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  1. If the tickets were to be rolled over another year to 2022 then i'd be inclined to leave mine in the pot. it would be a very sad day if 1) 2021 is cancelled 2) they didn't roll them over again, but i am determined to go at least one further time, this would be my 8th , at 58 i wouldn't mind celebrating my 60th there.
  2. I went to Bluewater shopping centre in Dartford yesterday, one of the biggest shopping centres in the country. Everything was well laid out with routes to follow, left and right paths etc, sanitiser at each shop front. BUT as approx 80% of people wore masks, i noticed that of the stores that i went in i reckon approx only 40% of store working actually wore masks. This can't be right surely? This was on a Thursday and i can imagine this weekend will be very much busier. With the footfall you'd expect it mandatory that employers be made to make their staff where protective masks.
  3. Very good show, watched all three series ( ?) early Lockdown. I Still can get past Sutherland being in 24 though, everytime he opens his gob in the whispering tone
  4. It has some though not a lot as he has tour guides and 'old' friends all of whom speak English to help him along
  5. I'll be ok, i'll be first in the queue being 58 , i'll be the guinee pig
  6. I binged my way through to 9 series two episodes in of Anthony Bourdains show on Netflix. Just love the man, the best journalistic Food and travel show ever. Actually this is my second time around, i watched them all before when it was initially on Netflix a couple of years ago. Such a tragic loss , just goes to show that mental health can effect anyone. What a life he had. If there was ever a man i would want around my table for a chat ( remember that one? ), then it would be him. RIP Anthony.
  7. ghandi

    Virtual Meet

    Aaaagh , turn tables, now theres a thing of my long lost past, haven't had one of those since the invention of the CD, don't even buy those anymore i'm sad to say. Not great at supporting the artists i'll admit. I hope they get some back from Spotify clicks though. I'll be paying for Sevdalizas new album release online gig at the end of the month though.
  8. First headliner 2009 Friday night Park stage - The Horrors
  9. I have put this in my tracker, but Austin City Limits is one of the worse programmes of this type, I just don't like they way it's produced.
  10. Forget Christmas, there's only one Christmas and it's at the end of June. Unless you have kids obviously, don't mean to be a humbug, you might still like it if your still young. I'm more worried about that! Some are saying we won't have a truly tried and tested properly functioning vaccine until the end of NEXT year, if at all! I know we are only in August but I'm more worried now than I've been this past month.
  11. ghandi

    Virtual Meet

    Agreed, love listening to new stuff, for instance, I'd never bothered listening to Fiona Apple. Don't know why I did, think someone on here mentioned her new album. Listened to a few tracks from 10 years ago and liked what I heard, she was very young then but intrigued enough to try out an album or two. Seems a bit Alanis Morissette, not a bad thing though.
  12. ghandi

    Virtual Meet

    Love to see Songs in the Key of life ( probably the first album I listened to in its entirety, and Human League - Dare there. I posted on here a few years ago asking for people to post the top 5 albums that they could honestly say shaped their musical tastes and listening habits, Songs in the key of life was one of them.
  13. Happening in a town near you any time soon. With some internet news stories and posts that I've read, these are already being planned and the authorities are trying to keep up. Stories like this from Germany won't help either.
  14. ghandi

    Virtual Meet

    What classic albums did you did you listen to ?
  15. Yes, opinion on that might have changed as well by then !
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