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  1. I do get peckish for cheddars at 3am in Shangri La.
  2. The mass standing just got E16/17 then we moved about 10m.
  3. Good 'ole Gate C. Nothing beats that.
  4. If that's true, we got lied to by a steward who said Gate C is the shortest.
  5. How close are you to the front?
  6. The gate to gate D was shut?
  7. Pretty sure we'll hear the cheer when they open.
  8. All the gates are shut.
  9. Apologies not Glasto related, but WTAF?
  10. It also happens when the sun pops out on a cloudy day.
  11. True. Probably just not accurate then.
  12. I wpuld say it's okd because it still shows the Glade main stage at T25 - previous location.
  13. To add to the above: Hercules and Love Affair Confidence Man (highly recommended) The Avalanches The Egg Bonobo Pet Shop Boys And for DJs there's Hot Chip, 2 Bears, Calvin Harris
  14. SE corner isn't that bad on some of the outdoor stages. Iicon is quite big. Also Arcadia if you're not directly under the spider.
  15. Ranting about it on a forum is not going to help anyone.
  16. Can you not join one being CS? Ever thought about Prospect?
  17. Yup. I've had pneumatic trolley wheels puncture, leak through the valve, come off the hub... so many points of failure. So far with solid wheels I've never had one fail.
  18. I've changed all mine to solid rubber wheels. I've only ever had pneumatic wheels fail on me.
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