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  1. Homer

    Efest posts

    I find not having a ticket stunts my usage a tad.
  2. Homer

    Football 19/20

    Was mildly annoyed at having to pop out to pick the wife up from the shops. Left just after the Spurs goal and back came in just after the incident. So pleased I missed it.
  3. Homer


    I wonder if he's ever had an argument with said long-suffering partner in the garden. I wonder if she has ever seen him lose it in de peas.
  4. Homer


    I wonder if he's ever grown a nice Spanish Tomata.
  5. Homer


    Ah, what a gig - before the sheer horror of the rain set it!
  6. Homer


    Wasn't aware they were releasing this stuff, will check it out. Going to the London gig in a month.
  7. Homer

    John peel 2020 acts

    Yeah, they subbed the JP on the Sunday. It was bouncing - in too 3 for the whole weekend!
  8. The stupid thing is, the dark/shit weather makes me think twice about driving to the gym, let alone going running (which doesn't really make any sense). The rain is a great leveller at football, though, being that I'm much better at rolling around in the mud (holding roll) than I am at constructively playing actual football.
  9. Homer

    Other Stage 2020

    Just watched a bit of him 'DJing' for some reason - the only YouTube comment is quite telling: "same set as I saw him about 4 years ago (still timeless tho!)" //Grimace emoji, grimace emoji//
  10. List of headliners: https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife/look-headliners-glastonbury-festival-1970-47265
  11. I've only done Crystal Palace park in London. You ever done this? Always meant to but never gotten around to it: https://www.theraceorganiser.com/listed-races/queen-elizabeth-olympic-park
  12. Homer

    Other Stage 2020

    Doesn't he just do the EDM DJing crap thing now?
  13. Don't feel bad - no nice/normal person would relish a situation as awkward as/telling someone that!
  14. Just checked... they're sold out. How annoying!
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