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  1. Paul McCartney - 64 The Killers – 135 The Cure – 165 Radiohead - 120 Arcade Fire - 155 (+10) Metallica - 98 The Rolling Stones - 150 Beyoncé - 110 Stevie Wonder - 176 Neil Young - 145 Blur - 185 R.E.M. - 165 David Bowie - 210 Pulp - 120
  2. I remember that. My take was there is no way I'm running around on that ground and risking turning an ankle (or worse) just before the festival starts!
  3. I seem to have stopped listening to 6 since the reshuffle sadly. I often just stick the weekend RadMac shows on when I'm working; I find them quite cheering during lockdown life.
  4. It was the name-dropping that used to get on my tits.
  5. If you're a sport fan, it's all happening on Channel 4.
  6. Not doing any exercise since Saturday(!). Been really sunny in London, so too nice to go and have a beer in the park instead. Did do a double session on Sat though, so cardio and weights today then cardio and core tomorrow to get my numbers back up!
  7. They can only allude to it in a fairly coded way - especially being that they are on 5Live - but when they refer to this on Kermode and Mayo podcast, the latter doesn't seem too happy with the whole thing (he had the grace to publicly say that Whiley is a friend, etc though).
  8. I did notice that Simon Mayo had a fairly uimpeachable career of prob over 30 years broadcasting on the nation's two biggest stations; then got paired with Jo Whiley and he was out on his arse within about six months!
  9. Mates are making noises about Farm Fest. Sounds a bit lame to me, anyone been? (I've been to Shindig on the same farm.)
  10. Did anyone see Super Hans when he DJed? Annoyingly, despite the rain, he was the only thing I missed in 2016 that I planned to see!
  11. Nice. Peter Hook stands out like a sore thumb on there! I think Betty Boo is officially eFest's collective fave artist.
  12. If I had to name a festival that was prob patronised by anti-vaxxers, I reckon BD would be near the top of the list!
  13. Gutted that five days of much needed distraction has been blown. I can't see how we don't lose this match.
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