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  1. fatyeti24

    Doja Cat

    Can I just say, as a genuinely upper class, blue of blood and silver of spoon, properly posh person (I grew up on an estate, but not a council one and certainly nowhere near Birmingham), a great big thanks to all the chippy plebs in this thread. You've given me a great laugh. And probably some of your money too, somehow. Rar rar!
  2. I didn't go for it in the end - not much cash spare at the mo sadly. I was very tempted though!
  3. I hope so. But his influence is malign. He's the indie Simon Cowell and Idles are his One Direction.
  4. Didn't expect to come into this thread and see a load of Lammo Lovers. Still, that is controversial to me, so fair enough. It's Lammo's ability - whatever the prevailing trends, however interesting they may be - to find some, for want of a better expression (there is no better expression), 'honkwater' from down the back of the Dublin Castle to champion that really should be put out to pasture (aka Radio X). He's prolonged Britpop for a quarter of a century, and that shouldn't go unpunished. Just think how much better our country's collective taste could be without him. And that's me being polite, because I should really be singling people out here.
  5. Yeah it all looks fine to me, I just don't know what the chances of getting one actually is though. Give it a try I suppose.
  6. I don't recall, but probably. It's the kind of thing I'd do.
  7. I received an email from Sony inviting me to try and buy a PS5. Anybody else had one? Does it increase one's chances of actually buying the thing?
  8. I think that might just be her point. It's a very strange defence, otherwise. Or she's just a shit stirrer. She has great form for that. Either way, she's not helping the Johnson Snr cause.
  9. With friends like her.., etc and so forth.
  10. Yeah, it's in the post above yours.
  11. I don't know much about Idles, but that one that's always on the radio, the slow one where he shouts 'DAMAGE' over and over is genuinely one of the worst songs I've ever heard. It actually hurts to listen to it.
  12. The Glitter Band are still a going concern.
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