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  1. I think Idles deserve an Other headline slot imo. They've done the Park and had another two cracking albums since. Fontaines did JP 2019 and obvious step up to the Park. Wouldn't even surprise me to see Idles on the Pyramid.
  2. ghandi

    The Park 2022

    Pretty Meh for me. I'd be interested in Arlo Parks and Gabriels who is a welcome addition. Fontains must be on the Other Stage then.
  3. Love this , excellent work, look forward to the update. My nieces first time this year, would be very handy 👍
  4. By all accounts judging by whats been happening elsewhere on this forum lately i reckon the average age has taken a bit of a dip..... to about 10yo.
  5. I think there is a slight lull right now whilst we are all waiting for the full line up with times. The West holts announcement will only temper this for a short while. Once build pics start arriving on the website in June anticipation will hit the roof. Hopefully some more cheer on this site as well might help, the last two days has been a tad disappointing to read. I do understand peoples gripes though.
  6. ghandi


    Personally i prefer to browse on here and enjoy the screenshots. I use my mobile most times perusing the chat amd don't really focus in on the BBC site for the webcam.
  7. Exactly this, lots of new finds for me this year, Easy Life a must see , love them. Part of the enjoyment is looking through the new acts, i've found countless artists i have followed down the years after the festival.
  8. Pretty much the same. I was 45/46 (?) When i went to my first in 2009. Now 60 and this will be my 8th given not getting tickets and fallow years. Being an avid gig goer and party animal after a divorce at the age of 26 you'd have thought i would have but it never came about. Happily married to an understanding wife now though.
  9. ghandi

    Paul McCartney

    Tbf whilst looking for alternatives really this might be too bigger an event to miss.
  10. Do they sell cans of coke?
  11. Top of the list is my Mankini for the hot weather 😛
  12. I've made a list and printed it out. I am off work from the 18th giving me plenty of time for Last minute shopping and packing. Have brought stuff down from the loft in a pile. The list is a great remembering tool. Obviously you have to remember to put the thongs not to forget on the list in the first place 🤣
  13. ghandi

    Paul McCartney

    A nice article. I am really torn right now. My mind is saying that PC is surely too old to be able to carry this off as i've been told he can't sing anymore, my mate is telling me, ' come on when will you ever have the chance to see a Beatle'. He is a fan of course. As a 60 year old i have been brought up with the Beatles around me in my early years. Was a big fan of the Rubber Soul and Revolver albums but always leant towards Zeppelin and Genesis ( early years) when Wings came about. I am sure it will be a great occasion and after a few drinks the size of the crowd all singing along to hey jude and let it be might be more awesome than watching it in the acoustic with the Bootlegs or in a bar in Liverpool.
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