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  1. I've just read that Genisis are rehearsing for a reunion tour in April 2021. Obvious questions over whether it'll actually happen, but it would a great if they could be persuaded to headline Glasto. This is all based on assumptions re Covid though. I'm a fan, but a bigger fan of the band when they were five. But having said that they still have some banger hits as a three.
  2. Michael is taking part in livestream event in conversation on the 21st at 6pm with Q&A afterwards 👍
  3. Thanks for reminding me about this. What a great day that was, in what was i think my favourite year. I remember getting rather drunk during Faithless, dancing my tits off at the back of the field. When Stevie came on my mate ,myself and his Mrs wandered our way through the crowd and over the Sunday blankets to the open space behind the sound deck by the screen where there was a large crowd just dancing like they were at a night club; at least that was in my drunken memory; i joined them through a classic Stevie set. i now have my plans for this Saturday nights viewing. A bottle of wine a
  4. Very happy 👏, had to be the right choice, well done MK, overdue.
  5. I'm not sure i never usually watch the proms. As a big Laura fan i saw this pop up and had to see it, i knew that there wouldn't be any audience and she is perfect for that environment, the quietness and orchestral arrangements really suit her music. As with classical stuff they attempted to split it into separate sections with musicians moving in and out and i thought it worked quite well. I actually like the analysis with Edith Bowman as a gushing fan girl and i guess they wanted to inform people who hadn't seen Laura before of the history of her music etc. It was all great but ' For you' ,
  6. I watched Laura Marling at the proms yesterday. In these sad times her performance brought a lump to my throat on numerous occasions. Spellbinding performance
  7. I'm watching Laura Marling at the proms recorded from yesterday. Beautiful and spellbinding as usual, she is amazing.
  8. I love the confidence and i am starting to be a believer that it's all going to be alright. June is a long way off, I think that everything he says that will be in place for R&L should be in place by June. If i were the Eavis i'd soldier on as normal, which i have no doubt they will. Twelve people died yesterday, we are way past the peak. We just need to look after that infection rate and we are sorted. Let's get over this winter and we are home and dried.
  9. ghandi

    How do you feel?

    I think presently i am deffo a number 6!
  10. ghandi

    How do you feel?

    Hi Tartan, i do know the feeling, i think many of us a in the same position presently, you are not alone. Covid has hit a lot of people hard emotionally and professionally. In February i was called in to see my boss to be told the company was 'redefining' my job role and title and that i was out of a job and i could either re-apply for the 'Newly defined job description or take redundancy , which meant taking aboard many added KPIs and get paid the same but to do two roles in one. Given the existing stresses and pressures i had been under i decided that at the age of 58 i would take the redund
  11. ghandi

    Virtual Meet

    When is the next meet? Thought I'd missed it.
  12. ghandi

    Virtual Meet

    Yeah saw the Stairway to Heaven, noted to listen
  13. ghandi

    Virtual Meet

    Not related but i've been watching a couple of Black kids reviewing old music on YouTube ( Twinsthenewtrent ) , pretty funny and rather cool. Although i do wonder if their parents had locked them in a cupboard for 10 years whilst growing up when their posts are ' First time i've heard.... '
  14. Gove is totally unelectable. Not that he'll be winning any election mind. But come next time around when Boris has had his chips ( if not before) they'll need a candidate that can have a broader appeal, i think Sunak is their only hope now.
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