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  1. Agreed with my mate that I've made my peace with the fact that I'll be watching Macca this time... but we can't do a Macca/NG double. Even if I go as hard as I expect I will on the Fri night, that is just too insipid a pairing for Sat night.
  2. Homer

    Old Music Thread

    Shit the bed
  3. Homer


    Just got offered a free ticket for tonight but already got tix to comedy club in Greenwich. Bah!
  4. I tend to not bother to eat all day, unless one of my various wives (I've been going to Glasto so long I've been with two different wives; I'm not a bigamist) forces something on me. I try and eat as much as I can in the morning. Then I carry nuts and crisps around with me and shove them in as and when.
  5. Junior Jungle self-confirmed on the Saturday. It's a child-friendly rave, so will be morning I imagine. This will go off:
  6. Homer


    They basically added quite a lot of D&B.
  7. I think the 'doing it for a ticket' thing became fairly evident to me when Stewart Lee used to show up every year, during a time when he had given up doing stand-up, and do the same set (in the afternoon) repeatedly (it was pretty funny TBF).
  8. I reckon the booking policy is largely dictated by who wants to do it for next to nothing. Widdicome, Ince, Lee, Kumar are all music fans - my guess is that they do it for the free ticket essentially (hence why they are often on in the afternoon).
  9. Homer

    Wet Leg

    I did wonder if I was misremembering as I was typing!
  10. Homer

    Wet Leg

    Also not helped by the stage being at the top of a hill, not the bottom. I find the view a bit crap when it's busy and I'm 6ft.
  11. This was the state of play on Friday:
  12. I usually park where the coaches park. though last time the gate closed and I had to find another way out (wasn't too hard)! I've strolled it a few times and never encountered any objections whatsoever.
  13. How weird, I literally just came in to ask this! I think there was speculation he is a WH headliner, but I'm not sure there was any actual info behind that (I am hoping not).
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