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  1. Homer

    Book Club

    Have also pulled out all the serious books on my shelf to read. Some have been there for years. Aim is to read them all! Almost finished the Trump one (the second in the series). Was almost finished done with it three weeks ago but stopped dead as suddenly how incompetent he is became much less amusing. Will crack back on today!
  2. Homer

    Book Club

    Aiming to ramp up the reading now I have been furloughed. Bought this other day, a study into cognitive dissonance. Been meaning to read about psychology for a while and this seems a great entry point. A group of '50s US psychologists infiltrated a cult to study how the members reacted when the world didn't end as predicted after all. Apparently it's very funny too! https://www.amazon.co.uk/When-Prophecy-Fails-Leon-Festinger/dp/1905177194
  3. Homer

    The Cure

    If it makes you feel any better, last year's Glasto was REALLY hard work in the 30-degree heat every day.
  4. The first time I went?
  5. Van Morrison? Elvis Costello?
  6. On the verge of setting up my Playstation 1 to see if it still works. Just found Brian Lara's Cricket online for £1.99
  7. Most of the comedians lose money.
  8. Homer

    Football 19/20

    I can imagine the poor tea lady is in some pretty tough negotiations with Daniel Levy right now.
  9. I've been furloughed and I'd rather be working (from home) personally.
  10. Homer

    People on Furlough....

    Couple of my colleagues just said they are allowed to work if it's under their own steam, so they are going to carry on doing bits. Really hope they don't cost me my pay!
  11. Homer

    People on Furlough....

  12. On furlough now so need to ramp it up a bit. Beautiful day in London so might try and reattach my bike brakes and go out for a ride.
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