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  1. Recommended watch. I mean wow what a tool to try and create a festival on an island in the Bahamas that you didn't own ( like you said you did), and give yourself 3 months to make it happen with zero knowledge and experience and sell the festival to the well to do as the dream experience, the Coachella nation fell for it hook line and sinker. Excellent 🤣
  2. Great thanks for posting this, really interesting discussion, very much enjoyed.
  3. I'm in a very confused state presently. In early Feb I took voluntary redundancy . Then came covid and whilst working out a 12 week notice period I was sent home on the 1st of April on furlough. Whilst on furlough I received an email from my still employer telling me that they wanted to extend my furlough until the end of June and then my redundency would be paid within two weeks of July, but in the email they also stated that if the furlough was extended further they could also extend mine. As they put me on furlough instead of just sending me to another office to work off my remaining notice period it appears to me that they may have made a legal error thus now being part of the companies furloughed employees and they can't change it for fear of the goverment fining them. I am completely void knowledge on the law on this and thus after today's announcement I feel weirdly in limbo
  4. ghandi

    How do you feel?

    Feeling ok right now, listening to music with a glass of wine while the mrs watches some shit on tv. We only stopped work on Tuesday, even that was so boring, but 4 days in I'm feeling the stir craziness a bit, the mrs has had three weeks of it already and is bat shit crazy!! 😁
  5. ghandi


    Please please please can Sevdeliza play next year !! Absolutely love her. A very recent find for me. Sad he gigs called off in May but gives me a chance to see her next year. Shes next level. Would love to see a JP set, can't imagine her being elsewhere tbh, and must be sub or headline slot.
  6. Redundant from May 6th, i will mostly be still looking for work given the economic state by then i think it'll be hard. Fingers crossed though
  7. https://www.nme.com/news/music/bbc-announce-plans-to-broadcast-celebration-of-glastonbury-following-cancellation-2628109 BBC plan to hold a celebration of Glastonbury, quite what that would be who knows but something to pass the time away, albeit pining for the fields whilst watching 😢
  8. 👍 , Well done GFL , great news. Such a pity good at least we'll have the chance to go next year.
  9. i have been reading everything on both threads over the last few days and finally come to the realisation its over for this year. Very sad. it was going to my nieces first festival and she had been really looking forward to it after coming of age and her dad agreeing ( finally) to let her go. She was really pumped, feel sorry for her mostly, as i have been seven time already. I was looking at possibly this also being my last at a ripe old age of 58. Things in my work life have turned sour after being made redundant and looking for a new job from May. With the outlook grim for a while even that looks a forlorn hope presently , i hope for some luck in that , think i'll need it with the economy going to take a dive. Everything is in the balance. I am also in the at risk group albeit i am fine presently. I really hope for a postponement for her sake, i will decide when and if it is decided whether to carry of my last festival, would have been nice to end it on the 50th though.
  10. Got to say I agree with this, yes hes ancient , I'm in my late 50s ffs?, hes a legend, I've never seen him or any Beetle live. Might be cheesy, might be the best thing ever, reckon I'll pop along to find out, unless there is a simply must that drags me elsewhere
  11. Success for us again this year ?, look forward to being on the Farm again. six of us this time around. Can't belive though thst it's always the same person who manges to get through. I've been trying for years and never had a sniff! Thank fuck for lucky sods ???
  12. ghandi


    Very late to the thread, been crazy busy since coming back. Lizzo was absolutely amazing. Told my friend and his girlfriend to come and watch as i had heard the album and seen the videos and a couple of live Youtube vids and was expecting it to be fun. We were amazed by the size of the crowd for one, certainly headline size. I was more than happy and i had even underestimated how entertianing the set might be. Fucking fantastic, was my mates comment half way through with a beaming smile. Love her and her music,
  13. We saw the Bootleg beetles this year. always seemed to have missed them. I mean blimey they were there in 2010! a time for change me thinks.
  14. ghandi

    Biggest Surprises

    Three for me Never thought I wouls go to see Stormzy but I did and he killed it. Yola - Avalon Cure, never there biggest fan but their sound like really drew me in - Amazing
  15. ghandi

    Emotional moments

    Had a lump on my throat moment on Sunday morning ( usually happens then ), We were struggling with the line up early Sunday and decided to go to the Avalon to watch Yola. Wow what a voice, I love finding new unexpected discoveries . My mate and me were grinning like Cheshire cats. Moments like that make you realise what a special place it is. Her renditions of Eltons Yellow Brick rd and Arethas cover were amazing. Love her album ( listened since )
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