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  1. Minded to agree with this: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/dec/04/neil-kinnock-backing-brexit-deal-politically-lethal-for-labour
  2. I am making an assumption that that form of Labour party would be preferable to you than the tories yet again. Or am I wrong there? If not vote Labour ... what is your solution?
  3. So, when was the last 'non-destable' government that kept the tories out? 1979? The problem is, I'm as up for a bit of socialism as the next person - but I can't see us getting any any time... ever.
  4. What's your solution? I'm gonna carry on voting Labour I reckon.
  5. Agreed - funny to think I actually used to vote Lib Dem back in the day (opposing Iraq, extra penny on income tax, wanted to put trams into Bristol).
  6. Just ran for the first time in a month. Banged out 7k and no 'clicking' from my knee (was tweaking a bit due to overuse on furlough so just did cycling for cardio on lockdown). Been to the gym three times now and been pretty empty each time. My app says it's always about a third full. The cardio room is always dead (as was spin last night), but the weights room is busy (I guess they're the hardcore).
  7. Sounds great! How did they allocate seats out of interest? Been wondering this as assume demand is huge! A lottery among season ticket holders? Was where you travel from a consideration? Ta!
  8. Spoiler alert: this could be a copy and paste of any negotiations update from the last couple of years.
  9. Mark Kermode said on the Wittertainment podcast only the other week that he only understands the end of 2001 because he subsequently read the novelisation, funnily enough.
  10. Homer

    Spotify Wrapped

    Most played song of the year:
  11. For anyone who missed it, this is basically what happened
  12. Even by his own standards, Johnson is really running this 'Starmer abstained' line into the ground isn't he?!
  13. Brilliant... is it officially time for me to start whinging that I don't have a ticket again then?! It worked for me last time (I eventually got a ticket).
  14. The Russian 'Gamaleya (Sputnik V)' vaccine sounds like it could be a bit tasty!
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