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  1. I had a guinea pig called Graham who looked like Mr Coxon from a particular angle. This PSA is sponsored by Rizla.
  2. Out of Time has had me in bits at Glasto twice. Puts it on level pegging with Karma Police. This one and that awful morning in '16 when we woke up to That Result and Damon played it with the Syrian orchestra.
  3. I'm afraid I had 0 willpower and it was the first thing I watched on Thur. Rationale being that the rona has blue-ballsed me for just about everything so I was having this RIGHT NOW.
  4. He was booked for '04, I had tickets. Something about a lollipop stick, Bowie cancelled last minute and we got... The Darkness instead. edit: Oops, meant to quote @Sasperella
  5. That TITP booking is one of those stingers that will stay with me to the end. Even more so than the night I left The Southern just before Nirvana turned up.
  6. Anywhere but Ed Sheeran's
  7. As I recall from what's been on previously, next song is a BANGING version. Gonna crack a can. Monday be damned.
  8. Can we bring frock coats back?
  9. Oh that coy giggle ❤️
  10. As I recall from a piece in the papers last year, it was one dude in production that made the neck on the block decision to keep recording even if it'd never be shown. What a hero.
  11. My first headline set, this. 🥰
  12. Adele (and 5 ciders) were watching along 🤣
  13. On Lamacq's 6Music show. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000k9l6
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