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  1. scaryclaireyfairy

    2019 Headliners

    If The Cure hadn't been a solid rumour this year, I'd not have been in the ticket scrum. Now that I have my ticket I won't cancel if they turn out not to be playing. I'm not mental. I'm currently wincing about the place with 3 broken ribs and The Fear that I won't be able to adequately carry my rucksack come June, Cure or no Cure though.
  2. scaryclaireyfairy

    EE site phone reception

    I'm on Giffgaff/O2 and had a terrible time even with texts the last 2 festivals. Internet access - forget it. I could set up a burner on EE but I don't think I care enough.
  3. scaryclaireyfairy

    Glastonbury Related Dreams and Nightmares

    Amused that coming-to on the Sunday evening to realise you've missed it all is a common theme. I had that one last week. The cherry on the nightmare cake was sprinting to my fav food place (of course it was a dry one when I'd slept through it!) so I could at least have a good feed - and they'd sold out and were packing up.
  4. scaryclaireyfairy

    David Attenborough

    It'll have to be the Corbyn slot on the Pyramid, if at all. He's too big a draw for any other stage.
  5. scaryclaireyfairy

    Janet Jackson Headlining?

    Janet into The Cure would be brilliant. If Ezra must turn up, fire him on after Kylie.
  6. scaryclaireyfairy

    The National

    You saved me a cold wait outside the ticket shop on Friday morning. I thank you very muchly.
  7. scaryclaireyfairy

    The National

    *flail * This might involve engaging defcon 1 of ticket buying and freezing outside the ticket shop on Friday.
  8. scaryclaireyfairy

    The Darkness

    That was the worst of times.
  9. scaryclaireyfairy

    Best Bogs

    I attend the near-the-JP toilets when possible too. They're the business.
  10. scaryclaireyfairy

    Emily interview

    More of Janelle's '11 set for the unfamiliar.
  11. scaryclaireyfairy

    Emily interview

    Please don't clash with The Cure, please don't clash with The Cure...
  12. scaryclaireyfairy

    2019 Headliners

    Gaga vs The Cure wold be the mother of all clashes. It's giving me anxiety.
  13. scaryclaireyfairy

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    Oh lordy. I'd forgotten that. 😨
  14. scaryclaireyfairy

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    I bet Jason D will just so happen to be there hoping and praying she'll let him go on.
  15. scaryclaireyfairy

    2019 Headliners

    I just remembered I was at Elbow for about 20mins.