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  1. Agreed with my mate that I've made my peace with the fact that I'll be watching Macca this time... but we can't do a Macca/NG double. Even if I go as hard as I expect I will on the Fri night, that is just too insipid a pairing for Sat night.
  2. Homer

    Old Music Thread

    Shit the bed
  3. Homer


    Just got offered a free ticket for tonight but already got tix to comedy club in Greenwich. Bah!
  4. I tend to not bother to eat all day, unless one of my various wives (I've been going to Glasto so long I've been with two different wives; I'm not a bigamist) forces something on me. I try and eat as much as I can in the morning. Then I carry nuts and crisps around with me and shove them in as and when.
  5. Junior Jungle self-confirmed on the Saturday. It's a child-friendly rave, so will be morning I imagine. This will go off:
  6. Homer


    They basically added quite a lot of D&B.
  7. I think the 'doing it for a ticket' thing became fairly evident to me when Stewart Lee used to show up every year, during a time when he had given up doing stand-up, and do the same set (in the afternoon) repeatedly (it was pretty funny TBF).
  8. I reckon the booking policy is largely dictated by who wants to do it for next to nothing. Widdicome, Ince, Lee, Kumar are all music fans - my guess is that they do it for the free ticket essentially (hence why they are often on in the afternoon).
  9. Homer

    Wet Leg

    I did wonder if I was misremembering as I was typing!
  10. Homer

    Wet Leg

    Also not helped by the stage being at the top of a hill, not the bottom. I find the view a bit crap when it's busy and I'm 6ft.
  11. This was the state of play on Friday:
  12. I usually park where the coaches park. though last time the gate closed and I had to find another way out (wasn't too hard)! I've strolled it a few times and never encountered any objections whatsoever.
  13. How weird, I literally just came in to ask this! I think there was speculation he is a WH headliner, but I'm not sure there was any actual info behind that (I am hoping not).
  14. There are usually some fairly big names in the afternoon. I've seen Josh W, Stewart Lee, Robin Ince, Andy Parsons in the afternoon before (and the Impro All-stars are always on on the afternoon on Fri and Sat). I guess it suits them not to clash with the acts they want to see!
  15. Homer


    Isn't Annie Mac's brother the new bass player in Suede?
  16. Homer


    Is it weird that I'm an ex old school raver, but I find jungle a bit much and prefer D&B?
  17. I've never really listened to them before, but had already come to the conclusion that they are the sort of band I should go and see having heard as little as possible. The above only makes me even surer that that is the right approach - looking forward to the gig!
  18. Doesn't make any difference does it? Unless you are unvaccinated. My friends went to Spain last week, they paid £80 for a PCR for their daughter and no-one bothered to check it.
  19. Homer


    The outro to Hey Jude will still be looping and whooping over the Pyramid field when The Temple closes, let alone Arcadia. (To answer seriously, yes. You'll just likely miss the beginning at Arcadia; I went from Interpol to Carl Cox last time; and tried to go from the Stones to Fatboy Slim but gave up due to crowd size.)
  20. Actually, I guess if you had it recently then you've prob had omicron now, so that will work heavily in your favour (should prob add the caveat here that I don't really know what I'm f@cking talking about).
  21. Anyone know how hyped they are in Spain? Am hoping it will be easier to see them at Prima then in the Park at Glasto.
  22. Sadly, my excitement is slightly marred by the question of whether I'll still be able to hack it (will be 46 by the time it comes around - what a pisstake!).
  23. Is there gonna be a meet-up at any point? Might be nice to do the wife a favour and give her a break from my generally annoying personality.
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