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  1. JacquelineS

    Green Man 2019

    This is great! I listened to it pretty much all day Sunday. I am actually doing two Festivals across the pond this year, first the Boomtown Fair then Green Man. I am excited for both. 😎
  2. JacquelineS

    Going solo

    Sounds good. They will care for you then. 😎 The festival is very chill. You will have no problems at all.
  3. JacquelineS

    BoomTown Fair Line-up

    Now that the line-up is announced who is everyone looking forward to seeing? I enjoy reggae, the various forms of folk, world music and some electronica. So direct me to your faves. I am pretty open to everything. There are a few I want to see for sure such as Xavier Rudd, Bedouin Sound Clash, Dub Phizix and Strategy, and Beans on Toast. Any other suggestions? https://www.boomtownfair.co.uk/artist/
  4. JacquelineS

    Anyone recently quit smoking?

    I quit in 2000 and never went back. I am one of those all or nothing people though. I don't recommend having a few and then going back after the Festival to not smoking. When I first quit taking some deep breaths help get over the need to have cigarette. It gets better with time. If you are thinking of a toke or two that is a different story.
  5. JacquelineS

    Going solo

    I went last year on my own from Canada. And I am old. It's a great festival, fairly easy to navigate etc. My advice is take the coach. I took the coach from Victoria station last year and it was great. I recommend catching the earliest one available.
  6. JacquelineS

    Travel from London advice

    If taking a Coach is an option for you I took the Big Green Coach last year from London Victoria Station to the Festival. No need to worry about Ferry times or any of that. It cost about £75 return.
  7. JacquelineS

    In a bit of a dilemma, need your advice!

    There is Roskilde in Denmark Saturday June 29 to Saturday July 6 which overlaps Glastonbury by a bit if you are looking for a back-up plan. ,
  8. JacquelineS

    Stag Do Accommodation During Festival

    Pink Moon did a really good job last year. Even though it is camping they provide mattresses and sleeping bags. You can reserve together and they have various tent sizes plus they have glamping as well right on site. http://www.pinkmooncamping.co.uk/productsbyclass.asp
  9. JacquelineS

    Boomtown 2019: Chapter 11

    Part 1: How quickly does Boomtown sell out? I won't be able to purchase tickets until January if I decide to go. Part 2: Do I choose the Green Man Festival or Boomtown? Truth is I will likely choose one this year and the other next. I like that I can choose tickets, coach transportation and accommodation all in one go for Boomtown.
  10. JacquelineS

    Tedeschi Truck Band

    I have seen them live and they are awesome. They have about ten people in the band and everyone is allowed to shine. to me this video shows the most the most idyllic side of a festival. The sun is shining the groove is easy. You just close your eyes and lose yourself in the moment.
  11. JacquelineS

    Glastonbury Memorabilia Around Your House

    I brought a lot of odds and ends back but this is my favourite. (My ticket is attached to the back.)
  12. JacquelineS

    Why Glastonbury? Glastonbury isn’t ‘just’ a festival.

    There is something about Glastonbury that makes you feel that you have arrived home. Even if you've never been there before and even if you are from across the pond.😋Well written Jess. Thanks for saying the things we all feel but perhaps have not put in words.
  13. JacquelineS

    National Express coaches

    I went by Nat Express in 2017. Here is the fine print from my ticket. Basically, you need to contact them it seems. No one actually takes suitcases to Glasto either. Everyone travelling to Glasto has quite a bit of stuff too. They do have a FB page you can message them on there as well. Other information Please note that your seat is only guaranteed to and from the points specified on your ticket. Customers aged 14 years and over are now legally required to wear seatbelts at all times on coaches where fitted. Ask a member of staff for further details. Most National Express and Eurolines coaches are white with red and blue writing. However, we do use other coaches to meet demand at busy times. Please look out for National Express or Eurolines window stickers and, if in doubt, ask a member of staff. Conditions of carriage Issued subject to Eurolines Conditions of Carriage which are available to view onlinehere. Luggage allowance You can take two medium sized suitcases, at no more than 20kg each, per person free of charge. Extra luggage, including outsized items, will only be carried if there is space available and the additional item/s are paid for. Up to 3 extra items, per person, can be taken, subject to payment and space. Insurance For more information about the key features and benefits of your insurance policy, click here. For a copy of the full policy terms and conditions, click here. Departure information All passengers must be at the departure point at least 10 minutes prior to the departure of the coach. Amendments and Refunds You can make changes to the date and time of your coach ticket or confirm your journey on a open return ticket quickly and easily at any time prior to travel by visitingwww.nationalexpress.com/myticket When amending tickets a new fare category may apply. In this instance the difference between the two fares (excess fare) will be charged in addition to the amendment fee. Refunds can be made on refundable tickets cancelled 72 hours prior to departure, subject to a £5 per person cancellation fee. To request a refund or to for further assistance with changing your ticket please call our Customer Service Centre to make changes to your ticket on 03717 818181 or 0044 3717 818181 from overseas. We are open 8am - 10pm, 7 days a week.
  14. JacquelineS

    Recommendations for an American...

    In 2017 I came from Canada to attend the Festival. I am female, 65 years old and came on my own. I did a lot of research mostly from the kind people on this board and had no issues whatsoever. Arriving by a fairly early bus on thee Wednesday worked out well as it was a hot day and many attendees that came later had a long wait. I was lost quite a bit at first but brought a camera and spent my time taking photos and checking things out. (The Gutenberg press is impressive!) Be prepared to walk a lot! Be prepared to find yourself in a crowd crush at least once. Be prepared to make random friends in the crowd. (Thank you Flaming Lips fans for being so awesome!) And just read the forum here. You will find all kinds of advice on things you may not even thought of.
  15. JacquelineS

    Being kicked out - avoidable or not??

    The hard to get aspect of ticket buying does make the whole thing a bit more alluring though don't you think? And if you do get tickets you certainly have bragging rights and I don't blame anyone for it. I did not try for tickets this year but had I tried and lost I might not be so glib. Truth is, that there are not enough tickets to go around so people are going to lose out no matter how quick or slow the process is. But damn. Congrats to Glastonbury on selling out in just 36 minutes!