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  1. Similar I talked my wife into going 2016 not her cup of tea but she stuck with it and enjoyed despite the horrendous mud . I did compromise by booking worthy view there was no way I wanted to risk trying to put up a tent in a rainstorm and being surrounded by party people 🙃 😅. She said that's done as a one off ....managed to get her back for 2017 and 2019 . But that's her done . Not going this year but ticket gods allowing I'll be back in next couple of years .
  2. My mate saw him in Blackburn said he was best he'd seen him in a long time
  3. Saw goldfrapp Manchester Albert Hall last night tbh after waiting 2 years was just a bit disappointing. Alison sounded great the band were fine but it was so one paced it never got going . Others may disagree but having seen them a few times Inc at Glastonbury it just was flat
  4. Saw future islands in Manchester last week Sam is truly a wonderful front man who lives and breathes every song and every emotion . His relationship with the crowd is wonderful
  5. I'm totally biased as bunnymen one of my fave live bands . They were great in Manchester last month . They still have a reasonably decent following. John peel would be ideal location for them probably early evening slot. Days of anywhere bigger gone im afraid
  6. A massive loss to all his family friends band mates and fans just far to soon . So sad
  7. Future islands Manchester academy last night . Sound was a bit iffy at start but sorted quickly great gig and crowd were well into it which created great atmosphere
  8. Saw echo and the bunnymen at Manchester Albert Hall Friday mac will and the boys on top form
  9. Saw bunnymen at Albert Hall Manchester last night one of my fave venues and mac will and boys were on fine form .
  10. Agree was never a big fan but the Vegas debacle just brushed under carpet . She has a great voice but just seems to be churning out the same woe is me album after album . Also I like a bit of interaction between artist but don't go on forever .
  11. Exactly the film was overated but nowhere near as much as the band . Why are there so many fucking documentaries about them .
  12. Your not wrong an absolute masterpiece
  13. Finished the responder was an interesting watch Martin freeman and supporting cast were excellent. Also not long finished 5th final season of gomorrah absolutely brilliant. Moved onto money heist now about 6 in I'm enjoying it
  14. Sadly the farcical nature of it is frighteningly realistic
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