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  1. Charm

    Queue watch

    I’m on the 6am bus, 30min away, traffic has been mad x
  2. We left just after 6 and are barely out of London, coach driver has taken the most ridiculous route, properly annoying x
  3. Well done, pink is a massive drag on Monday x
  4. Charm

    Queue watch

    They usually leave us boiling to death in the Q, guess this year won’t be any different x
  5. Charm

    Queue watch

    This is sound advice x
  6. Charm

    Queue watch

    Best to stay at gate A if you are coach x
  7. Charm

    Queue watch

    There was a mutiny and a load of efesters started a discord, guess you missed it x
  8. Think it’s a bit weird saying POC don’t camp, clearly nobody has heard of the Kumbh Mela in India, the largest gathering of people on the planet, mainly attended by Hindus who all camp.
  9. Got some raspberry vodka, on offer at Waitrose, thought it will be nice with some cold sprite from the ice cream vans x
  10. Hey lovely, has to be Carl Cox in The Glade Saturday afternoon, also want to see Caribou, Mitski and Rosin, not really sure that’s possible x
  11. Got myself a blister yesterday, was wearing old shoes so no idea what happened, have now stocked up on blister plasters, refuse to have hurty feet at the festival x
  12. Hey lovely, I like an actual ticket too, especially for Glastonbury, all of mine are now precious mementos x
  13. Hey lovely, that’s sounds grim, good luck x
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