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  1. Just letting you know @Tijuana that I’m finding you using my name in posts really weird. I didn’t like that you sent me your phone number saying call anytime, it totally creeped me out. I have blocked you but sadly have to see your posts when someone quotes you. Can you just stop.
  2. Charm

    Resale club 2020

    Sorry to hear this, properly gutted for you, sadly I’m here this year too. Feeling hopeful for the resale and still undecided whether volunteering is a good idea, Glastonbury is party time for me and don’t know if I can face working. Charm x
  3. Charm

    Calling it a day

    I can’t ever see myself not wanting to go but I’m sure Mr Charm wouldn’t bother if it wasn’t for me. He has been many more times than I have and think he would of stopped after 07. Charm x edit oh dear I clearly didn’t read the thread title properly.
  4. That’s so lovely to hear, really glad it’s been such a positive experience for you, it’s important for the festival that newbies like you turn up and fall in love with the place, keeps it fresh, no one wants it full of veterans, would be weird. Charm x
  5. That’s just not true, plenty missed out, remember speaking to people who were there without their regular group. Charm x
  6. Don’t really know what a festival type is exactly but I’m especially happy for all the newbies who got lucky, it might just change their lives. Charm x
  7. Charm

    Resale club 2020

    Me too, been pretty agonising for people who’ve convinced themselves they were going to happen, hope everyone forgets about them for next year. Charm x
  8. Charm

    Resale club 2020

    The stress of it, especially the secret sales, have really felt for everyone in previous years who didn’t make it, thought I couldn’t do that to myself but now it’s happened I really don’t care, just want to be there. Charm x
  9. Charm

    Resale club 2020

    I always said I would never try in the resales but the moment I failed I knew I had to have a go. Will make other plans and book a couple of small festivals just in case the worst happens but feeling really positive, we can do this, wishing you lots of luck. Charm x
  10. Charm

    Diana Ross

    Exactly this, Brian Wilsons voice wasn’t incredible but he’s still best thing I’ve ever seen at Glastonbury. Charm x
  11. Charm

    Resale club 2020

    Found this on the website, send the letter and apply this way, agree with Neil about making the letter shorter and enclose loads of pictures. Charm x https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/contact/performing-and-exhibiting/
  12. Charm

    Resale club 2020

    Really hope you have some luck with this, one year I met a couple who missed out and wrote a letter pleading to get in, it worked for them. Charm x
  13. Charm

    Diana Ross

    This is exactly who I didn’t want to see announced considering I’m ticketless, her music is the soundtrack of my childhood, amazing booking, going to be pretty special. Charm x
  14. Charm

    Resale club 2020

    Secret sales don’t seem to happen anymore, it’s the official resale only. Charm x
  15. We camp in Pennards so anyone complaining about noise is a bit silly, maybe put them on the inside of your tent so no one knows it’s you. Charm x
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