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  1. mirroring @gfa a bit, but yeah Hybrid minds are one of the few DnB acts I (and my group) would be happy to go and see, i'm unsure where they'd fit in silver hayes though, they're not headliner on the basis of their sound as it's very sunset vibe, but their appeal and size (especially with Touch on tiktok) warrants them as such also this is a beautiful bootleg thank you for this
  2. stick, that looks bang on, hopefully get in and set up before the wednesday rain but at least it'll mean no dust!
  3. i found it was very divided between 2 types of people, and yeah there were an awful lot of the instragram types, but also a lot of proper ravers who knew the score, which i personally liked having the mix of the 2. I mean it's advertised as a boutique festival so it was fair to expect a lot of them types but it didn't bring the overall vibe down i don't think
  4. absolute heater of a track, so much good music coming out this year it's ridiculous, this and the 3LW four tet remix which is getting released next week are serious contenders for track of the year
  5. to be fair looking at other lineups this year, Lost Village fell a bit short for me compared to 2021, but yeah it's a cracker of a festival, brilliant vibe throughout and i saw no dickheads all weekend (apart from some group that started the whoomp there it is chant and swiftly got beer thrown over them from a few people ๐Ÿ˜‚) out of upvotes but absolutely agree on the crowd noise, that unreleased Skrillex/Dog Blood track that comes in after Sugababes you just know brought the whole tent down !
  6. this is one of those sets where ever time i see it i just have to relisten every time. Will be firmly making amends this year for my sins of missing this at Lost Village (for Ben UFO, still angry at whoever set up that clash) by catching all of hit sets this year
  7. reckon we'll get a double day today with Kidzfield being announced? i feel like that and block9 on the same day is just poetic
  8. Lifetime and Lights Out are my tunes over 'we lost dancing' (potentially controversial). I literally heard Lights out for the first time and said to others that it was track of the year contender in January. but the outcomes the same, any one of those guys playing any one of them songs will just be incredible
  9. 100% agree , like i've not seen some big female/female fronted bands on the lineup (yet) like CHVRCHES, Pale Waves, Yonaka, Jade Bird etc. and it's still got some amazing talent Paramore are still knocking around- they could probably book Evanescence or Avril Lavigne as barely a heritage act and pull a crowd and a half , Glastonbury and Lost Village are the 2 festivals i know that can book a 50/50 lineup without having to brag about it . the talent is just there edit: i forgot Romy of all people as well, let alone Annie Mac and Nina Kraviz
  10. I can't Lie, i'd have more women bookings over a 50/50 because right now they're all fucking killing it, from bands to DJ's . from Wet Leg and Haim, to Haai, TSHA, Jaguar and Sherelle, the quality of women artists across the board is second to none
  11. the new BUFO radio 1 residency is once again phenomenal. Aside from the likes of Sam Fender and live acts, he's absolutely my unmissable late night set* *presuming he'll be there.... he'll definitely be there right ๐Ÿ˜…
  12. If I see you at the efest meet up.. I will kiss you . This has made my week
  13. Really hoping they manage to bring out Stella Unfiltered in can form by the time the festival rolls round, sampled it last night and it was a seriously good drop
  14. I'm now unfortunately one of these people๐Ÿ˜‚ guilty as charged. but i can't lie, the bumbag round the chest is extremely convenient and practical for your wallet, keys and phone etc. edit: unsure i'll get away with a couple of retro Millwall football shirts on site so they might well stay at home ๐Ÿ˜…
  15. yeah surely block9 have to absolutely shell it on the heavy side now looking at the rest of the lineups (no complaints on the other lineups, just observation) like Silver Hayes had a much heavier lineup than this year imo. Mall Grab on Gully, then you had Hodge> Haai>Daniel Avery>Craig Richards b2b Ben UFO> Four Tet on the Friday night which has some serious weight behind it compared to this year
  16. holy shit that would be class if so! i've still got my old man's copy of Keeper of Genesis lurking somewhere i might fish it out for a signing
  17. Obiginnaw

    Kendrick Lamar

    yeah i'm in agreement on all points here (out of upvotes) , the use of "bitch" wasn't enough to be jarring but it pricked my ears up in a bit of an unpleasant way first point agree with 100% , the F word hit hard and intentionally so
  18. also one vote for Andrew Weatherall 1996 for the best essential mix for me
  19. this is without doubt my favourite comment of all time ๐Ÿ˜‚
  20. Florence releasing an Album that takes about religion and the Church/Heaven throughout on Friday 13th is EXACTLY the kind of genius marketing I am here for! surely one of the strongest days for new music in the last 20 years ?!
  21. Obiginnaw

    Kendrick Lamar

    Yeah it certainly seems to be the marmite track of the album, you either like it or you donโ€™t, I can appreciate it artistically but Iโ€™ll be skipping it more often than not I think overall the second half of the album could go down as one of the strongest of all time for me . Not a bad Track and simply flows phenomenally
  22. Obiginnaw

    Kendrick Lamar

    Yeah glad someone else agreed, I got the same vibe as โ€˜Kimโ€™ when listening
  23. big norm on live at snowbombing - i think quite clearly pre-recorded myself personally, but you can't knock the guy he knows how to get a room moving and seems to have finally updated his set a bit edit: i stress the term "a bit" cos the rest has been the carbon copy of any set for the last 10 years since i put this ๐Ÿ˜‚
  24. out of upvotes but this 100%, i'd settle for Haai or Romy playing it out though
  25. yeah did think about this, i mean we're not hell-bent on getting Oxylers, but if there's an option to not be fully in row Z with an hour to walk anywhere then we'd take it! I'm presuming Big Ground fills up just as quickly as well, but maybe a bee-line to dairy grounds with 2 or 3 tents might be the way to go and still have space in the afternoon, as i don't want to set up at 8am then sit there for 6 hours telling people they can't camp here because i'm waiting for mates ๐Ÿ˜‚
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