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  1. Who will gonna sub Taylor Swift or do we think that's still to be announced?
  2. It'll be 7ish! Boris is about to do his talk. Let people talk about that for a few hours then drop the big poster!
  3. I keep having issues getting onto the Glasto website. Anyone else?
  4. It's a one off Fatboy Slim poster announcement!
  5. 2020 Announcements so far... 10/10/19 - Diana Ross - Thursday 18/11/19 - Paul McCartney - Monday 15/12/19 - Taylor Swift - Sunday 13/2/20 - Lana Del Rey - Wednesday There is no pattern as we all know but they're all mid month so...maybe, just maybe Friday this week or Tues/Fri next week?
  6. To be honest there was too many to choose from...
  7. Isle of Wight DO still have Duran Duran down as a UK festival exclusive on their website.
  8. Maybe it'll be delayed/cancelled considering it's hosted all over europe this year.
  9. No Gwen for Glasto then?! "Gwen Stefani joins Duran Duran at Hyde Park as a UK exclusive for 2020."
  10. Love the fold-ability of this but not the £299 price tag...
  11. My first gig was the Spice Girls first ever tour at Wembley Arena in 1998. My sons first ever concert at just 2 months old was Robert Plant supported by George Ezra.
  12. You and me both!! Good luck
  13. The Bath Half Marathon is in 2 weeks time. There's over 11000 participants plus however many other people watching. We've had nothing from them in regards to it but found this on their FAQ's...wondering when/if it'll be updated or we'll receive more information soon... Q – Could the race be cancelled due to Coronavirus? A – We continue to monitor this situation closely and are consulting with our local public and health authorities and our medical providers to put appropriate guidance and contingencies in place so that the event can go ahead safely. Our Medical Director works
  14. s30foster

    Other Stage 2020

    From what I read of @Ddiamondd and @Matt42s posts I took it as Calvin still headlining Other Stage and also doing a set on Pangea under the alias of Love Regenerator (his more ravey music)
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