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  1. Starting to think that for their 50th anniversary theyre only booking acts over the age of 50.
  2. Probably spend more time on here then actually at the fest.
  3. Theyve announced Sum 41 as 'the second headliner' so they're either heading up the tent (plz no) or co-headlining with Don Broco (maybe switching north and south dates a la Reading / Leeds?)
  4. Due to new tech apparently. Wanted to mix up the look as well. Not sure its been much of a success tho, i have to agree with those on here it was rather boring. The lineup wasnt great either. Maybe next week will be.
  5. Its usually 48 hours before.
  6. Any chance we get gorillaz again? Last time they played was ten years ago.
  7. Had a great time this weekend, but there weren't enough zodiac toilets and needed to be cleaned at some point over the weekend. Getting back to the shuttle bus was awful. Made to go around the arena, walk through the village for ages. In the end we gave up and hopped on a public bus. Only issue I had with sound was for Foals to the left of the stage. Moved further back halfway though and it improved though.
  8. This is fantastic news. 90 mins is much more like it. Proppa headline slot that. They got 1 hour 15 at their reading headline show, so this is going to be mega. Weathers getting me excited as well now.
  9. So what did they do differently this year regarding the tube? Or was it just easier this year as there were less people than last / more leaving early?
  10. Saw Foals on Thursday night in Kingston. So pumped for headline slot. Its going to be a real moment.
  11. Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you
  12. apparently we are getting set times this week!
  13. I wonder when we will get the last names. What sort of date has it been previous years? *Just looked it up and it was today last year! should have an announcement incoming soon i hope.
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