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  1. Dropping the line up on my birthday!! Cheers Glasto. Probably my best present!
  2. First Glastonbury: 1999 First Glastonbury Act: Bjorn Again opening the Pyramid Fave Glasto: 2017. Radiohead smashed it on the Friday (last time I had seen them was the secret set on Park with shite sound). Jacksons were awesome on the Saturday. Justice was the perfect headliner for the closing of the festival - even though I continued partying until 6am up the South East Corner before trying to drive home after an hours kip.
  3. s30foster

    2019 Headliners

    Lauryn Hill is getting about this summer isn't she?! Still feels likely she'll head to the farm. The weekend before she's in Oxford. The Wednesday before the festival she's in Ireland. Oh, and of course...Idles on for another festival.
  4. s30foster

    2019 Headliners

    According to my Time Hop Coldplay were announced 8 years ago today. It appears I wasn't pleased! Oooh, while writing this BBC 6 Music are blasting out At The Drive In - One Armed Scissor. That would be nice on the farm.
  5. Oooh.....I was at the Reading leg. Daphne and Celeste had a horrific time and bottled off stage within minutes.
  6. This is the only thing to have excited me this morning!!! New song by The Heavy, announcement of new album and a tour date in Bristol. Also, would be pretty good if they got back from America to head up to the farm.
  7. s30foster

    2019 Headliners

    Odds have been slashed on The Killers headlining according to NME. “’Somebody Told Me’ that The Killers could be on for another Glastonbury headliner slot this year – so we’ve cut our odds after they’ve been well backed,” said a spokesman for 888sport. “Brandon Flowers would certainly be ‘The Man’ for the job, and after a flurry of bets, we think they’re set to light up the Pyramid Stage once again.”
  8. Guessing Lily Allen will be venturing back to Glasto. Her names coming up in quite a few places now. Also, it seems Bristol Post already knows who the Special Guest TBA is - Mark Ronson Presents Club Heartbreak.
  9. Sadly not. It was o2 priority. Got any mates on o2?
  10. Just got tickets to see Damian Marley in Bristol on 1st June. Hopefully he'll stay close by for the month and head to Glasto too
  11. With The Raconteurs dropping 2 tracks last night i'd be happy to see them at Glasto. It's been years since I last saw them and I recall that being a great gig...altho I was very drunk and many drunken gigs I have loved where others have said were utter shit!
  12. s30foster

    2019 Headliners

  13. s30foster

    The Cure

    Same for me. I saw them at BST last year. A long set of yawn with the occasion hoorah followed by a 'best of' 10 song encore which was great! No Lovecats tho.
  14. Ahhh...my sons bedtime music playlist took over my top songs! Also, didn't think i'd listened to Plan B that much.
  15. s30foster

    2019 Headliners

    Listening to Bowie Live at Glastonbury 2000. The year I stupidly chose to watch Basement Jaxx instead on the Other Stage. My one biggest Glasto regret!!
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