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  1. partiboi with Skream on has given me a much needed boost tonight- thought I’d share with the hope it lifts some other spirits Much love all
  2. They're currently Number 1 in the album charts, so if it does stay that way that's a sure thing to push them up also Brixton Academy have just released the 3rd rescheduled date for them to play Live to 10th September - obviously doesn't mean much but a bit of news towards live music is something too look forward to
  3. As it happens I have the perfect Dram that turned up this afternoon I’m the nick of time! I’ve got a beef stew in oven as we speak but I’ve cheated a bit and used Guinness instead , but hey ho
  4. I'm booked in for lost village in August, it's pretty small so i'm about 75% confident that will go ahead As for the actual glastonbury date i'll go to meet up with the people i was meant to go with and just get in a sorry state with them (providing we can at least have groups of 6 by then)
  5. I actually really like this, got major Alabama Song by the Doors vibes for me, but can 100% see why people would dislike it
  6. I think realistically as well, i'm unaware of any pandemic throughout history - vaccine or not, that has begun and ended within a year/18 months. I'm genuinely curious of any instances where this is the case, but largely i think a pandemic of this scale will take a time naturally to take a course (this is built on very limited knowledge by the way)
  7. hear hear, I've done the same and wandered from room to room , occasionally looked out the window and had a little cry the fridge stock will be raided somewhat tonight for a thirsty thursday, but i think the saving grace is that although we might not be in the fields this year, by the time we get to that weekend the outlook will be so much more positive!
  8. I'll be old enough to be deemed responsible at the next one
  9. It’s the hope that kills ya .... roll on 2022 I suppose
  10. Fatboy Slim’s lockdown mixes were a source of great enjoyment for me over the summer , the same with the Defected Livestreams plastician does a twitch stream every week, and brought out his joke book for Christmas as well so kudos to all of them, they’ve helped me out massively this year
  11. I've just had another crack at the queue calculator (i'm 23 not expecting anything anytime soon of course), but the wait time since last week has gone down considerably, should be expecting my first dose between July and September, and it was around october to december last week, so the process is speeding up, fantastic news !
  12. I think really the best way to look at it is that, it’s a bit shit if it didnt go ahead, which is still the general mood (though it’s lifting) of a lot of people . but the insurance means that regardless , there’s hope for something in 6 months time if they’re pushing for a festival. It’s a light , if it doesn’t go ahead then the situation won’t be just cooped up indoors with nothing else to fill the gap like last year, and at this rate just seeing friends and being able to go to the pub won’t be far from the elation of being in the fields
  13. So just to be clear how excited am I allowed to get on a scale of Glastonbury vlog-watching session to putting my tent up in the garden?
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