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  1. ghandi

    Diana Ross

    A great booking. As with Kylie we will be there Pims out! I just hope Chris Martin dosn't pop up for Endless Love 🤪
  2. Thats an idea. I need to save for Glasto, so no funds before.
  3. One London date in Nov 2022? Blimey . Go on sale 5th Nov this year!! No chance of seeing them ( no funds for this week. Can get them in the pre sale but dosnt say how much. Pity if they are not doing anything outside that. Can bet they'd play some old stuff as well.
  4. I read that Porqupine tree are reforming and have a new album and tour in 2022. Great news, i wonder if they might be dping some festivals 🤔
  5. ghandi

    2021 New Music

    Porqupine Tree back together again for a new album and tour in 2022! What are the chances??
  6. ghandi

    2022 Headliners

    Possibly? But headlining isn't to 'Low', that tent wouëd be rammed. But i can see a sub other as well.
  7. ghandi

    2022 Headliners

    I've been listening to Sam Fenders new album, it's a brilliant follow up to the first and reckon he would be a really good Other it JP headliner this year.
  8. I've been searching for the efests rumour page. Too early ? 😜
  9. I'm really hopeful. I'd go 90%. Want 100% but will wait until after the winter. Fuck I've missed it and I've got that golden ticket dangling like the proverbial carrot. I was carrying decking panels from my front garden to my back garden this morning whilst listening to music on the headphones, it made me think of the build ffs!! Mad isn't it.
  10. In 2019 we saw Yola in the Avalon. She was amazing. I've been listening to her new album ' Stand for myself ' a lot lately and I'm really hopeful she'll get pushed up the bill next year. I can see a support or headline at Avalon or lower down on West Holts. She's touring all over the US during early 2022 and has a July gig in Amsterdam, so big Glasto hole 🤞
  11. Bruno Pernandas - Those who throw objects at Crocodiles will be asked to retrieve them. Was the music what you expected based on the album title? What a title BTW, and who would have known what would be expected by that! I loved it, i am sure i've heard of him/ them before somewhere. I went for a long walk in the park today ( off day from work) and it was a great listen sitting in the sun. I imagined being at the festival sat listening by West Holts, sadly no drink in hand though. I love the jazziness that plays through the album. What was your favourite song? Has to be 'Anywhere in Spacetime' i love the use of asian sounds in this, and 'Ya Ya breathe' Will you check out more of their songs? They have a new single out - and it’s great! I also listened to their 2014 album ' How can we be joyful in a world of Knowledge' and would agree this is the better album although very good. I gave this a 4, another very welcome artist to add to my playlist.
  12. Fidlar - Almost free Have you heard them before? I have never heard of Fidlar before What did you think? Not really my thing but pleasant enough, my fave track by far was 'Called you twice' Will you listen them again? Not really, enjoyable but it didn't really shout out to me to want to hear again Would you watch them at a festival? The sort of band that if passing a stage they were playing on i might stop to listen for a couple of tracks before moving on Rating: Can't really mark more than a 2 given what i've marked up for others
  13. Steven Wilson - Hand Cannot Erase Thoughts: This is why i readily signed up to this thread! Love hearing new stuff that otherwise would have escaped me. Many thanks to @mailzoid for putting this up. During the late 70s in my 6th form common room, Genesis, Yes, Floyd, Camel and the likes were the music of choice and this made me into a prog lover, one of the many genre changing periods. I have never heard of Steven Wilson and feel blessed to now have found this nugget. I love this record. Influences a plenty, obviously as the man has worked with many of the great prog bands. I can certainly get early Gabriel / Hackett Genesis ( First Regret / 3 Years olders - Watcher of the skies ) and Wakeman Yes from a lot here, also some really nice Gilmour esc guitar solos and even dare i say it some Carey style drumming. This found particularly in my favorite ( if there has to be one ) track 'Ancestral' , i even detect some Radiohead style intro beats at the beginning of this track. Much i have made of the influences but obviously the guy is a great musician / composer. Would i watch the live, check our more of his stuff? Undoubtedly! i am already ploughing through his Youtube live stuff, Ancestral is amazing live! I cannot wait for all of this shit to go away so i can book tickets to see him. Approaching 60 years old, this music captures almost all the decades of music that fashioned me, its gorgeous. I will be checking out his other albums including Porcupine tree, who also escaped me. it was so sad but also rather touching to see ' Routine' played out to an empty Royal Albert Hall. A sad story by the way. Marks out of 5 Well 5 obviously ! :)
  14. Lol, tbh this is how I usually find new acts as well, so also loving this thread for that same reason. Although I do have a couple when my turn comes around that I never found from a festival line up.
  15. The Beths - Jump Rope Gazers Have you listened to The Beths before and overall thoughts? As someone else has said i have certainly heard the name before though never checked them out. I might have seen them on Jools before? My fave tracks are, 'Don't go away' and ' you are a beam of light'. Some nice 'poppy' indie tunes. Not many bands from New Zealand make a splash over here so nice to here some decent music from that part of the world, or maybe i am being a bit nieve :) Will you investigate them further? Seems to be a new band, so will check out the other album, possible whilst driving about. Would you watch at a festival? If i were at the stage when they came on i wouldn't walk away, but doubt i'd go out of my way. Rating out of 5: 3
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