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  1. Tested on the Thursday after as feeling unwell and tested positive. Been so ever since. Mainly fatique, cough is abiding , no sore throat but lost taste. Starting to feel a bit better but blimey it's a long process. Lots of sleep!! Fingers crossed I'll be ok by the weekend. Won't bother testing until then, at least not at £2.95 a test you have to pay the chemist now!.
  2. I noticed this at Arlo Parks but thought at the time maybe the actual stage sound on the day. I even thought maybe she was having trouble with her voice. Thourougly enjoyed it whilst there but on playing it back there was definately some sound issues, was it the beeb playback? I'm not sure 🤔
  3. ghandi

    iPlayer Sets 2022

    Saw Fontains set yesterday, don't know why they would have removed it. They used to show the sets by stage but now list by a percieved catagory. It was under Guitars. Looks like Idles has been taken down as well and i wanted to see that.
  4. ghandi

    Diana Ross

    Having just watched it back i thought it was great fun. Sure she was reading the lyrics from a monitor but a lot of older singers do this as memories fade for songs they might not have sang for a while or if on her new stuff she hadn't properly learned yet. Shes doing ok for 78. Indeed on the new stuff, ok to shamelessly plug a new album and i like ' Thank you' but not three when she could have sang the likes of ' touch me in the morning', though debatable if she has it in her to sing it. Dispite the sound problem, and we were right at the back by the toilets with a great view of the field, it was Pimms Oclock for us and had a great time.
  5. ghandi

    Diana Ross

    I am sure it was Still waiting, just watched it back, hilarious. She chose the wrong time to get that going and then tried again with upside down to greater success.
  6. We had this discussion at Diana. Celine was mentioned, Elton John? Even Madness or the Specials. Marya Carey and guests?
  7. ghandi

    Worthy (re)view

    F...k going back up that at the end of the day!!
  8. We were sat right at the very back by the toilets on the raised bit. The sound for the first 20 mins was terrible but someone must have told them to turn it up, maybe the camerman in the BBC crane 😛. After that it was great, sounded good to us working our way through a litre of Pimms brought out for the occasion, we had a party , as did the crowd. Haven't watched it back on iplayer yet to see how bad she was but as said sounded good when we got it.
  9. ghandi

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Ok, so got back yesterday and knackered after the 5 hour driver had to have some recoup time. Off now from work until the 5th so now i can wallow in the 3 days music that was. I've gone through the acts on the televised stages and will watch those i missed because of clashes and those i watched. I've counted 30, so will keep me occupied. I think it might just reaffirm my love for the place. What i love when watching these back are the crowd reactions, full of enjoyment. How could you not want to be a part of it.
  10. ghandi

    West holts

    Celest followed by Leon Bridges was a great 2 hors spent in the sunlight. Celest is spellbinding.
  11. I sort of agree, we were up at the left hand side by the bar for Arlo Parks and could see the stage but i have been there begore and had trough when back centre and people start to talk amongst themselves when they can't see and lose interest. That said Arlo Parks set was beautiful , look forward to watching it back.
  12. Echo that we got very lucky. Wednesday a tad hot but fine, nothing like setting up in dry weather. Only a few spots of rain thebwhole 5 days, what more could you ask for. Perhaps a tad windy and that blew up the dust, but hey was bloody good and I'll take that any year.
  13. I'd been getting into Celeste for a time since the first line up announcement and thought she had blown it after the Queens birthday gig as she was a bit off that day. Had pencilled her in but was unsure. The minute she came on on a beautiful sunny afternoon and sang ideal women she had me again. I spent the rest of the hour in wonder. Towards the end before ' Strange' she sang a new song which built to an amazing finish. I tried to shout out ' whoaaaaa' only for my voice to break. I had a wonderful feeling of how lucky i was to be there and witness that! At the end of the set i turned to my left to see a lady wiping tears from her eyes with her hanky. Blessed.
  14. Hadn't realised there was 7k extra tickets. Certainly why it seemed a lot busier.
  15. I loved the little pots of sushi rice, chicken pickled veg and kimchi from around the bandstand area. Also the crispy duck wraps. Had to finish off Sunday with a Goan fish curry which was superb. One gripe and not because the food was bad was the bad organisation in the Tea Bus. Appreciate they are very busy though.
  16. After all the hardship of not sleeping in the queue for seven hours on Wednesday morning to lugging a fully loaded sack truck for what seems 10 miles back to the car is that we will try again in October and if not successful then thats it. If we do manage to get a ticket then make a decision on balance payment day.
  17. ghandi

    Paul McCartney

    I enjoyed the night but only really got hyped for the last hour. Found myself getting bored until Bruce and Dave Grohl arrived . Waited for the live and let die moment which was amazing and of course hey Jude. I wanted more Beatles stuff but i know thats just me. Wanted some stuff from Revolver and Rubber Sole. Really funny moment when going to the mens toilet right at the back. He started playing Love me do. Everyone in the queue and whilst doing their business singing along 😁
  18. The bad conjestion was caused by terrible band / act placement, simple as that. Putting the Sugababes on at the Avalon at that time when poeple were on the way to the SE corner was madness. Should have been on a bigger stage like the Park. Also who thought it a great idea to put Bastille on at Williams Green on a Thursday? Stupidity.
  19. Just did a test, Negative. Definately overdid it for my age, 60. Feeling it now though.
  20. Going to be rammed and you'll get nowhere near it
  21. Again absolutely crazy scheduling of Sugababes . Next door to SE corner where it is obvs would be a pre SE corner gig. I got in the field but nowhere near the tent. Managed to get a spot on one of the rafters of the inn.
  22. Bone hard ground until possibly Saturday with very wwrm weather before. Trainers and walking boots. Its not going to rain heavy enough on the Sunday to break it upnthat badly for wellies.
  23. Echo this, i've used them every year. A must for me having a peaceful mind. Could never leave cash just waiting to be taken. Not to mention losing your car Keys etc.
  24. ghandi

    BBC2 9pm

    An excellent warm up to get everyone even more excited and looking at there watches!! Can't wait.
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