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  1. At least this Beans stream is lovely
  2. Almost feels like ticket day. Almost.
  3. I seem to recall similar in 2016, we all know what happened then.
  4. Not bad - think Sam Fender is more likely to headline either Other or JP though considering he's got a sold out arena tour on the horizon.
  5. I know, it's a horrible thing for anyone to go through let alone when you have two young children as well. Laurie's still doing his solo stuff and their facebook/insta profiles have been purged so I think that's it for Slaves. Isaac is doing solo stuff too.
  6. At this point, I've fully resigned myself to Trump still being president this time next year either through Americans voting for him to win again or through absolute fuckery of the highest order.
  7. I'd argue SA are bigger than Slaves seeing as Slaves don't seem to exist anymore.
  8. Christ that is grim, I'd be intrigued to see the wording of that 'contract' - doubt it's enforceable! I've started a masters part time on the weekends in Bristol and commuting from Cardiff it's been weird to see the different rules e.g. 1m+ when wearing masks in Bristol but a blanket 2m in Wales. At this point, I'm fully expecting my next set of classes on the 10th/11th to be online.
  9. The 1975 at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena on 23rd February. This is the longest I've gone without a gig in 12 bloody years!!
  10. On one hand, that would make sense as it would continue to protect jobs in places with restrictions on operating e.g. I know of people who work in shops with limited floor space where some are furloughed some aren't. On the other hand, this government is a fucking shitshow and will plunge us over the cliff in the name of ideological purity in the name of Brexit no matter the cost. Not to mention, they are loathe to give any money to us proles.
  11. By the logic that TWOD are big enough to sub the Pyramid as played the O2 on their last tour I am very much looking forward to last year's Other subs Two Door Cinema Club subbing the Pyramid next time they're around!
  12. Arctic Mankeys? I'll see myself out...
  13. I bloody love Sports Team mostly cos of how much they wind up all the self-righteous indie types! Plus the tunes are decent, Here's The Thing in particular.
  14. Played football again last night, glad to say that I didn't feel as gassed as the week before. Just waiting for the gyms to open up in Wales again so I can really get into gear fitness wise.
  15. Would be very happy to see her on the farm. Her solo album earlier this year was bloody brilliant.
  16. I see you were there in 2011.. did you happen to watch the game that day? 😁 I did the same at the Other, was fully expecting the dream to end there!
  17. His set on the Park in 2015 was brilliant, sun went down while he was playing was just proper lush. One of my favourite ever sets.
  18. Definitely not, more likely to see them headlining the Other imo. Loved their 2017 sub set and their headline set at All Points East was amazing but don't think it'd work on the Pyramid cos they don't really have any properly well known to the general public singalong tunes
  19. It's literally taken from the first episode of the Thick of It
  20. The realest heads all know that it's Separations...
  21. I've seen them 24 times (big fan...) and that set is one of my favourites. I was right down the front (and ended up on telly) and loved every second.
  22. Glad to hear you're on the mend, I almost died thanks to an infection caused by an impacted wisdom tooth a few years back and was out of commission for the best part of December. Couldn't eat, drink, smoke etc. My first meal back after healing was my mum's Christmas dinner which was bloody brilliant.
  23. I imagine out of the headliners, Macca and Swift will roll over not sure on Kendrick. I imagine we'll see some of the smaller acts who are at the start of their promotion cycles roll over too.
  24. I bloody love Let's Eat Grandma, seen them a fair few times live and their William's Green set last year was one of my highlights of the fest so excellent shout!
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