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  1. Yeah but it was a witch hunt, so it's fine.
  2. Here's your Christmas number 1..
  3. His famously small ego would have no issue with that, I'd imagine.
  4. That's a combo I never thought I'd see!
  5. Lots of people did used to download media illegally. The content owners gave up trying to prosecute and put their efforts into making their own services more user friendly. Now nobody is required to pay high CD or DVD prices and can access lots of content easily for a few quid a month. A similar compromise is happening with these new restrictions. Of course, that analogy falls down because the end results are very different, but we are where we are.
  6. https://news.sky.com/video/jo-brand-made-a-joke-about-throwing-battery-acid-at-politicians-11741180
  7. Rules permitting, we'll be hosting family this year. We'd normally go away to avoid all that stuff - hosting people at my home is my day job! - so this year is a strange reversal.
  8. For us they're reasonably modest; a few supplies for breakfasts and clean sheets and towels etc that we use a third party for. But we're a small, two person operation who live where we work, so we can be nimble about this sort of thing. Our main expense will be the time it takes to get our place customer ready re cleaning etc. If you're a bigger organisation with many staff and requiring a good stock of fresh food etc then it gets much more complex. And our suppliers have their own issues, getting staff back in to supply everyone on the same day, though the experience of this year will
  9. As mentioned above, this is just daft. We were planning to reopen on the 28th (we always close at Xmas as we don't do food and there are usually few options around here that do for 25th/26th), so I suppose I'll now be refunding the one booking I've taken since the end of summer who were due to come on NYE. Our reopening costs are not huge, but the time in getting the whole place cleaned and ready are pretty big, plus delivery times for linens are going to be big as everyone will need supplies for the same date. But we wouldn't open on those dates anyway, so it's moot I suppose.
  10. If the Pogues were Irish then maybe they could use that reason too. But they aren't and they don't.
  11. Not gonna be so much of an issue this year, I reckon!
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