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  1. Got to say I agree with this, yes hes ancient , I'm in my late 50s ffs?, hes a legend, I've never seen him or any Beetle live. Might be cheesy, might be the best thing ever, reckon I'll pop along to find out, unless there is a simply must that drags me elsewhere
  2. Success for us again this year ?, look forward to being on the Farm again. six of us this time around. Can't belive though thst it's always the same person who manges to get through. I've been trying for years and never had a sniff! Thank fuck for lucky sods ???
  3. ghandi


    Very late to the thread, been crazy busy since coming back. Lizzo was absolutely amazing. Told my friend and his girlfriend to come and watch as i had heard the album and seen the videos and a couple of live Youtube vids and was expecting it to be fun. We were amazed by the size of the crowd for one, certainly headline size. I was more than happy and i had even underestimated how entertianing the set might be. Fucking fantastic, was my mates comment half way through with a beaming smile. Love her and her music,
  4. We saw the Bootleg beetles this year. always seemed to have missed them. I mean blimey they were there in 2010! a time for change me thinks.
  5. ghandi

    Biggest Surprises

    Three for me Never thought I wouls go to see Stormzy but I did and he killed it. Yola - Avalon Cure, never there biggest fan but their sound like really drew me in - Amazing
  6. ghandi

    Emotional moments

    Had a lump on my throat moment on Sunday morning ( usually happens then ), We were struggling with the line up early Sunday and decided to go to the Avalon to watch Yola. Wow what a voice, I love finding new unexpected discoveries . My mate and me were grinning like Cheshire cats. Moments like that make you realise what a special place it is. Her renditions of Eltons Yellow Brick rd and Arethas cover were amazing. Love her album ( listened since )
  7. ghandi

    Footwear on site

    ? nice one Feet officially broken after walking the whole site yesterday in flip flops!
  8. ghandi

    Footwear on site

    Thanks for the thought, but I'm size 8.5/9
  9. ghandi

    Footwear on site

    Does anyone know if any trader on site is selling footwear other than wellies ? My walking boots / shoes are killing my feet, didn't bring trainers with me ?
  10. I brought some ankle height walking boots and only flip flops for around the tent. My boots are killing my feet, just too heavy. Anyone know if any market traders selling footwear?
  11. Had the shits this morning and felt jaded all day at work, almost as if a cold was coming on. I think it's just anxiety though. Can't wait for the event, panicky my old body will give way getting in, my worst nightmare. It all washes away once I'm there though.
  12. ghandi

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Ok now I've been lurking on this thread over the three weeks, it's done me in really. Went to bed last night happy as Larry to get up this morning with more talk of heavy rain. Went to my usual, though hardly reliable source, the BBC app, to be once again comforted by great weather sandwiched in the middle. Now it look as though the good weather extends past the fest. Hopefully the 43% of rain will reduce or move away on Tuesday. Blimey rollercoaster or what! ??????????????
  13. ghandi

    To welly or not to welly

    Always take wellies. I use them to store my Lenor bottle ( ?) and my bottle ( plastic) of Vodka for the trip to camp. Bought ankle walking boots which more than likely will be the footwear of choice. If mad dusty I couldn't be wearing trainer's or sandals
  14. Ha! Watched it before it got taken down ??
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