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  1. jeez i know the demand for festivals is crazy already this summer, but if a few more big uns drop out and some others keep going the demand is going to be insane.
  2. changed date to couple of weeks before glasto again.
  3. I disagree. think glass animals are big enough for headline. Theyre doing ally pally and that seems to be about the size of headliners previously. That and its a local show for them.
  4. This is exactly what this website is for. Pointless threads. Your here for it. Im here for it. Lets keep making pointless stabs in the dark. 100% going ahead
  5. I paid 32 quid for Idles at Ally - the same price i paid for Wide Awake. Crazy value.
  6. Great announcement. So glad i got a ticket previously.
  7. they do that quite a lot. did truck and then another show straight away. hard working boys them idles.
  8. Any guessses as to who they're gunna announce this week?
  9. how come? i think theyre a perfect fit.
  10. nor can i. big fests like R&L have lots more options on other stages if people want to do that. Repeat headline bookings at smaller fests rarely / never happen. i cant think of a 10k or smaller fest ever booking the same headliner twice.
  11. more - theyre doing the rounds.
  12. agreed. Maybe Wolf alice co head when they sell out their other london date.
  13. Whats the latest on the friday - do we think theres going to be another day? maybe a slightly heavier day with royal blood?
  14. two headliners from the last one? are you daft? edit* sorry one of them. Still cant see foals or wolf alice. Royal blood yes for sure.
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