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  1. Another big-up for Tourist. Also, FYI, tix for Field Day pre-sale today were £60 plus £8 booking fee.
  2. I always go back to Lemon Jelly on Spotify. They're officially still on hiatus - would love to see them live again.
  3. I thought Curb got better as it went on. The first series didn't tend to have the really well crafted, converging storylines. Been listening to the It's Always Sunny podcast and interested to hear that they don't rate the first few series. I always thought they were the best!
  4. I waited until the day this year and got one for the Foals gig for £40 on Gumtree. I think that was about half of the original price.
  5. I bought my flight when I bought my ticket - they were pretty cheap then (about £100 I think!).
  6. Tried Arrested Development and I don't really get it. Started AP Bio instead and surprised how much I'm enjoying it. Especially as the first season is apparently the worst. I reckon I'll finish it. Anyone watched the new Curb yet? Mate tells me it's very good.
  7. Can't speak for all European festivals, which are usually a bargain, but Pimavera have hiked their ticket prices. I bought mine ages ago and it was around £250 I think. When I went to Primavera Porto years ago it was about £50.
  8. Glad you enjoyed it. I went to Fabric last Saturday and it was exactly the same. Minimal search, even though when we arrived there was no queue whatsoever. Finally made it to a day rave there. Highly recommended for any other oldies! It was an all-day trance party, but we just went in at about 6pm and drank until it ended at 10pm. Atmosphere was superb. Have now got two more all-day trance parties booked (both at the Egg, not been before). It's the way forward!
  9. Homer

    2021 New Music

    Nice bit of jangle. Just heard on 6. Annoyingly Lammo said they played the Lexington last night as I was out drinking in Islington!
  10. Homer

    2021 New Music

    Another decent tune from Talk Show. Need to go see them. Heard it on Radio 1, so wonder if they're on their way up:
  11. Homer

    2022 Headliners

    Rage have got history with Reading. I saw them there in 93. They didn't play Glasto until 94 or 95 (I always get those two years mixed up).
  12. Homer

    Ian Brown

    He is the res-erection
  13. Two-hour New Order special with Tom Robinson just started on 6music. Off to a flyer with a bit of Working Men's Club.
  14. I think most of the gigs I have booked over the past 18 months have been shoved into the next two months!
  15. Been to various other things, but went to my first proper indoor gig on Sat night. Saw the Dub Pistols, who were exactly the same as always! Seen them loads but was a great reintroduction. Lot of energy and played more of their really old stuff than I expected. Took a mate who'd never seen them before somehow and he really enjoyed it too. Experience slightly marred by feeling my pocket on the way out and my phone and wallet were gone. V surprised that someone would pickpocket you at a gig, but seems unlikely I would somehow drop both and not notice! Spoke to the venue on the way out but no joy.
  16. Working Men's Club are on what seems like a reasonably priced tour - most tix £13, though I got to pay more for the London date. https://merch.workingmensclub.net/live
  17. I had covid recently. Was still able to operate a phone.
  18. Got covid and was housebound for 10 days. Took someone's helpful advice on here and finished up Big Bang Theory. Thought they tied it all up very well - not a dry eye in the house:
  19. Just reading a survey release I've been sent for work. Find it baffling. What is actually wrong with some people?! Since the hospitality sector reopened one in seven (14%) people have not turned up to their reservation, with one in eight (12%) people saying they are more likely to no-show than they were before the pandemic.
  20. Homer

    2022 Headliners

    PSBs were extremely good when they subbed the Pyramid... they just banged out the hits (... in daylight).
  21. Homer

    First Gig Back

    Got it ta - was hitting up which doesn't do it!
  22. Homer

    First Gig Back

    Can someone upvote this please? I just went to upvote it to show what an incredible and magnanimous person I am after yesterday's raging Idles dispute - but I exactly hit down and now it won't let me reverse it. I promise, I'm not (quite) that petty!
  23. Homer

    2022 Headliners

    Yeah, but when he kicked the female photographer in the head, didn't he, er, do it in front of a huge crowd of people?
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