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  1. Blinded By The Lights. Sorry, changed my mind after listening to Weak Become Heroes for the first time in years.
  2. There aren't that many feet to spare anywhere, are there?
  3. As someone old and broken and dreading the walk in with just my basic gear, if they're selling cans - even at inflated prices - they'll make my time so much easier. The bars will be seeing more of me this year but nothing beats the convenience of having a couple of warm cans in your rucksack.
  4. That's what's so good about it! (Sorry, @H.M.V )
  5. Your av is still cracking me up every time I see it.
  6. 15-20 per festival. I have great intentions but... I get distracted.
  7. It's not what I voted for but Pictures of You is a very strong choice also.
  8. Reminds me why I've never gone in there.
  9. It reminds me a bit of '09 where there was no big draw for me but plenty to keep my interest. '09 turned out to be my fav year so far.
  10. I'm gutted. They got my Sunday lunch trade after we lost Pieminister. Now what?!
  11. It looks like Square Pie have closed their shop since the last festival and they seem to be selling in Waitrose etc rather than serving direct. I'd be surprised if they are at the festival this year.
  12. I know! I rushed over to twitter just in case.
  13. Tweenage me is hyperventilating. Make it happen!
  14. With each successive year I get soberer - and I was never much of a monster to begin with. These days, I really enjoy getting up at a decent time and having some head space (and a clean longdrop) before the bands kick off.
  15. It really depends on how you load them. A bit like a rucksack, you have to be canny. They're good for a couple of crates and your tent, sleeping bags/mats etc but the folks that pile ninety-twelve crates on them are asking for misery. Oh and you have to pay attention to what's underfoot rather than blunder on the most direct line. Eg, farm tracks with tyre ruts are potentially worse than the extra effort of taking it over the grass.
  16. Why would your best mate get married the one weekend of the year that you're likely to/hoping to have other commitments? They might be your best friend but are you theirs?
  17. Same. They're part of my Wed/Thur tradition. As soon as the postcards are sent, adulting stops.
  18. Water Aid kiosks fill any bottle.
  19. So, any recommendations for a reusable bottle that can handle fizzy drinks and doesn't need washed in hot soapy water after every use?
  20. I think she's more braying than screaming, if that helps at all?
  21. That explains why I thought he sounded like Ronan Keating.
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