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  1. Would be especially lovely to meet helpers. Charm x
  2. Charm

    Good news thread..

    Found it when searching for other dancing birds. Charm x
  3. Charm

    Volunteering 2020

    Got this email too, was secretly hoping they might still be offering places for next time. Charm x
  4. I hope this is how they do it. Would be awful to wait til April 21 to try for a ticket. Charm x
  5. I would love this. Charm x
  6. Being ticketless I planned to go to Ibiza if I couldn’t find a way in. Will still do that if everything is back to normal but it’s so hard to imagine what life could be like in June. Charm x
  7. Charm

    Volunteering 2020

    Not that it helps much but I got the email and haven’t been offered a place yet. Charm x
  8. I’m a member of a seat filling club and they have stopped all bookings. It’s pretty sad as a lot of the smaller venues will really suffer if they have to close, sad times. Charm x
  9. It always amazes me how anyone puts brown sauce on their food, it’s so gross. Charm x
  10. It’s shocking that you people aren’t refrigerating your condiments. Charm x
  11. Of course it should, along with chutney and jam. Charm x
  12. Thanks Yog, I made a proper mess of it but in the end it got drunk, the most important bit. Charm x
  13. Thanks guys, Friday was saved by pushing the cork into the bottle with a long screwdriver. Charm x
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