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  1. Jacksamthompson

    Lineup 2018

    The amazons wont be there this year.
  2. Jacksamthompson

    Bestival 2018 incoming!

    I reckon thats bang on. Either Chic or Lionel.
  3. Jacksamthompson

    Lineup 2018

    Drenge have announced they're back They'll most probably play
  4. Jacksamthompson

    Lineup 2018

    No dont sit down, cos ive moved your chair!
  5. Jacksamthompson

    Best line-up of the 2010s?

    2010 was a great year. My first Reading and my first love. Agree with 2012 for that Foos set and Greenday though. I think that Greenday set was my favorite EVER.
  6. Jacksamthompson

    Demon Dayz Festival

    Weathers looking ace.
  7. Jacksamthompson

    Demon Dayz Festival

    This was in the email ticket buyers got sent: EVENT TIMINGS Timings for the event are as follows: 12:00pm - Box Office Open 1:00pm - Priority Entry Ticket Holders 1:00pm - Rides open 2:00pm - General Admission Doors 8:30pm - Gorillaz 10:00pm - Rides Close 10:30pm - Curfew
  8. Jacksamthompson

    Demon Dayz Festival

    Are we really deliberating the difference between a special quest and a very special guest?
  9. Jacksamthompson

    Demon Dayz Festival

    I dont think its gunna be RTJ. Theyre a perfect fit, but not on the album. I reckon Noel or snoop still. If its rag n bone man or grace jones that will be awful.
  10. Jacksamthompson

    Demon Dayz Festival

    "while a third stage will feature Gorillaz Sound System and DJs." this is from the red bull site. Note the differentiation between the two. So we may see some DJs added to the line up? Clutching at straws here.
  11. Jacksamthompson

    Demon Dayz Festival

    The hall by the sea has a capacity of 2000 so i think there will be more clashes than this to combat overcrowding. Otherwise you have 15000 people moving from two stages. Depends how good the third stage down is also i guess?
  12. Jacksamthompson

    Demon Dayz Festival

    got it.
  13. Jacksamthompson

    Demon Dayz Festival

    just got a notification on my phone from red bull about the line up, but cant see it now!?!
  14. Jacksamthompson

    Demon Dayz Festival

    Yea i dont we are going to get anyone as big as Frank or ATCQ due to price. Would love lots of variety though. As much as i love hip hop I would appreciate some more varied bands. Noels gotta be a dead cert surely!?
  15. Jacksamthompson

    2017 festival

    I hate this bull about exclusives. so many loop holes / lies. If say, I was a huge major lazer fan based in somerset and I bought my Reading ticket on the promise it was an exclusive, i would be fuming.