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  1. The weather threads will be legitimately hysterical next year.
  2. It won't but top effort all the same. Edit: It was far, far too hot for me. Saturday was mostly spent perched between the road and the ditch near the JP to get some shade. Turns out I lose just as much festival time to hot weather as I do to wet. Maybe more. But I'll take sitting on hard ground every time. Also the first Glasto ever where I've not got sunburn which I'm very proud of, given the conditions. Acres of wafty fabric for the win.
  3. I try to camp fairly close to steward towers/fire towers. They can be trusted to keep an eye on untended fires etc so I don't have to.
  4. Nup. We had a wee stove and didn't even get round to using it for hot drinks. Main reason being WHERE WAS THE MILK TRUCK? It was as easy to wander to Proper Coffee and save the faffing as it was to go to a shop for milk.
  5. Does Cinebananarama get busy in the evenings? I've only been as a daytime looky-loo and didn't make it over this time at all.
  6. Visually, it had quite the impact but it wasn't open the twice I went by. My mate went and bought me a stick of rock. She was underwhelmed too. I wanted to love it but I'm not sold on losing prime camping space to it at this point. I've never camped in Pennards so it doesn't affect me personally but I do have concerns about camping being pushed to the outer edge to accommodate stuff. It really has to be worth it. Arcadia has already as good as swallowed Park Home.
  7. Glasgow link went live a minute before 10, straight in, nothing. Bah.
  8. I was devastated (no, not exaggerating) to find some imposter jerk stall across from the Bread and Roses where Uptown Catering used to be. I wandered every path with food stalls, I think, forlornly hoping to find them cheerfully turning out their saucy jerk and cans of ginger beer but nothing. Were they absolutely, definitely not there?
  9. Aye. Had a proper attitude on them. Plus the food was gash.
  10. I was just disappointed Michael didn't introduce him. It would have been nice to see two of the world's coolest elders together.
  11. The Tor Rugby Club was the cheapest onsite yet again at £1 a can.
  12. Folding tarp 'sink', an inch of water and soap beats all the babywipes in the world. Turns out I can wash and rinse my hair perfectly well in about 700ml of water too. There were times I was the sweatiest I've ever been but I was also the cleanest I'd ever been at a festival in between. (After more hours than I choose to count stuck in the zigzags at Gate A, I overheard a steward on the phone to a mate. Apparently people had been told gate D was shut (can't confirm if it actually was) for a period of time and all landed at A, leaving D an absolute stroll and A over-subscribed. This still doesn't explain why the queue at A moved fairly steadily for a good long time before grinding to almost a total halt though.)
  13. scaryclaireyfairy

    The Cure

    That set was just the perfect end to the festival. I was up the hill near the disabled platform and all around there were rows of gently swaying bodies from the start. No groups sitting down for chats or to roll one, everyone just drifting along with the band. Bob's genuine joy at being there was like The Cure's version of pyro.
  14. The police ended up coming round to have a word with our neighbours. Just too many chems and not enough sleep, really. They did take all their stuff home and left no trash though so, fair play, they weren't monsters.
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