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  1. No, just NO. I have to draw a line somewhere and he's it.
  2. We were woefully under-prepared for the size and scope of the place. I don't think we saw acts anywhere except Pyramid and Other. I remember sitting in the early hours of Sunday morning in the big tea tipi down in what is now Block 9, I think, and just never wanting to go home.
  3. Not just you. I probably saw less acts this year than ever before. Fri and Sat afternoons were spent in and around the Woods sheltering from the big glowing orb in the sky. However, I reckon more people's festivals are likely to be totally ruined by the m*d, so when push comes to shove the heat is probably the better option.
  4. I found the reverse Mexican wave.
  5. Please, please, please. They're just perfect for the occasion. Any occasion actually. I don't think I've ever met anyone who hates Crowded House. I think you might be a monster if at least one of their tunes isn't in your heart.
  6. The only people I know who usually go to WV have a combination of work and travel issues that make it the only reasonable option. This means they have to save more to afford it. It seems to be broadly the same for most up there. It's not a luxury option.
  7. I think the intention is to move the numbers from West Campervan to bath and West Showground.
  8. I wonder how much camping there'll be inside the fence in 10 years.
  9. The snazzy options look like they're going top be at the new pre-erected site aka what was campervan west.
  10. That would be the biggest sing along ever.
  11. Text convo with my mate. "Macca confirmed" "Oh sweet lord" "Nah, that was George" "He'll bring on Chris Martin, won't he?"
  12. They got me in my feels in '16. One of my favourite sets that year.
  13. The only time I can recall scrunching was with Izal. Scrunch and dab.
  14. Festivals will have to spend even more time and money removing them as they are a genuine one-time product and will be left lying around. Punters want a decent deal so unless they're cheaper and at least as reliable as a bog standard tent, it ain't happening. Disposable culture causes the problem and i don't think replacing one item with a slightly less toxic one is a solution.
  15. Surely year on year sales of older albums and radio plays of old songs taper down. So her re-doing the albums in a country stylee or whatevs would also see an increase in traffic to the original which wouldn't have happened otherwise. Most investor types, I assume, would sit back and count the coins for as long as they can without antagonising the cash cow they're milking.
  16. Taking it further, say she did re-record the albums - so what? Doesn't that just bring attention to the originals and probably cause a wee upswing in streams and sales again in albums that are getting older and getting less traffic every year. Whole thing is bonkers.
  17. Yeah, the re-recording thing isn't 'normal' either. From here it seems emotions are running the show on both sides. I can see where her's come from - it's her songs, her work, her career to date. But why is he running so hot if it's a business investment?
  18. Strikes me that Braun is shooting himself in the foot with this. Or causing mess for the sake of it which is looking increasingly likely. After big live events, streams and sales of artists go through the roof. So Taylor putting in a shift on t'farm = Braun making extra bank. ETA: If she's so pissed off that he owns her stuff that she's threatening to re-record, wouldn't he want to get as much back meantime? The 2020 thing was obviously there when he bought the rights so there was always a time limit on how long he could exclusively control the songs.
  19. I saw RHCP in 2004. They were dogshite and barely phoned it in.
  20. Yep, I heard Good As Hell on 6Music, probably about a year ago, and it put a fat grin on my face before I knew what a Lizzo was.
  21. Hahaha! I literally had to Google it the other day, concerned that I'm a fossil already.
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