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  1. Friday Tom Odell 7 not my choice but good effort Bastille 8 thought they were great Lummineers 5 wasnt paying much attention The charlatans 7 Two door cinema club 9 unexpected treat Tame impala 8 Sat The proclaimers 7 Janet Jackson 5 really disappointing Liam Gallagher 7 The killers 9 full on performance Sunday Kylie 8 sound poor but good fun Mylie 5 not for me just don't get the hype Vampire weekend 9 The cure 10 magical
  2. I thought it was just us. We were to left of stage about half way back . Dickheads talked loudly for first 20 mins saying wish they play something I know . We moved forward and then were surrounded by even more pricks talking for the whole gig and I mean the whole gig . They started jumping up and down for day I die and bumped into me few times no problem it's a gig just go with it but then one of them said sorry for bumping into you . I just had to say I'm not bothered about that it's the fact you've all talked for last 90 mins that's pissed me off . As u say 40 quid to talk go the fucking bar . Band were great it should have been better but crowd were shite
  3. crocodiles

    The Cure

    I've watched full set couple of times watched the version of disintegration lost its mesmerising
  4. Strange and melancholy
  5. Johnny marr instead of Janet Jackson. Thought I haven't seen Janet for 30 odd years make the effort this time she was really poor . Also don't know who clashed with mylie but wish I'd seen them . Just couldn't be bothered moving after kylie and was always planning to see vampire weekend. But overall I enjoyed what I saw this year planned and unplanned
  6. Only face value never paid over price for any ticket for anything and not starting now
  7. Great set perfect build up for the cure . Very talented group with perfect early evening vibe
  8. I was there cant say I know their music well but they were great one of my highlights
  9. crocodiles

    The Cure

    I'm half way through watching it now truly magnificent. So glad I was there definitely my favourite headline set of the ones I've seen .
  10. crocodiles

    The Cure

    Have downloaded but not had chance to watch yet will watch over weekend
  11. crocodiles

    The Cure

    No bauhaus and wah supported the cure . Was first time I heard a forest live . 1st time i saw magazine was at the empire and they were supported by simple minds . Mountford hall was great loads of top gigs there . Buzzcocks supported by joy division Specials with dexys and selector Undertones so many great concerts....a long time ago šŸ˜‚ I stand corrected you are right I just looked it was magazine with bauhaus and wah . The cure were supported by the passions. Blimey I'm older than I thought
  12. Saw Michael eavis in land rover between icon and west holts areas ....is he famous šŸ˜‰
  13. 3rd time at wv car park is great hill is hard work after 12 plus hours on your feet but always stop at strummerville for a break . Definitely more tents in wv than 16 and 17 shower queues were bigger but we just get by cant be bothered wueing for an hour . The toilet queues in morning were something I hadn't really noticed b4 but volunteers were great keeping them clean and stocked with loo roll . The pros definitely outway the cons won't be at festival next year to much else on but will use wv next time I go .
  14. I will catch her on tour I hope
  15. Yeah my mates got them I can't make it great value
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