? Oh shit! Need to stick Space Oddity in somewhere!”

Didn’t even play sound and vision!

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