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  1. Oh thats why they call it a G & Tea
  2. Should have said IS THIS TOO REAL FOR YAAAA
  3. Taken from Chemical Bros last DJ set in Printworks: "One of the most influential acts in electronic music, The Chemical Brothers’ DJ sets are without peer, full-on acid house with fresh tracks and forgotten vintage classics mixed up in a style that is unique to them. In 2017, they had a few new tracks to test out on the Printworks’ audience which formed the cornerstones of one of their career-best albums – 2019’s ‘No Geography’. Nascent versions of ‘Got To Keep On’, ‘MAH’ and ‘Free Yourself’ were tested out on an unsuspecting audience during the 3-hour ride."
  4. Been trying to get tickets since 2014 with no luck. 2020 was my year. Now its only five sleeps to go. Unreal.
  5. Looks like a few more than double digits to me?
  6. Thurs camelphat Fri confidence man Sat Paul mc Sun turnstile
  7. https://www.hrhiggins.co.uk/products/rhinowares-coffee-hand-grinder?variant=40813723091120&gclid=CjwKCAjwkYGVBhArEiwA4sZLuB8nmjAIZs-TazxQXf3ry5mLkHESJowBLivTZdPB0ZLce-Tinu1QbhoCn78QAvD_BwE can reconmend this grinder, albeit a little pricey. I think youve gotta spend a little to get anything worth getting unfortuantely.
  8. ive got one of these - theyre so good! Got the one with a torch on it as well, super handy. Also additional benefit i didnt think of before - getting a BBQ started. Works a dream.
  9. Jacksamthompson

    Sam Fender

    Hes got slightly longer at glasto? An hour? Think he played for a bit less than that for Killers?
  10. Hes like Michael Jackson but a little less poppy.
  11. Jacksamthompson

    Sam Fender

    ah i really enjoyed him. A perfect warm up for Killers. His set on the farm will hit a lot harder though.
  12. Thanks guys will get listening
  13. As only a casual electonric / dance fan im a little dispointed none of Tourist, Fred Again, Ben Bohmer or For Those i Love are there. Excited for four tet / overmono / Caribou / Jon Hopkins and the stacked Arcadia, though. Is there anyone else late night people can recommend? Thanks
  14. Mcfly clashing with Turnstile. Why do the organisers do this. Cleary lots of crossover fan base.
  15. Dont have any experience with the air ones but the standard ones easy enough with two people - you just have to bend the poles a lot. Doesnt take long at all just requires quite a bit of tension.
  16. Yes we have it and love it. Any questions fire away.
  17. Smashed it last night as well. Had them nailed on for glasto. Next year.
  18. Spoke to Coach Party last night who confirmed they wont be at the farm
  19. Arent they just talking about individual venues within block 9?
  20. And me! see ya there. Must have forked out loads of em. Get them off Dice?
  21. Just won tickets through DICE. Get in.
  22. We have a silmilar air bed to that one, but it has a built in foot pump, which is super handy as you dont need to bring another pump / easy to pump a little extra in late when you get in. Never found it cold - your sleeping bag should be all good for that.
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