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  1. Due to confusion regarding the current government advice, a comprehensive questionnaire has been prepared by a panel of experts that will clarify matters, informing you whether you should go out or not. https://jimmeruk.com/stayathome/index.html Should take no more than 60 seconds.
  2. Do not type that into Pornhub.
  3. It's the arrogance, the entitlement, the sheer fucking neck of these guys that angers me. It's not about Cummings per se. It's not a left/right/brexit thing. It's about the guy at the top taking some fucking responsibility. He could have come out today, or preferably sooner, and given a mea culpa. Handed in his notice and gone. He'll fall into another cushy job. He could even be re-recruited in plenty of time before the next election. He could still be advising the government behind the scenes, and they could still be following his ideas. But no. The absolute contempt these c**ts show for the rest of us. When you read the heartbreaking stories about people who've lost loved ones. When I walk around my village seeing the closed businesses of people I know, some of whom will never reopen. And these twats just carry on as if it doesn't fucking matter. The utter shame of it all.
  4. He's brought a prop! Fucking hell!
  5. Neil Fergusson should have claimed he was just checking to see if his penis was working OK.
  6. Well I for one am glad that's all cleared up. Let's all move on to more pressing issues.
  7. I didn't watch much of that, bit can I confirm that someone told him to put on a proper suit, put on a tie and sing the national anthem?
  8. The greatest trick the devil ever played was to make me waste my time on this shite.
  9. The vuvuzela is more interesting.
  10. A vuvuzela by the sound of it.
  11. Presser delayed as Cummings learns how to tie his tie.
  12. No chance he's going on air to resign. It should be his boss's call, not his. And who the fuck is he anyway to be giving statements on TV? If you've got something to say, issue a statement and fuck off quietly. The ego of the chap is astounding.
  13. I'm furloughed, thanx taxpayers, xxx Apparently today's a bank holiday for the muggles still working. Everyday's a bank holiday on furlough!
  14. I think a lot of them ask long winded questions di they have something more substantial to cut up and put on the evening news. I totally agree with your point though. Nah. This lot just do what they please and it's 4 and a half years until an election.
  15. Questions from the public: "Just how great is Classic Dom?"
  16. You read the words of the completely innocent Mr Grimes at your own risk. Don't want to get wound up by him? Pay him no attention.
  17. Then they can rehire him in 4 years time. He's doing them damage at the moment and Tories are usually ruthless over this sort of thing.
  18. He's taken an order from his camera shy boss, or the prime minister.
  19. The lengths these fuckwits are going to defend Cummings is both hugely entertaining and hugely dispiriting. Our government, ladies and gentlemen.
  20. Has he yet had that operation he was postponing?
  21. Yeah true. It might prevent him sitting in on those meetings too.
  22. I'm not saying they shouldn't sack him, but doing so wouldn't stop him giving advice.
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