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  1. Have we ruled out Rick Astley? Might not quite be big enough but Christ how many people will go simply for NGGYU ?
  2. yeah he got a bit of stick after the Johnny Depp photo and has seemingly gone off the map since that, seemed a bit 'meh' at Big Weekend so it's got me a bit worried
  3. Fender again?? he's been dead quiet recently and his website doesn't show glastonbury as tour dates atm
  4. wonderful news! i saw they still play consideration these days for sure will be my first time seeing them, they're very much my old man's band, that's how i've become a fan- missed them in 2019 for the cure but this is now second on my list behind fender for the weekend of live acts
  5. 'Consideration' for me but doesn't mean i won't also do this, is it still in their setlists?? was meant to stop drinking after Sam Fender to 'start the party' later on... but now that's out the window
  6. The Cult are also surely on that list somewhere as well
  7. Yeah for me that's made my Friday night, knew i packed my Reef t-shirt for a reason!
  8. since like 2017 (?) carsberg is always sold side by side to Export in any festival or event i've been to as it's the been side by side to normal carlsberg. can't recall what bars (my first year plus hazy memory) but export was deffo on offer as it was their main drink to push at glasto in 2019 edit, was meant to tag @efcfanwirral
  9. Carlsberg Export is an elite beer, if that and San Miguel are on offer again then i'm more than content
  10. so either Oxylers or Pyramid side?
  11. also just a note to thank the arcadia crew for having both Beefeater and Laphroaig on as their house sprits. that it a my wet dream of a selection
  12. is that £5.90 for a pint or £5.50?
  13. this is absolutely genius. phenomenal work
  14. Monday for me, it was either work the Monday or work the Tuesday after, so a no-brainer For once I’m pretty happy to be working, it’s keeping me ticked over , don’t know how I could deal with the excitement if I was off already😂
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