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  1. Mr Splodge


    Well done BBC, love the farm leave no trace.
  2. Mr Splodge

    BBC Glastonbury

    The 30gb version is the whole day, just checked my part download. the 4.7gb on Iplayer now is the set.
  3. Mr Splodge

    BBC Glastonbury

    Saw a post on Facebook from 6 music saying will be available on iplayer for 30 days, personally I will download ASAP
  4. Mr Splodge

    BBC Glastonbury

    Depends on the wind how the sound travels. 2016 had to leave early evening Sunday as feeling ill, remember sitting in the garden and hearing the pyramid stage really clearly. Never done it again as now work onsite and camp for 3weeks.
  5. Very rude of me not saying thank you earlier. thanks for the help 😀😀
  6. Mr Splodge


    Nothing has been said in the village about fireworks (they usually warn residents) will keep you posted.
  7. Mr Splodge


    Recon they will be interviewing Joe Rush this evening.
  8. Mr Splodge

    BBC Glastonbury

    Disclosure, need a upbeat cheer up. doing the job or is it the beer.
  9. Thank you. all working fine quick question will the “pid” change tomorrow?
  10. Back from a trip to Arcadia crew bar. 1 thing to say “they are spraying the roads to keep the dust down, stewards are wearing masks” went to the park as well all very dry. its going to be a classic ?????
  11. Left site for a few days and repegged the awning before I left. I am based at the top of the site near recycling barn. gave up with the normal cheap pegs as they just bent. Used the trusty rock pegs and a claw hammer to get them in. Loads of vehicles coming in and no issues driving on the grass, clouds of dust from the tracks its cloudy and overcast in Pilton at the moment I am told a few showers forecast but the force field is in place.
  12. Back from a wander all very dry, took a tent peg out and ground nice a firm over pennards and pyramid camping. with the wood chip preparations that have been made it will take a lot of rain to make it into a mud bath. suggest pack lots of sun cream, shorts and trainers, but take wellies and leave in the car ??? its going to be a fab Glastonbury, sitting on the grass in the sunshine drinking a cold cider. Roll on Wednesday when you can all come and play.
  13. Just seen a lorry full of trackways ??. Looking how muddy they are recon they are from Download.
  14. Morning quick update. really hot onsite today sun is shining and only a few little clouds. Last night went to block 9 still a little muddy but drying up. arcadia again considering how bad it was the other day it’s drying nicely. the way it’s going it will be a dust bowl later today. Rock pegs may be required. will report more later.
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