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  1. They were told to follow the rules or there'd be no more waffles.
  2. Are there no statues they can go and virtue signal in front of?
  3. Door stop, isn't it funny how you subscribe to nonsense conspiracy theories.
  4. You surely can't agree with him shilling for Gove there?
  5. In these, the least amusing of times, one should take one's mirth wherever it may be found. I tried The Spectator. They used to have quite a famous editor. editorial; Where's Boris? https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/the-missing-leader-boris-johnson-needs-to-find-his-purpose-again Toby Young; I was wrong to back Boris https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/i-admit-it-i-was-wrong-to-back-boris
  6. To 'exclude Blackpool'. I think this is just a sly way of helping the rest of Lancashire while leaving Blackpool to its long overdue fate.
  7. Cheers fella. Nice to have a bit of scientific opinion to back up my bullshit! I think that makes you an enabler!
  8. I've said before I'm not one for data. I prefer vibes, reading the room in between the lines and the worried look on scientists faces as they calmly try to explain why we should have more restrictions. Basically lads, it's February. I'm sure ToiletDuck would agree
  9. That's a romantic way of saying "That cheese business needs to offset its losses".
  10. Americans are fucking hilarious.
  11. Maybe they meant it sincerely. As in, it's convenient he won't be able to hand Johnson's arse to him at PMQs quite so easily.
  12. Excellent. My neighbour has a load of Himalayan balsam in her garden and won't do anything about it. It's a job and a half trying to keep it out of our garden.
  13. If young people voted Conservative then they wouldn't be getting blamed as much. It's their own fault.
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