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  1. Working Men's Club are on what seems like a reasonably priced tour - most tix £13, though I got to pay more for the London date. https://merch.workingmensclub.net/live
  2. I had covid recently. Was still able to operate a phone.
  3. Got covid and was housebound for 10 days. Took someone's helpful advice on here and finished up Big Bang Theory. Thought they tied it all up very well - not a dry eye in the house:
  4. Just reading a survey release I've been sent for work. Find it baffling. What is actually wrong with some people?! Since the hospitality sector reopened one in seven (14%) people have not turned up to their reservation, with one in eight (12%) people saying they are more likely to no-show than they were before the pandemic.
  5. Homer

    2022 Headliners

    PSBs were extremely good when they subbed the Pyramid... they just banged out the hits (... in daylight).
  6. Homer

    First Gig Back

    Got it ta - was hitting up which doesn't do it!
  7. Homer

    First Gig Back

    Can someone upvote this please? I just went to upvote it to show what an incredible and magnanimous person I am after yesterday's raging Idles dispute - but I exactly hit down and now it won't let me reverse it. I promise, I'm not (quite) that petty!
  8. Homer

    2022 Headliners

    Yeah, but when he kicked the female photographer in the head, didn't he, er, do it in front of a huge crowd of people?
  9. I've been stuck for ages, but pleased to have finally freed myself up to start something new! Always interested in reading about cults, but when I bought Helter Skelter (about Charles Manson) online, I didn't realise it was almost 700 pages! Also, I'm quite interested in the psychology/stupidity, whereas turned out it was written by the prosecutor in the court case, so was more of a lengthy and thorough procedural. Still, enjoyed it when I was reading it, just a bit slow going. When I look at a cult, I usually like to read one overview then read an insider's account. So I'll probably tackle this next: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Member-Family-Charles-Darkness-Sixties/dp/0062695576
  10. Did you manage the whole of the god delusion? Kudos to you. Everyone I know who has tried gave up halway. I tried once. I gave up halfway. Preaching to the converted.
  11. A lot of my mates saw them in Bristol recently and apparently they were very good.
  12. Homer

    2022 Headliners

    I think it's been well established recently that his voice is in great shape (insert grimace emoji).
  13. Homer

    2022 Headliners

    Well, that's cleared that up!
  14. Homer

    2022 Headliners

    What was Rooney doing? Somehow the first I've heard of this. I remember a guy telling me he'd seen Rooney up in the naughty corner dancing with Mick Jagger and Keanu Reeves. I found it hard to believe.
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