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  1. ghandi

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Ah yes, memories of that one.Walked up from the Pyramid, tried to get cover under the Glade, no chance there , everyone cowering for cover, stopped a bit and went up to the Park to watch Wold Alice and made the mistake of taking off the pocho to put something in my bag and it suddenly chucked it down, hence got soaked!
  2. Excitement is at medium level at the moment. After not having been since 2015 i should be champing at the bit by now but because there are just the two of us out of our old party of 7 we are taking it easy. Being 57 my excitement tends to be less these days, but will likely ramp up some more when the full line-up is out and the site build pics come out. a bit worried about my levels of fitness as well this year!
  3. Wouldn't be easier to just enter it in your phone ?
  4. Started the clothes & stuff pile, will add and subtract as the weeks go by, bought new walking boots.
  5. Has to be the Bimble in hands down
  6. I voted for wellies. Depends on the level of mud though. If it was the deep gloopy mud then wellies if medium then walking boots.
  7. Aired out my new tent yesterday. Seems ok , hoping no torrential rain 🤞
  8. ghandi

    West Holts 2019

    I'm wondering if both Maverick Saber and Jorja Smith will have slots here this year. Would make sense to me. Nothing better than a sunny day at West Holts
  9. I'm really loving Jorja Smith right now. Don't know how much of a ' smaller' act she is right now really, but she's new to me. I'm wondering where she is going to to play. I'd guess JP or West Holts early afternoon slot
  10. ghandi

    Avalon lineup 2019

    Looking forward to Bananarama , a few pints in the Bimble and sing along will be excellent. Like Morcheeba , to be fair i will have to look into the other artists , but really love that area.
  11. ghandi

    2019 Map

    By turning West Holts slightly towards the Glasto Latino, is there not going to be some overflow of sound or does Glasto Latino start after the West Holts headliner? When they had music in that bar in the same place ( last went in 2015 ) there was definately some overflow of sound if you were on the path side.
  12. Can't have the Cure and Janelle clashing on Sunday. I'm going with my mate who I know would want to see the Cure, I want to see Janelle 🤔
  13. Watching the Documentary " Showdown at Glastonbury from 1992. Goode vs Eavis Blimey that women!! 🙄 , hard work or what.
  14. ghandi

    2019 Headliners

    Oh totally agree, the whole place is magic, wouldn't be scrambling for a ticket every year even at 57 yo! i lost my shit at Stevie's gig, would have done last year at Radiohead and yes it depends if you are really into an act. Look its the greatest stage ( iconic) in the world, just an artist can get lost on it at times and dosen't fit, which is i suppose is a different topic.
  15. ghandi

    2019 Headliners

    I would deffo been there for Radiohead and yes that would have been an epic gig , there is sublime amongst the sometimes bad! Didn't get a ticket though ( still reeling because of it ) , i was just remarking on the acts left to play it would leave me being unexpired for this year. Also the ' experience' is deffo better if somewhere near the front, which is quite hard to do most times.
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