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  1. There was a group we bumped into and did the same, but with the extension of it being on a rubber tentacle. Purely for the novelty of coming back and explaining it in a sentence to friends, makes it really difficult to say no!
  2. Caught the last song (Opal) of it, was surprised at how it wasn't too crowded. Agree with JJ and CC, although Charlotte de Witte very much delivered for me afterwards, was worth the wait
  3. We’ve been caught out by southern Rail being shocking, going to miss the last train to castle Cary and have a long old wait in Reading it seems ...
  4. Saw Bicep DJ Set at Parklife in 2018, was fairly similar to their kind of stuff and they played a couple of their tracks (glue being notable), personally I think it gives them a bit more flexibility and variation which is better. They also have the Boiler Room set from AVA a few years back that suggests the same kind of vibe
  5. For me it was a toss up between Four Tet or Pangea with Cox, Jones and De Witte. Gone for Pangea but Four Tet will be a perfect set straight after Tame Impala
  6. will be waiting at Brighton station to get the train to get to Castle Cary hopefully around 11pm, to join the overnight queue pretty much on the stroke of midnight!
  7. Obiginnaw

    Mainstream Dance

    I'd like to assume, or more wishfully thinking that all of Carl Cox, Annie Mac and Fatboy Slim (if he's b2b with Eats Everything) will play a harder style if it's on Arcadia?
  8. Getting the Train from Brighton Tuesday evening around 7 to castle Cary, then find the nearest pub for a tipple to tide us until midnight where we'll get a taxi to the gates for the long ol' overnight queue!
  9. Seen Annie MAC at parklife before and she knows exactly what to play, I think Fatboy Slim followed by her are a perfect recipe for something a bit different, it’ll definitely be a party
  10. Obiginnaw

    Acid house

    Might not be exclusively acid house but Prospa tend to beer towards that route (silver Hayes Thursday, 1-2 I believe)
  11. Yeah I saw him in March but I thought he was incredible personally, but totally understand why someone who wanted his production style wouldn’t like it, I’ll probably miss the first hour for Prospa myself
  12. What are people’s plans for the Thursday night? Seen Mall Grab before but there’s also Prospa, Mella Dee and Laurence Guy in the Glade, but Randomer in Genosys is borderline unmissable ... this doesn’t even take into account that I’ll be missing Richy Ahmed is either case- As a glasto virgin I am blown away at the amount on offer even on the Thursday
  13. However it does seem to look Dry around the Glastonbury area, so fingers still crossed
  14. Obiginnaw


    Just seen some videos of disclosure at Parklife and seems they absolutely smashed it, I know Annie Mac is a strong rumour for that Saturday TBA slot but any chance they could do it?
  15. Sundara Karma, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes and Yonaka for me
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