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  1. Call it 'Generic Non-specific Festival Game' or something. Use the Pro-Evo school of naming.
  2. Anyone got the whole gig on video? I remember it being around shortly after the gig but I can't find my copy.
  3. Pretty sure we just got a quick "ladies and gentlemen, the rolling stones"
  4. 1994. For the record, I was at the Other aka NME stage, watching Senser, because Britain before Britpop was a beautiful thing
  5. Good lad. I didn't think he'd allow it to end on someone else's terms.
  6. fatyeti24

    2020 headliners

    Then how do you explain George from Asda sitting on the end of my bed as I put on my pants this morning, huh?
  7. Details of this year's set up in the Glade https://issuu.com/futurepublishing/docs/psnelivesupp19_july2019/40?fbclid=IwAR0sRrA7OjHINfKuYpPgxcP7MeYVUDf4jOr0ypYnEZpKHKsdLOg-syX_ivI
  8. Well everything's relative, I suppose. Strange in that work has come in fits and starts, rather than the hoped for continuous arrivals. Nothing remotely off shore though.
  9. It's been a strange summer - the weather plays a big role in how busy we are. Each day individually isn't too bad, but cumulatively they take their toll!
  10. Not had a day off work since getting home from Glastonbury, and non in the diary for even longer still. The joys of being self employed in hospitality!
  11. Here's a handy pop definition test we can all use. Just ask yourself "would it get played on Radio 3?" No - pop Yes - Not pop
  12. That would have bulked out the setlist to 3 tunes.
  13. Glastonbury 1997, Cast are on the Pyramid, having mud hurled, as the way with many acts that weekend. I was at our camp in Row Mead. John Power in light coloured clothing. "At least I can write songs, non of yous can throw mud" And on the word 'mud', he was hit, right in the swingers. As this is the only pleasurable memory I can associate with this abomination of a band, I am not prepared to check YouTube for its veracity.
  14. Me too. A far rarer event than a Neil Young gig.
  15. You must really like The Levellers..
  16. Don't revel in ignorance, Grandad. All the kids are into the K-Park Bedpop sounds.
  17. The Blur rhythm section are the road map to political unity that the UK needs in 2019/20.
  18. anybody got a link, ideally one i can download, to this year's gig? i seem to have converted mine to mp3 without leaving the video intact!
  19. fatyeti24

    Musical Confessional

    I remember the Pizza place, although I didn't think it was there at the expense of the main Glade stage. It was around 2013, I think. I could well be wrong.
  20. fatyeti24

    Musical Confessional

    It was there in 2000, although it was more just a couple of decks and a PA set up between the trees. It's one of my clearer memories from that year. Incidentally, I think 2000 was the first time it was an official area.
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