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  1. Have a fab Boomtown everyone. Our first time going so adventures await. hopefully see you at the meet if we can find it.
  2. Glad you had a good time. Really enjoyed your pictures. great festival Bearded.
  3. Many thanks Sawdusty was really good to catch up again. Very lucky to have won a free reindeer and hope he and his partner in crime do not get up to mischief. reindeer are fab.
  4. Was a truly amazing weekend had a blast as well. Was great to catch up with everyone. As you say see you at Boomtown, on the agenda as long as ticket gods allow.
  5. Nobody should feel excluded Glastonbury is and should be for everyone that wants to go.
  6. Mr Splodge


    Lots of lorrys carrying super fence arriving on site today, also speaking to a crew plumber starting his contract today.
  7. Mr Splodge


    Yes, bloomin autocorrect
  8. Mr Splodge


    Lots of Harris fencing delivered today. Saw at least 6 trucks while I was out this morning.
  9. Mr Splodge


    Saw AA signs vans this morning while on the bus to Glastonbury, had only just turned up but thinking it's the first signs for deliveries going up.
  10. Mr Splodge


    Just walked outside, they have turned the searchlight on at the meeting point ITS OFFICIALALY GLASTONBURY
  11. Mr Splodge


    Really big thunder and lightning storms with biblical rain hit the site today. I won't depress everyone with the details.
  12. Mr Splodge


    It's lovely to see all the lights
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