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  1. Got that, fair enough. so it’s also now open season to call Phoenixgirl a ‘w*nker’ were she to post on here again?
  2. No, at the very beginning I singled those three out as looking somewhat anachronistic, which is what started this whole convo. (Btw, the third was sheryl crow, not kylie - who I have already said is clearly a great booking.) Your second point I largely agree with, which is where I’m kind of struggling with all this. While in principle I like the idea, in practice I don’t actually want to go and watch acts such as these three at all (or pay money for avPrimavera ticket, which I was v much considering before the line up came out). Therefore, after a bit of debate here, I asked if anyone who was supporting their bookings actually wanted to go and see all three (wouldn’t have made much sense for me to ask about three acts, such as kylie, who I think personally are good bookings). I personally think it’s not great if they are booking anachronistic acts like JJ right at thr top of the bill for the ‘wrong’ reasons - especially if no one actually wants to go and see them . We are never going to know the reasons for her booking though are we, so I’m more than happy to leave this where it is now, as has been suggested. The end.
  3. Homer

    Brexit at Glasto?

    I’m marching sat too. I used to have sympathy for having to respect the referendum - but this impasse has gone on long enough.
  4. Homer

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Ha ha - it’s no wonder my mate just dubbed her ‘Groundhog May’!
  5. I thought they were somehow behind the Janet Jackson booking for a moment there. That really would have been too much!
  6. No, I just thought that some of the people on here who are stoked for their inclusion might actually be planning on going to see them.
  7. Stoked for all the fans who are going to go along and love their sets. asked several days ago who on here is planning to go and see all three. Current total: Maybe: 1 Yes: 0
  8. Homer

    Brexit at Glasto?

    She’ll also say ‘deliver a Brexit that takes control of our borders, laws and money’ (though she may mix up the order of the three to keep things fresh).
  9. Primavera went 50-50 - and it's crap. Which is what got me thinking about this originally. https://lineup.primaverasound.es/2019_artists?_ga=2.115158212.2106773931.1553100224-24758559.1553100224
  10. As the 'OP' on this, Kylie's booking was never mentioned FYI (as she is clearly a great booking - even though I personally have no interest in seeing her). It was Janet Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Sheryl Crow plus Lauryn Hill (the latter purely on the basis of her crap live rep). I completely agree with the guy a few messages ago saying they don;'t know any JJ songs.
  11. Tame Impala and not sure about the other yet as The Prodigy dropped out.
  12. Even I'm letting it go now and I started it!
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