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  1. Sadly the farcical nature of it is frighteningly realistic
  2. Yes great final episode lot of tears . Season 3 wasn't as good as first 2 but still a great watch .
  3. It's not the dig vinyl shop it's a company called this is dig which apparently its part of warners just a big online distribution company but shit service
  4. It's difficult to committ I have 4 gigs lined up 2 have been carried over twice since 2020 I still don't know if when things may happen. For those who have to book accommodation rail etc it's a big commitment to something that may not happen or happen at a time that doesn't suit.
  5. On the negative side I used dig for the first time recently have been waiting for nearly 3 weeks for my vinyl. No way of calling them you can send a contact form done it 3 times just keep getting the same stock e mail ...apologies for delay will be dispatched soon. Absolutely will avoid in future shit service
  6. On subject of music documentary being Johnny moped on Netflix worth a watch . Not someone I knew much about but it's a funny moving watch
  7. I watched on sky arts think its available for few weeks . Was fortunate to see it live back in 2018 . The film obviously isn't comparable but it's still a great watch
  8. Blimey I know they probably struggled for guests and no audience didn't help but jools hootenanny was a car crash of a programme
  9. Sorry to hear that but jimi doing right thing met him at one of his solo gigs few years back a really nice bloke . Hope he gets through this period OK
  10. Episode 6 is a hard watch emotionally 😪
  11. Finished last night nicely ended and you were right on last 2 episodes
  12. Yeah we are a really enjoyable easy going show . Martin short is great as are all the cast . Still 2 left to watch I think so no spoilers
  13. Just watched first 3 parts of Blair and brown the new Labour revolution. Fascinating insight of events we knew about but from the horses mouth
  14. I'm going with all mod cons just ahead of setting sons
  15. crocodiles


    She was a great pick for Glastonbury and the beauty of festivals is you get to see people you wouldn't pay to see individually but will give it a try because your there. I went along in 2016 and although I'm not particularly a fan thought she started great but by late set was all a bit samey to me so we didn't stay till end . She had an amazing voice but its just not for me . So glad to see her once but no desire to see her again .
  16. How was he good I hope
  17. Good for her and good for the festival. Good for fans and those interested young or older but not for me . I haven't got ticket this time at present but I can't imagine I wouldn't be somewhere else . I've given her a listen but it's not for me . But enjoy those who are up for it
  18. Saw tim burgess at yes bar in Manchester last night 1st gig in nearly 2 years . . It was just great to hear live music again and in a new to me venue small and intimate gigs are such a pleasure .
  19. Looked at pre sale this morning as never seen soft cell and they are doing none stop exotic cabaret in full so thought great . 82 quid for stalls bit much for me so give it a miss
  20. It's just quality and I have no interest in fishing but it's lovely watching them chew the fat
  21. Will definitely give that a view . Really enjoyed their afternoon set back in 2016
  22. crocodiles

    Dusty Hill rip

    Sad news dusty Hill of ZZ top passed away 72 . Always had a soft spot for the guys without being massive fan but enjoyed their set in 2016
  23. I've heard a few remember a friends funeral another celion song and thinking same as you I assume his wife picked it . I vary my funeral songs but haven't said anything to family yet but do have it written down for them . One song for my mates and family one for my kids and one for my wife all have meaning for me and all say something to them . These aren't necessarily my fave songs but they are all very high up in my top songs
  24. Just a great great track always the full album version just perfect to listen to alone . Like you been with me since I first discovered kraftwerk late 70s
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