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  1. My first album and still absolutely love it
  2. Just noticed goldfrapp has been moved from tonight to 31st march 2021 Manchester Albert hall ....well that's my first planned gig for next year
  3. Thin lizzy liverpool empire nov 1977
  4. 2016 was my first of 3 consecutive Glastonburys and being 50 plus I couldn't believe I was finally there . The first live song I heard at it was James nothing but love ...one of my favourite bands I cried like a baby at the joy of being there after all that time . The mud just made it more real . 2016 festival was the best experience of my life .
  5. I hope for all of you who have tickets that it happens but I'm doubtful I must admit . But whatever happens stay safe look after each other and enjoy .
  6. Blossoms 2016 17 Fat boy slim every year
  7. Yes still got ours on ....but sadly not going this year so will have to come off soon . Go on kitchen board with the other old ones
  8. crocodiles


    But completely justified reviews mama Mia has dented but not killed my fondness for ABBA how anyone thinks it's worth watching is beyond me . The greatest shitman is a heaping turd fest of a film that has no redemption. Although I have to say I'm not a musicals fan in anyway
  9. Am I allowed to vote as not going this time ....unless I can get a ticket in resale ?
  10. Unfortunately not there next year but I can't understand why anyone who is lucky enough would not be watching him . It's the 50th Glastonbury it's a Beatle its macca it's a no brainer just go or you'll regret it . You lucky people
  11. After a perfect 3 out of 3 haven't tried this year so no joy or disappointment. But many congratulations to all who got one and good luck in resale to those who didntb
  12. Good luck to you all on Sunday I'll miss the excitement after 3 out of 3 not going next year. So there's 2 in the pot for u all
  13. Made peace with not going been extremely lucky to try and get tickets for last 3 but just can't do it this time. Big birthday for my wife and we are doing more things to celebrate that and that both negates are time and money . But as ticket day approaches feel like I'm missing out . But I will be back ticket gods allowing in next 2 years . Trying to avoid coming on here as I'll be so jealous when the scramble begins . To all of you who want to go best of luck on ticket day . To anyone trying for first time if you are successful you are in for one of the highlights of your life .
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