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  1. You were a looker in your youth, Chris.
  2. Last year ABBA opened the Pyramid. You can't get bigger than that. Those of us with efest memories long enough will recall Coldplay being touted to open the 40th anniversary festival , for many of the same reasons they are again being suggested for this year. We got Rolf Harris, which at the time, and maybe still, was/is the better option.
  3. If this was satire it would be the best satire ever.
  4. Of all people, you'd think she'd be more definitive than that.
  5. Did she specifically mention headlined before? Cos both of these contain two who have played before.
  6. Slowthai seems - and I'm using this term euphemistically - a bit young for his age.
  7. Hey guys, I just asked my wife and she thinks an all female day is, and I quote, "a fucking great idea".
  8. That's the best way to find out. Or not, depending on if it's The Killers.
  9. This. It'll be a big surprise to many, if not all, non users of efests.
  10. fatyeti24


    I still regret not seeing her in 2009, if I remember correctly, she was on in one of the old Dance East or West.
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