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  1. Thanks to all for the chat got me through not being there this year . Take care
  2. Psb was my highlight of the weekend as much as I love them didn't expect them to be . Brilliant
  3. I know I'm old but pet shop boys delivering properly here
  4. Neil just said he'll be along in a min
  5. 100% agree ruin it for those around them plus god knows what the poor twat who is Carrying them is feeling . They are always filming themselves as well . Was watch Diana b4 some doing exactly this I was thinking watch the fucking legend instead of thinking about you you and you
  6. I know elbow not everyone's cup of tea but they were in perfect slot there with lovely weather. The end with imal the puppet and the refugee choir was beautiful bought a tear to my eye
  7. When can seeing franz ferdinand ever be the right decision
  8. He's just played it
  9. Great to hear . Live stuff often sounds shit on TV compared to being there . Hope u had a great night
  10. It's not been what I expected sound all over the place strange setlist but good for Paul to still be at it at 80 and having the love to have Dave and Bruce fly in especially
  11. Yes my wife is massive foos fan can't say I am but dave is such a cool guy u have to love him
  12. Totally I so wish I was there
  13. Unbelievable as you say
  14. It's difficult to go against macca even those who may not be big fans will take the chance to see him . I'm sure other headliners will get decent crowds through their own fan base people who aren't interested in macca and those to gone to move
  15. Saw few min of OR will catch up via I player tomorrow crowd looked massive as did crowd for noel . If a lot of OR Crowd try to get over for macca blimey that will be a packed crowd
  16. First 7 or 8 all high flying birds then rest oasis ...but as u say all his songs anyway
  17. He joked about first 7 or 8 being for him high flying birds songs then the rest being for crowd all oasis
  18. Stay safe everyone take what time you can . I do wonder if it's the split on clashes some genres will attractive massive percentages of the overall capacity
  19. Enjoyed crowded house . Caught a bit of Sleaford mods just really enjoying first aid kit on top form
  20. Also saw beck last night lots of energy and a great set list. First time I've been to Victoria warehouse must admit its god awful for finding anywhere to park.....I suppose Harry styles being on at old Trafford didn't help . Plus Victoria warehouse is ridiculously hot inside . Anyway ignoring that really good gig
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