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  1. Absolutely. The year of pelting fruit at Keanu
  2. Dogstar - 1999. So bad it was good.
  3. s30foster

    Diana Ross

    Really need to introduce my son to The Wiz. So glad she performs songs from it in her setlists.
  4. s30foster

    Diana Ross

  5. Heart racing. Clammy hands. Oh shhhhhiiiit it's almost time.
  6. This is the setlist from the last "festival" Janet played at in Sept. Her Vegas Residency concerts are 37 songs! Yikes! The Skin Game (Part 1) The Knowledge BURNITUP! Nasty / Feedback / Miss You Much / Alright / You Want This Control / What Have You Done for Me Lately / The Pleasure Principle Love Will Never Do (Without You) When I Think of You / All For You Got 'til It's Gone (with Q‐Tip) That's the Way Love Goes Interlude (Interlude with "Idle" by Spooky Black) What About You Ain't Right If Scream (Michael Jackson cover) Rhythm Nation Together Again Made For Now
  7. I'm only 20 mins away from the farm at the mo. You want me to go have a chat with Eavis?! I'm happy to make the detour.
  8. Maybe the main announcement has been pushed back due to the Spice Girls not getting decent reviews. They said they'd been asked to play Glasto and would see how the tour went first. I've no idea where they'd actually fit on the line up tho. This is all probably me being delirious and a loads of bollocks tho.
  9. s30foster


    My whole Glasto '19 is going to be clash clash clash and i'll end up missing everything through indecisiveness!!
  10. No particular order just remember having a great time at all of these... 2017 - The Jacksons 2017 - Radiohead 2000 - Basement Jaxx - front row and got a t-shirt from one of the guys when they threw it into the crowd. Bliming missed Bowie for that tho 2016 - Craig David - literally went for the "I'm seeing Craig David at Glasto", had the best time and was surprised by how many lyrics I actually knew. 1999 - Dogstar - we went for the whole Keanu Reeves just made the best film ever at the time (Matrix) and it now playing bass at Glastonbury. We then proceeded to laugh as he did well to dodge most of the fruit thrown at him.
  11. Breakfast juice! Then a section of goodies from here...generally! Easy to carry around pouch in my bag. https://www.lilleyscider.co.uk/5l-bag-in-box-c102x3096499
  12. I cannot unsee this Palais video!! Jeeez
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