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  1. How do you get out of bed in the morning?
  2. fatyeti24

    BBC Glastonbury

    There's all sorts of things I'd like a year off from on the BBC but that's just the way it goes. I thank the pandemic though for no Wimbledon this year!
  3. fatyeti24

    BBC Glastonbury

    I know next to nothing about Springsteen's music, but we've had 11 years out of that joke so far! Which is still less time than his actual set.
  4. fatyeti24

    BBC Glastonbury

    Maybe it was Marky Mark. Or Mark Hughes.
  5. fatyeti24

    BBC Glastonbury

    That's not a Chinese lantern, it's the Stereophonics arriving by hot air balloon.
  6. fatyeti24

    BBC Glastonbury

    Apparently it was a short, Welsh fellow. Worst bit was, his kids didn't even go to that school.
  7. fatyeti24

    BBC Glastonbury

    Everyone knew Embrace were dreadful at the time.
  8. fatyeti24

    BBC Glastonbury

    Basement Jaxx were on the Other.
  9. fatyeti24

    BBC Glastonbury

    Yeah I was at the 96 one. In my head I always thought Prodigy headlined the first night. It was years later that I remembered it was Bowie.
  10. fatyeti24

    BBC Glastonbury

    Yeah we arrived Saturday morning, and left after Bowie. It was packed, but I always take the attendance figures with a pinch of salt because I've got old aerial photos and it never appears as busy as it does these days, and the site was obviously smaller then. Kylie had waay more people than the Levellers! And you're right on Bowie's booking too, it hadn't been difficult to see him through the nineties, but if you did you wouldn't have see a set of hits like that gig.
  11. Emily said that cancelling this year cost them a lot of money - presumably on things they'd already started work on and not just the loss of revenue. If there was doubt as to whether next year could go ahead I wonder if they'd leave it as late as March again, or if this year's costs can be rolled into next year. I am more optimistic than I was that 2021 will go ahead.
  12. fatyeti24

    BBC Glastonbury

    The claimed crowd numbers of 90s festivals meets visual evidence once again. I think, perhaps, there may have been a tad of Eavis exaggeration going on. And I say that as someone who walked though where the fence was in 2000 (cost me a fiver to do it!) and was stood in that field watching Bowie.
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