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  1. Yep, I heard Good As Hell on 6Music, probably about a year ago, and it put a fat grin on my face before I knew what a Lizzo was.
  2. Hahaha! I literally had to Google it the other day, concerned that I'm a fossil already.
  3. I have that thing where I don't recognise faces out of context - or even in context sometimes. If you change your hair or something significant, I won't register you. I have to actively seek faces. I'd blame that for my lack of Eavis spots but his look is overwhelmingly consistent.
  4. Your friend only thinks they don't know other Lizzo tunes. I'm pretty sure everyone knows at least 3 without knowing they know them.
  5. Well, that's really thrown a spanner in the works. That's not a red Landy. I thought the red ones were the likely ones. No wonder I've never seen him!
  6. Maybe the Katy Perry/Miley slot?
  7. Aye, filling your bottle falls under the same rules as emptying your bladder. Do it every time the conditions are favourable rather than waiting to get desperate.
  8. I got funny looks when filling my bottle at the taps at the longdrops near the Cider Bus and noticed no one else was doing the same so that would tally. I guess the festival needs to publicise that it's all the same water, maybe only us old-timers know that.
  9. The Cure were a solid, close to nailed-on rumour from before t-day.
  10. I'm going to throw a log on the fire, do we have confirmation they're headlining Coachella? *ducks, runs*
  11. Anyone that is getting the signed one from Santa, should maybe get Santa to double check it before wrapping. It'll be a bit late to complain in 2 months. It's worrying that so many just on this forum aren't signed.
  12. I reckon pushing the tents back at the Pyramid = Coldplay opening. I don't see them headlining this year simply due to the massive spectacle the last time. That can't be topped so there's nothing to be gained by headlining again so soon. However there's no show without Punch these days and his grinning fizzer will have to get in the press somehow so opener it is.
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