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  1. Slightly gutted there's no Let's Eat Grandma there, thought they would have been wicked on the Park
  2. Wouldn't be the first time in recent years the line up has dropped on 31st May, and it always makes for an excellent birthday present!
  3. I recall it raining around 1am Saturday morning as I walked from William's Green back to my tent, was only a mild sprinkle
  4. Since I've been... 1. Radiohead 2017 2. LCD Soundsystem 2016 3. Wolf Alice on William's Green 2014 4. Chvrches 2014 5. Father John Misty 2015
  5. Looks as if it ran from Wednesday afternoon in 2017.
  6. 5th in a row for me, first experience of the fallow year and my gosh it has been hard!! Ridiculously excited, lucky enough to get through the sale back in October I'm so giddy
  7. I watched Rogue One in 2017, it was a lovely experience! Even choked up a bit at the end when Carrie Fisher appeared on screen and everybody cheered. Will definitely be looking to make a visit to the Palais dependent on Thursday's programming.
  8. As much as certain quarters would never admit it, they could headline the entire festival nowadays, don't see them ever doing it but they're big enough.
  9. Started going gym 4 months before fest in 2017, compared to previous years could explore more of the site without getting breathless and was generally easier carrying the kit in etc. Now over 2 years later, whilst have put on some weight (presumably from where I've been bulking with protein) I feel significantly fitter! Even if my body's gotten injured twice in the last month... pulled muscles in my shoulders and back 3 weeks ago and now I've done something to my knee!
  10. FWIW, when I lived in London I'd book the single coach then get the train back. Much quicker and more convenient
  11. You didn't accidentally buy a single coach ticket did you?
  12. I may be wrong, but I remember the crowd for FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks) in 2015 JP Sunday headliner to be relatively sparse. Not dead but not exactly busy either!
  13. Looking forward to seeing Swimming Girls, saw them last year supporting Pale Waves and they are mint live
  14. Sniffer dogs were there in 2017 but seemed to be part of the security theatre as a result of the terror attacks rather than a concerted effort to find teabags
  15. Can't believe no one's gone for Perfect Symmetry
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