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  1. I'm guessing it was more driven by self-preservation than ideology.
  2. Surely Davis wouldn't have done that without consulting some of the main players first? Must be more big-hitters planning to follow his lead.
  3. Starmer on form here. Can't see Johnson constantly changing the subject to win over the backbenches. They're louder than last week though.
  4. Whoops, just downed instead of upped! How do I reverse again?!
  5. The question I'd love to hear the tories answer is: is there an enquiry going on into all this... and, if so, who precisely is conducting it?
  6. Populism does seem to have a nasty habit of imploding doesn't it?
  7. It's all lining up perfectly for Corbyn to make his move.
  8. It's a bit of a red herring anyway. Most people I know were still testing positive after seven.
  9. First tory question after Starmer was a question about reducing isolation time from seven days to five. So am guessing that is their next strategy. Also, notable lack of noise of any kind from tory backbench during/after Johnson speaking.
  10. Anyone still watching? He just had to be shoved to get up and reply to a softball question about how great he is.
  11. Tory backbench almost silent while he speaks - not good
  12. Couldn't recognise a BYOB party. With a written invitation.
  13. He''s pretending to be sorry - classic.
  14. First question should be: ‘can you answer this yes or no question without using the words ‘grey’, ‘investigation’ or ‘Sue’?
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