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Glastonbury Covers Set Challenge


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11 minutes ago, ian the worm said:

Micheal reveals that the Ribbon Tower is actually a new laser harp for Jean Michel Jarre who stands atop and simulcasts early Yes albums to every stage for 5 glorious days. 

Doesn’t Topographic Oceans alone take longer than 5 days to get through, or maybe it just seems like it. 

(Says a big Yes fan)

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6 minutes ago, Supernintendo Chalmers said:

Ahh, I thought as much. Is a reunion ever a possibility?

Unlikely, I think. There was a bit of a fall-out over song credits I think - tho they did share a stage when TH were inducted into RnR Hall of Fame so they can be in the same room together - but mostly because Byrne is someone who seems to look forwards and not backwards. 

But you never know I guess. There's a book coming out in 2 months from Chris Frantz so it'll be interesting to see what that says and whether it sparks anything.
edit: I know Frantz (so Tina too, I guess) would do it if the others would.

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On 3/1/2020 at 6:37 PM, PDAD said:

LCD Soundsystem covering Bowie on the Pyramid. 

I didn't know that was exactly what I wanted until you suggested it. 

I'll push my luck and say an Arcade Fire/LCD supergroup

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