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  1. What the fuck is going on?
  2. Homer

    Bon Iver 2020

    It was basically acoustic though, unlike the Cure or Radiohead (the latter I don't actually like, but they do have some eletrco/more guitar-based stuff). I like Fleet Foxes a lot but I thought they were totally out of place when they played the Pyramid (I left halfway through).
  3. Homer

    Bon Iver 2020

    Saw Bon Iver at Nos Alive. Not a fan, but it really didn't work on a big stage as a headliner. Not the right type of music/energy at all.
  4. I tried throwing this strop earlier in the year and it didn't get me far (unless they somehow magically bunged me the two tickets I somehow got in the coach resale).
  5. Oh yeah, I got a ticket yesterday for the Euro 2020 final at Wembley! Applied for all sorts all over Europe; none of it came in apart from a cheap tier ticket to the final!
  6. Homer


    I'd have Foakes as keeper. He's the best with the gloves and has the highest test average by far. Not sure what the issue is!
  7. I went to Portugal. To a festival. Then I came back. Am off to Edinburgh soon. To a festival. How the devil are you?
  8. Homer

    Book Club

    I finished 'The Disaster Artist' this morning, which is 11 down for the year (plus a further two while I was on holiday). Have read three in the last three weeks, so have successfully become a 'reader' again (it just took some brain training I guess!). really pleased about it - definitely beats going online arguing with people about Brexit!
  9. Ha - just listened to it for the first time in years on my shitty laptop. Sounded great! Album is also great (that's the only one in French though).
  10. Yeah, they've only got one other album, which he produced I believe (they were a couple at this point, hence him becoming less involved!). As I recall, the first album doesn't have a duff song on it:
  11. Not a TA fan - but Melody's Echo Chamber did go a bit crap after he 'left'.
  12. Homer


    Ha - I was going to flag that but couldn't be bothered!
  13. Homer


    Agreed, I thought shoving Root to 3 was worth it in order to accommodate more of our plethora of players whpoare suitable further down the order was a good idea (Bairstow to 4, Foakes in keeping at 7). But taking the risk in order to get more out of Denly (who is allegedly a 3 anyway) doesn't make much sense!
  14. Homer


    team announced, as above
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