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  1. I think 'objectively worse' is a bit much. There were a few things about the 90s festivals that I think were better, and they are the festivals that made me fall in love with the place. The diversity of the crowd seemed greater back then, I remember in 2008 - my first visit after they built the fence - it was quite noticeable that the crowd was more white than it used to be. It was also a lot easier to get in, score, find somewhere to camp. For sure I'd agree that it couldn't stay that way, and there are more improvements than compromises today, but it's definitely not all one way traffic.
  2. Jealousy, from old people who still sleep in tents.
  3. It's taken a good few years, but you've finally happened upon a musical opinion with which I can agree. I enjoyed that set very much, but even so, I think "flawless" may be pushing it somewhat.
  4. Top bloke, agreed, but come the day I'll be down the front for Wagatha Christie - The Musical!
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    Now if they could just push those two screens together and change the channel to, I dunno, Gardener's World or something.
  6. fatyeti24


    Jedward? XFactor? No, you're not being judged. Not at all.
  7. Yeah, real toughie that one.
  8. fatyeti24


    Yeah, Harris' crimes are too great. He hasn't served penance enough. Its too soon.
  9. fatyeti24

    Glast latino

    I usually spend a bit of time there, it's a great stop off after the main stages have closed, much more busy than during the day normally. And they sell mojitos. I'm not sure if they'll sell you anything else, tbh.
  10. Nope, but I wish I did, quite honestly. Our European cousins seem to have a far more enlightened approach to undercarriage cleanliness. We've all been conned by Big Toilet Paper.
  11. fatyeti24


    Edinburgh tickets sorted! It'll be over 28 years between me seeing them for the first and second times.
  12. fatyeti24


    Think we'll have a bash for Edinburgh tickets. Last time I saw them was at Glastonbury.
  13. fatyeti24


    GOOD NEWS FOR DRAMA FANS: Once again, production insiders are panicking that the deadlines to turn around this entirely new show are miles too tight – an issue that's been compounded by a production manager quitting this week as it was all so out of control.
  14. That same Sunday morning I wandered down to Williams's Green for a bit of food. Decided to turn on the Internet on my phone for the first time in days and check the Sunday papers for the weekend's reviews where I saw the live feed on the Guardian website. The Big D-L himself was doing q&a in the tent, so I wandered in and caught the last.
  15. Having enjoyed perusing the 'one you wish you'd been at' thread, lets spin it around. Which festivals were you at where you got it right, intentionally or otherwise, and saw something that went down in festival history, or just something cool you and your mates still fondly remember? For example, in 2015 I happened to be walking by West Holts just as Roy Ayres - who'd been on my list but I'd forgotten about by the day - began playing Everybody Loves the Sunshine. I'm no Bowie fan, and in 2000 would have been elsewhere were it not for a compromise with my friends, so I saw what was on of the great gigs of his later career. 1997 - seeing out a wet festival to watch Daft Punk headline the dance tent. I'd never have thought then that that would be their only appearance at the festival. Perhaps most of all 1994. The whole thing. It was my first, at 16 years old. I didn't know much about Glastonbury (it wasn't on TV before that year) but had an older step brother who went in '93 and took me with him in '94. He assured me I'd love it. As an extra from that year I hung around at the NME stage after watching Bjork and sort-of accidentally ended up watching Orbital - my first experience of live dance music and a gig that usually ranks pretty highly in the Glasto all time lists. I was a raver after that! I'm sure there are many more in the efests hive.. let's have 'em!
  16. There's the controversial, and then there's the just plain mental.
  17. So you had to listen to an uninterrupted evening of Sparks? I know which I'd prefer.
  18. This reads like a cry for help. Did "Emily" hurt you? Are you OK?
  19. In order to do it again, he'd have to do it a first time.
  20. Those young and impressionable people in the crowd are Stormzy's fan base. It's the 40 year olds like myself who'd never heard those lyrics before. Tbh though I didn't notice. I only really recognised the bit where he played a snippet of Sweet Like Chocolate.
  21. Yeah, fuck all that hippy shit. The battle for Yeoman's Bridge was the festival's high point.
  22. Just say it's named after this guy, OG John Peel. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Peel_(huntsman)
  23. fatyeti24

    Wet Leg

    Bis signed to Grand Royal though, which puts them amongst the coolest acts ever, even if I couldn't name a single tune they made.
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