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  1. scaryclaireyfairy

    Toddlers around the site

    3 toddlers in our group. Bike trailer with handle is hands down the best option. The kids seem to look on them as a mobile bedroom. One mate got hers second hand off Gumtree for £50 and it coped admirably with the m*d in 2016.
  2. scaryclaireyfairy

    The National

    It's looking to me like the odds might be fairly good on them doing that TRNSMT thing in Glasgow, assuming they have enough business to keep them in and around Europe til early July. Or maybe that's just me hoping there'll be a Scottish date.
  3. scaryclaireyfairy

    The National

    I've managed to not listen to any of the new stuff since Glasto. It's killing me but I get excited about a new album so infrequently these days that I want to relish this one. I've still not managed to scare up an Usher Hall ticket. I've not done the queue cruise looking for a spare ticket for years. I'm of the age I'd probably come off as a tout now but it might come to that.
  4. scaryclaireyfairy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    It seems that this morning this Lee one announced that anyone who bought tickets through his own company's ticketing arm will be refunded. I wonder how many people that is? More than 0 and less than 10 at a guess from reading the Facebook comments. And that's me being generous.
  5. scaryclaireyfairy

    The National

    I don't read reviews til I've listened to an album a few times myself. If only it would leak so I could read your review...
  6. scaryclaireyfairy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    It went from sounding like all profits going to charity. Then it was just the Sunday. Then Sunday got cancelled. If it's true that the Skiddle money is being held in an account that Skiddle can't access to issue refunds, I fully expect the charity angle to be brought up again as a boo-hoo. If it were me, I'd be fighting for my refund in Small Claims if necessary and donating a portion to charity myself.
  7. scaryclaireyfairy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    It's an absolute gift to event management students from top to toe.
  8. scaryclaireyfairy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    I'm amused by this alleged vast quantity of booze missing from the riders yet the bars were running out of booze for punters.
  9. scaryclaireyfairy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

  10. scaryclaireyfairy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    So no apology then. This is like a case study in what not to do. Fascinating.
  11. scaryclaireyfairy

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    I have friends there who I suspect will bail out early. Apparently staff aren't exactly being stringent about allowing glasses out of the bar area, in addition to late running times and general incompetence.
  12. scaryclaireyfairy

    The National

    Thank you! I had no money when the tickets went onsale so unless any spares turn up near the time, this is possibly my best chance.
  13. scaryclaireyfairy

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Most amateur footage is poor and can be frustrating to watch (I don't want to watch a whole gig of just Thom even if it is filmed on a great camera) but it enables multi-taper projects like the Prague gig in '09. A decent crowd multi-source can give a much better feel of the gig than pro-shot.
  14. scaryclaireyfairy

    Glastonbury Mental Health

    I found myself at The Killers rather than Ruby. It could have been a disaster due to the massive crowd but we were there an hour early so could choose a spot. This meant I accidentally caught and enjoyed Frank Carter. While my mate managed to ferret her way into the tent, I found a patch of shade with a fence to lean against and space to sit down (on a binbag cos all grass near fences is suspiciously damp always). I turned out to be practically in the outside speaker stack when they turned it on, but still, I had space to breathe and enjoy it and nice people around me (shout to the young blonde couple who were at Glasto for the first time). It was therapeutic in itself and grand fun. Sadly, then I got caught in the logjam between Killers and Chic crowds. That messed up the rest of my time, if I'm honest. Resulted in me listening to Biffy from my tent rather than in the field and I could not shift the thousand yard stare. As crowd incidents go, it wasn't terrible. It wasn't even concerning to most around me. There was an incident where a woman fell over and those around her halted the shuffle entirely until she was ok. It was quite something to watch how the shout of 'stop!' went back and was obeyed. But in my anxious mind it also laid bare that there was absolutely no one in hi-viz around to help if anything went properly wrong.
  15. scaryclaireyfairy

    2017 - The Changes

    It was covered with children when I went past. You can still access the Green Kids bit from both the tunnel and the main Greenpeace area. The 'stuff' in the tunnel this year was bats. (I didn't make it through last year so dunno how new that is though)