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  1. Back from a trip to Arcadia crew bar. 1 thing to say “they are spraying the roads to keep the dust down, stewards are wearing masks” went to the park as well all very dry. its going to be a classic ?????
  2. Left site for a few days and repegged the awning before I left. I am based at the top of the site near recycling barn. gave up with the normal cheap pegs as they just bent. Used the trusty rock pegs and a claw hammer to get them in. Loads of vehicles coming in and no issues driving on the grass, clouds of dust from the tracks its cloudy and overcast in Pilton at the moment I am told a few showers forecast but the force field is in place.
  3. Back from a wander all very dry, took a tent peg out and ground nice a firm over pennards and pyramid camping. with the wood chip preparations that have been made it will take a lot of rain to make it into a mud bath. suggest pack lots of sun cream, shorts and trainers, but take wellies and leave in the car ??? its going to be a fab Glastonbury, sitting on the grass in the sunshine drinking a cold cider. Roll on Wednesday when you can all come and play.
  4. Just seen a lorry full of trackways ??. Looking how muddy they are recon they are from Download.
  5. Morning quick update. really hot onsite today sun is shining and only a few little clouds. Last night went to block 9 still a little muddy but drying up. arcadia again considering how bad it was the other day it’s drying nicely. the way it’s going it will be a dust bowl later today. Rock pegs may be required. will report more later.
  6. Be great to see you and HMV and have a few beers
  7. Certainly were. Sadly not me tho.
  8. Greeting from worthy farm. bin painting is now finished. today has been very hot meaning liberal coatings of factor 50 and more water drank than in the English Channel. Blimey it was brutal but what a day. as you can imagine is drying up very quickly add in the wood chip that has been spread next to the roadways (about 12 foot). Grass is dry and freshly cut. Went over to block 9 and Arcadia last night which was very wet and muddy but I recon it will be drying nicely now, word of warning the ruts that are dry are unforgiving on legs and ankles. party night tonight so will report on status tomorrow. I will be home for tomorrow but back in the evening as lockdown starts Sunday morning so need to get wristbands. I will be back regally so updates will continue if you would like me to. i know they are worried about the thunderstorms that may hit Sunday into Tuesday but if they miss it will be a dust bowl festival. ???? if they hit then..... let’s not go there shall we.
  9. Hi all what a day, raincoats on raincoats of, full Armageddon wet gear on then repeat. grass has been cut again I am sure when you sit painting bins you can see it grow. block 9, unfairground, and shangrila was looking fairly good last night (couldn’t go in but I was surprised how good the ground was). anyway as you can guess site took a battering today it was looking so good mid morning track ways were nearly dry. Now they are wet and muddy again but grass areas have coped well. Just back after sheltering after a very heavy downpour. Wood chip is now being spread around the site. When the influx of staff arrive this weekend and then the traders arrive will be the decider I an sure. Certainly not liking the weather warning Sunday through to Tuesday for thunderstorms. Will post another update tomorrow.
  10. Even bigger now ?? what is the next 2 from Etna lol. they not going to run out.
  11. I am trying to find out. Loads of deliveries today the tracks were like the m6 on a Friday. they seem very weather reactive this year (quiet yesterday when raining andbusy today when dry)
  12. Hi All site report after a busy day painting. After rain overnight the site was wet this morning BUT it was dry all day with a gentle breeze. Tracks are still a little wet on top but drying up nicely. grass areas are taped of to stop vehicles driving on them but when vehicles do they leave ruts meaning it’s wet underneath. dry for the next 2 days I am told by the people in the know on site so everything should dry out. What we need is no more rain before the traders arrive on site. going down to Maceos tonight (Block 9 crew bar) so will report on the ground conditions in SE corner tomorrow. so many deliveries being made today (so many) refrigeration lorries parked near some of the bars ???? It’s nice to write a positive update again.
  13. Ok here goes. bin painting today was brutal. Rain all day not heavy but persistent ground VERY wet. We still have grass because no one can drive on it but it’s very wet. Tracks are about 2inches deep with a mixture of water and mud. rain is (I am told forecast most of tomorrow) please pray it misses the site.. hopefully things will dry up from Thursday. sorry it’s not a positive update but it’s a honest update. I will post a update tomorrow.
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