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  1. Phwoooooar! If I'd known the sexual tension levels in here were so erogenous, I wouldn't have avoided this thread for so long! This is like The X-Files crossed with Moonlighting!
  2. This thread does seem to have a similar vibe to it currently as the weather one, on a year that it slowly dawns on us it's going to shit it down.
  3. It will be if they drop (some) restrictions in Monday's announcement.
  4. Starting to feel optimistic about getting our Euros finals tickets back. Broadcasting a full Wembley for both semis and the final must be a huge tempter for our populist government.
  5. The Chemical Brothers 340 Iggy & The Stooges 379 The Prodigy 424 Queens of the Stone Age 112 (-10) Portishead 226 LCD Soundsystem 367 Christine and the Queens 251
  6. 'Simple. Beautiful. Classic.'
  7. Not sure I'm cut out for management. Feeling fairly devastated to be bottom on 0 - despite only having fielded my reserve keeper who I picked with other matches in mind. Will have to see if transferring Immobile out on the basis of other strikers having (allegedly) weaker opposition lined up pays off. Though on the whole is a win, as also shipped the apparently popular Chiesa out due to the ambiguity of his starting place. I think a lot of managers (generally) have picked KDB too.
  8. Starting to feel pleased I picked two keepers. Masterstroke.
  9. Turkish keeper is my captain - so I'm currently leading the charge on two points.
  10. The Chemical Brothers 332 Iggy & The Stooges 400 The Prodigy 425 Queens of the Stone Age 140 -10 Portishead 227 LCD Soundsystem 350 Christine and the Queens - 225
  11. The Chemical Brothers 306 Iggy & The Stooges 375 The Prodigy 406 Queens of the Stone Age 185 Portishead 229 (-10) LCD Soundsystem 345 Christine and the Queens 280
  12. Happy memories of getting back from the fest and watching the weekend's highlights on VHS with a curry.
  13. he Chemical Brothers 301 lggy & The Stooges 380 Bloc Party 25 (-10) The Prodigy 381 Queens of the Stone Age 215 Portishead 240 LCD Soundsystem 360 Christine and the Queens 286
  14. Homer

    Evan Dando...in 1995

    I was 'at' this gig. Remember traipsing across the site while heavily stoned (it was the mid-90s) in the blazing heat, only for him not to show up. Rumour was he was doing an impromptu gig on top of an ice cream van. I sadly missed the evening debacle. He was good on the Pyramid the year before though.
  15. The Chemical Brothers 306 lggy & The Stooges 370 Bloc Party 91 The Prodigy 366 The FIaming Lips 25 (-10) Queens of the Stone Age 215 Portishead 250 LCD Soundsystem 354 Christine and the Queens 263
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