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  1. Interesting! But they played Werchter last year?!
  2. Mr. B

    Resale club 2020

    Or Monzo/Sterling/Revolut would do the trick potentially?
  3. Sorry buddy - was willing for you. 2 more big chances to go
  4. Mr. B

    Ticket Sale Date

    I took it from the ticket details page on the glasto website. Does anyone know what the situation is?
  5. Mr. B

    Ticket Sale Date

    "UK Tickets can now be purchased with a UK debit card or Visa or Mastercard credit cards. International Tickets can only be bought by Visa credit card or Mastercard credit card. Please note: See Tickets is the only company permitted to sell tickets for Glastonbury Festival. No other site or agency will be allocated tickets." I will be buying tickets for abroad, but using my UK reg/address. Am I therefore okay to pay by debit card? (I can't remember!)
  6. Mr. B

    Ticket Sale Date

    What's the prognosis, Doc?
  7. Mr. B

    Jimmy Eat World

    They are consistently great live in my opinion!
  8. Mr. B

    Ticket Sale Date

    Apologies if already answered, but does anyone know when Tipis/Worthy view will go on sale?
  9. Mr. B

    Screens at the Park

    The new (/relocated) surround made it look slightly less intimate. Agree that screens would really change the vibe
  10. Tickets were still available after the resale, but I guess there was more limited choice?
  11. Mr. B

    Mason's Arms

    Real shame - let's hope it is back next year. One of my favourite places to get a drink
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