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  1. Beaver89

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Anyone know when e-tickets are likely to be sent out?
  2. Beaver89

    Blur 2009 - BBC2

    Blur still stands as the best gig I have ever seen and I'm not sure it will ever be beaten. The whole weekend was one of not really knowing the headliners that well and having a good option on the Other stage (Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party and Prodigy) if after 10-15 mins we didn't like them. We ended up staying through all 3 pyramid headliners (including NY's 20 minute rendition of Rocking and Bruces over-run). Odd one that Just Jack earlier on Sunday at JP was the unexpectedly best thing I'd seen to that point. Anyway Blur were all the things people have already said. Alex James said on Nowhere Left to Run that something changed that night and he is absolutely spot on. It was a special evening where the band fed off the crowd and the crowd fed off the band and that synergy elevated everything higher than I think anyone knew possible. I came in aware of their stuff, I left absolutely smitten with something in my eye and unable to speak trying to comprehend what I had just experienced. A dry weekend was then drowned out at 1am while in the bus queue but thats another story... Stones was very different. While Blur felt like a "....well OK ....OH WOW", Stones year felt very Stones centric and only on Sunday did it let up and feel more like Glasto again. Not that it was a bad thing. I almost hyperventilated when they were announced and I couldn't believe I was getting to see them. I just remember a carpet of people unlike anything I've ever seen before. that field was SO full even with the extra capacity and the Stones did their thing which was of course amazing and it was a moment you can say "I was there". A mate of mine somehow managed to find us in the middle of the crowd mid-gig having turned up late, passed out, went to get water, appeared back again, passed out again then retreated to the edge for the rest of the gig. How he did this remains a mystery. For me though... Blur was amazing and listening to the Hyde Park gig recordings doesn't quite capture the immensity of Glasto. I really hope the full gig exists recorded somewhere and it sees the light of day at some point. It was so special. That hour on iPlayer still makes me grin like a Cheshire Cat for now though.
  3. Beaver89

    The XX

    Been saying they should headline for a while now but the thought of it being a bit further down the line once they are more confident playing bigger shows is really exciting. Imagine a 2+ hour set where the first hour and 15 is XX stuff, it builds up to a Jamie XX 20-30 minute rave then back to XX euphoric tracks at the end. They get the setlist right on that occasion and it will go down as historic.... *goosebumps thinking about it and goes off to compile what that list may look like if done today...*
  4. Now that is fair enough - it is 2 years away though so things could change. Yea, was about to say put the week in the leave diary now. I'm tempted to and I won't even be in this role by then (one way or another!!!). I'd be willing to bet that they will both have forgotten by October 18.
  5. All of this. I'm always inclusive and encouraging people to go an say to register and when the tickets go on sale. It doesn't matter if we are 18 months or 18 days from Ticket day - they never, ever do. I figure if they really want to go then they will sort themselves out. Even if they do register and remember, when they realise they won't shower for 5 days and they have to buy the ticket without knowing the lineup they will get their nose bent out of shape and not bother or forget to pay the balance or double book themselves. As with all u lot, if they really want to go, they will. If not, they won't. Just be nice to people
  6. Beaver89

    Should Flags be Banned?

    A thread as old as time and assured as the rumours of Radiohead or Daft Punk headlining. Always in favour of flags and it will never be as bad as 2009 - that really was peak flag that year! Glad to see the end of I <3 Sausages! Keep the flags, the Beeb have learned to film around them and frankly if you're in the field and complaining, you probably aren't close enough to see the band anyway.
  7. Beaver89

    Headliners 2019

    Please to see the love for Florence, Foals and XX in here. I said to friends just before Florence got the bump that any of the three were due a headline slot. Interesting they were all billed in the same slot each year one after the other.
  8. Beaver89

    Headliners 2019

    Fair point. How about dance acts? They seem to only ever get Other, WH, JP billing. I know Daft Punk would get a top slot if they ever chose to do it. Surely Chems or someone could top it? (Though I understand Chems actually prefer the Other field)
  9. Beaver89

    Headliners 2019

    Do we think Eminem could ever play Glasto? He's on his second Reading for god knows why. Probs wants too much money. Personally I think it could but is maybe unlikely.
  10. Beaver89

    Glastonbury 2018 after all ?

  11. Beaver89

    Glastonbury 2018 after all ?

    Back on the road after the ladies' side-project then. Either way - big tour in the works next year. Seems to be intended to be a farewell tour by a quick google but many bands claim that...
  12. Beaver89

    Secret resales

    Pretty sweet deal. I know opportunities are available right up to the festival, we saw many in these thread and I have friends who often find work as late as a week or 2 before. I had an potential opportunity to steward work its way to my attention this time last week but by the time my emphatic response got back to them it had gone. Just a bad run of luck and a rollercoaster I'm not sure was all that fun! As I've said, it makes you appreciate the luck, the run and the festival itself all the more for sitting one out. Just sucked it was this one with the great weather and fantastic Beaver-perfect lineup.
  13. Beaver89

    2017 - How was it for you?

    I echo MJ. First year I've missed but from the TV, line-up, weather, surprises etc, when ME says it was the best one yet I'm going to have to whole-heartedly agree even though I wasn't there. Roll on 2019!
  14. Beaver89

    Secret resales

    Probably the best one yet...
  15. Beaver89

    Headliners 2019

    The Killers are very likely I'd have thought, would be 12 years and they always go down well. Kings of Leon are keen to return as well. For the third - could be anything - think Florence is too soon, Lady Gaga would need to have another proper hit album in the UK, Maybe Madonna? Never played before, female, certainly big enough etc etc. I really don't know. Elton to top pyramid or play legend slot in one of the two years we know to be happening so far and Diana Ross for a legend slot too. I think Fleetwood Mac are one of the headliners they have lined up for the 50th anniversary in 2020.