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  1. Charm

    Good news thread..

    Thanks lovely. Fortunately there’s still hardly any cars around where we live as a nearby bridge is closed. It’s usually insanely busy so I’m pretty glad for her. Charm x
  2. Charm

    Good news thread..

    It’s a very happy day at mine as my daughter had just left for her first driving lesson. She turned 17 just before lockdown so was unable to start learning. Pretty surprised that driving schools opened again though, thought they would be one of the last to return. Charm x
  3. Exactly this. It’s pretty sad really. Charm x
  4. A pub near me has been open for takeaways for a while now, it’s opposite the river and it’s been rammed every day, dread to see what it’s going to be like today. Charm x
  5. Not surprised you are a bit nervous. Hope it goes well, please take care of yourself. Charm x
  6. Oh no, how could you do it. I couldn’t watch if I missed out, would be too sad and emotional. Has been hard enough to watch the BBC sets, shed plenty of tears over the weekend. Would definitely plan a trip away. Charm x
  7. It’s properly crazy to be thinking about April already but whatever happens in October I’m in this til the end now. Charm x
  8. Yeah fortunately it’s still there. I stopped for a singalong last time. Charm x
  9. Agree about October, it will be brutal for sure. Guessing it will be a bit like a resale and will be over quite quickly. Charm x
  10. Oh no, so sorry to hear that. Wishing you lots of luck in October, we can do this. Charm x
  11. Happy to hear this V. Really believe we are going to make it. Can’t wait to give massive hugs to all the resale team. Charm x
  12. Charm

    October ticket sale

    Really hope it works out for you. Charm x
  13. I was wondering this too. Might have to re jig the spreadsheet if it’s 6 as I’m guessing you will want to be with your pals. Charm x
  14. Nice to see you back lovely. Hoping you aren’t ticketless again, felt terrible for you last time. Charm x
  15. Charm

    October ticket sale

    Really hope this doesn’t happen to you, would be awful. Charm x
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