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  1. He puts on one hell of a show but sadly I can not be there so will be watching on the BBC player.
  2. Saw him last fall and he puts on one hell of a show. He is in his seventies for heaven's sake but goes non-stop for 2 hours. Takes a fake encore (most likely has to dash to the loo, he is in his seventies) Comes back and does another hour. And man his touring band is tight.
  3. I got mixed up on my times and did not even try for early bird tickets. Lol, the email reminder came at 3:00 a.m. (When the ticket sale starts at my time) wish they would have sent it it the day before. When do the non-early bird tickets go on sale? Anyone know?
  4. After my first Green Man, I believe I am in love with Wales. Despite the rain, I had a great time. And by accident, as they filled in for another band at the Far Out Stage, Black Country, New Road is my favourite band from the festival. I could go on but this is enough for now.
  5. Help! Has everyone gotten their tickets in the mail yet? I am starting to panic as I leave for England on the 5th and no ticket in sight. I emailed to inquire about it but it took them a few days to respond and they just told me to email them a week before if no ticket. not that useful as I will at Boomtown that week. I hate not having my ducks in a row. If the ticket does not arrive today I will start pestering them again.
  6. From home: 1. Vampire Weekend 2. The Killers 3. The Comet Is Coming
  7. It looked and sounded great from the iplayer. Since I could not be there I stole this screen shot from Hozier's set and enhanced it a bit. So jealous of you guys!
  8. I think the topic pretty much is covered on this website. It is not appropriation if it is respectful and is not used to exploit another culture. For instance there are many first nations artists who put their hand made jewelry or other items up for sale. Is it appropriation to buy from them? Of course not.If you buy from the artist you are supporting his work and have an appreciation for him and his art. The Tipi field exists because of it's spiritual nature and is put up by the Tipi owners.. https://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/glastonbury/info-tipi.shtml
  9. Oh yeah, the best flag. Impeach Trump was up there for me.
  10. It does look good on T.V. and in photos. 90% hold them fairly steady. I have only encountered one problem where a girl had what was essentially a towel on a really long flimsy pole and was hitting me in the face with it each time she waved that filthy thing which was annoying. It was at the Flaming Lips set at the Park in 2017. I moved up and encountered a group of fellows who just made the whole flaming Lips thing special as they had all broken away from their respective groups to see the Lips.
  11. You may be cool but you will never be Jeff Goldblum playing piano in a jazz band at Glastonbury cool.
  12. JacquelineS

    Miley Cyrus

    Yeah, he seemed off. If I was her Dad on the sideline I would be going crazy cheering her on and smiling at the cameras. Or if the sun was too much for me I would be back stage. Just seemed weird he was off on the side kind of not mentally participating in any of it.
  13. Being on the iplayer, I am a bit out of sync with others just now. Sooo..... I only just discovered them by accident a week or two ago. Their particular form of jazz /electronica/ psychedelia just cooks so if you missed them on the Holts on Friday check them out on the iplayer when you get home. Man that sax is sweet.
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