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  1. yes. i was going to book more jan / feb gigs but holding fire for now. Not becuase of me worrying about in a crowd but just becuase of teh faff of moving dates when they inevitably get cancelled.
  2. First time in six years ive needed to get a ticket to the Saturday. Might get a sunday ticket (or weekend) closer to the time. Great line up for me. Best in years.
  3. Anyone got any idea where one can get weekend tickets now? Look to be all sold out other than VIP. Stupid me getting a refund on last year.
  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers have revealed details of the 2022 UK Stadium Tour, as part of the band's World Tour next summer! The group will now come to London Stadium on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June. Special guests for Saturday will be Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals and Thundercat, with Thundercat + more on Sunday. Anderson P for the sunday @ glasto then ?
  5. Feed us Tyler. Other stage headliner please x
  6. Since lockdown lifted: Latitude. Amazing to be back inj a big field. Highlights: Chemical Brothers, Wolf Alice, The Staves, Dream Wife, Holly Humberstone. Well orgniahsed. Good sound. 10/10 Elder Island. Small, short gig at record shop. Meh. Caught covid. The irony after Latitude the week before. 3/10. Nothing But Thieves at Banquet. Great gig, his voice is amazing. Good new material. Crowd up for it 8/10. Sat and Mon All Points East. Awful sound all weekend. Highlight Slowthai. Olivia Deane. 5/10 on sound only. Wide Awake. Great day fest. highlights - Lynks and Self Esteem. Good beer selection. 9/10. Slam Dunk. Great to be back. Line up was only ok. Card Machines broke for half an hour. Highlight. Don Broco and Mcfly. Sue me. 7/10. All Time Low. Brixston Acaedmy. Felt so great to be back in Brixston Academy. Forgot how loud it was. 9/10. Nothing But Thieves at the 02. Missed nearly all of the support (Yonaka) as it took 40 mins to get in cos of security. Other than that a great gig (7.70 for buswiser wow). 9/10, but would think again before booking 02 arena again.
  7. Really happy shes been booked. A huge young female talent well deserved. There will most likely be other bits ill want to see more, so ill porpbably give her a miss. I dont know why people complain... its not like you dont have a million other stages to gpo and watch.
  8. Jacksamthompson


    Like that the new tracks a bit different than previously. Getting a bit fatigued with their music at the mo. Not listening much anymore.
  9. Great day. Sun came out. Well organised. Will go again.
  10. i think it will be same set up for all three.
  11. big crowd in the tent for magic gang - highlight for me. Although the sound again was funny even in the tent*. Felt as though the buzz of people talking was a constant battle with the band
  12. We were exactly the same - right at front for caribou - sounded great. Went behind the barrier for foals, by the sound desk (ironically) and the sound was shite - went to the back and it was much better. Got so much abuse just for politely getting out.
  13. Jamie xx was the worst headline act I've ever seen. Maybe I'm getting old but that didn't appeal to me. Getting in from the top gate was annoying took us a good 40 mins
  14. Was anyone at Jamie XX's set at Boardmasters or Wilderness this year? Anyone know what his set is going to be like /what he tends to play? hasnt had anything new out, apart from a single last year. Was expecting an album push as part of these shows.
  15. Idles - run around like headless chicken for six hours as the line ups so good - Self Esteem - Shame for last half.
  16. good find. So we are looking most likely Neck Deep...
  17. just spotted this. Stage splits to come soon?
  18. Mr jukes not playing on the bombay day as well? Did i imagine that?
  19. ha i love the optimism! Maybe rein in the expectation a little. I think a Frank Turner acoustic bit is most likely. Gotta be either Boston Manor or pleeeease Neck Deep for the secret set.
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