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  1. rawrsomesauce

    The 1975 2020

    I wonder/hope something akin to the O2 Academy in Birmingham or the one in Islington can be achieved on a bigger scale with rooms of varying sizes available. Re: 1975, I have to admit I'm liking how often Milk is popping up on the setlist.
  2. rawrsomesauce

    The 1975 2020

    Even when the new arena is built, we still need venues with circa 3K - 5K cap so hopefully they replace the Motorpoint with an Academy sized venue.
  3. I reckon Biffy will headline Other against Kendrick. Reckon Royal Blood are probably penciled in for next year.
  4. Absolutely no idea where I was for the drops in 14, 15, & 16. However, for both 17 & 19 I was at the bus stop waiting for my bus to work. Clearly I'm going to need to take the bus instead of the train tomorrow. Just to be safe.
  5. I remember in I think either 2015 or 2016 he opened the Other on the Saturday? Field was absolutely rammo for that time
  6. Perhaps a big Welsh homecoming show as he's not announced one on this tour?
  7. To be fair, it still baffles me to this day that even in 2014 someone thought Jake Bugg would be big enough to headline the Other especially above both Manics & Pixies
  8. Have artists ever teased the poster drop?
  9. Lots of names I'd happily take off there... Haim, Keane (yes I know... but chuck them mid-afternoon Other or early Pyramid for a lovely singalong), La Roux, Phoebe Bridgers, Inhaler, Marika Hackman, Bad Sounds et al.
  10. If there's a new album, it'll be Billie Eilish as the one that's played before.
  11. All of you are sleeping on Jojo Rabbit and it really shows.
  12. As previously said, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard as well as Peaness would be ace. Would also love Creeper, Indoor Pets, and Muna to pop up.
  13. She was magnificent on John Peel in 2015 even if I left halfway through to go watch Kanye, but in my defence I had seen her twice in the previous 12 months! I listened to the new album on my way to work this morning, it's good but doesn't really deviate from the sound she settled on. I could see her playing Park or Avalon personally.
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