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  1. briddj

    day and stage

    Williams Green will be rammed on the Sunday, you'd think.
  2. briddj

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Yep, cos it takes 10 seconds to take boots off!
  3. If you provide your sort code and account number we can fix it.
  4. briddj

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Kalifire is correct. Wellies are a waste of time. Walking boots is the only sensible solution.
  5. Would be surprised if they weren't mid on JP (after being on early on the Sunday two years ago!).
  6. briddj

    Hot Chip

    Ha! What are the chances!
  7. briddj

    Hot Chip

    Never happened to me before at a gig either, unless it's specifically an ID gig of course. Friend's wife had no ID, let her in by showing a bank card in the end.
  8. briddj

    The Weather Thread 2019

    The months leading up to the festival are in many ways as crucial as the week of the festival. The fact we have had an incredibly dry winter is brilliant for the condition of the site and the level of the water table. The long-range weather is for there to not be much rain over the next couple of months so - fingers crossed - the chances of it being a 2016 are slim.
  9. briddj

    Hot Chip

    It will definitely get added. Might be related to All Points East and be announced after that.
  10. briddj

    Hot Chip

    This is exactly what I want to hear with work at 8 in the morning! Firmly in the camp of starting gigs earlier this days..... God I'm old.
  11. briddj

    Hot Chip

    I doubt it for a 12-song set as the 6Music set was just over an hour. Guess you'd had a few ales!
  12. briddj

    Hot Chip

    Yeah, but how long were they on for?
  13. briddj

    Hot Chip

    How long are they on for?
  14. briddj

    Hot Chip

    Yep. Foals were on until about 10.15.
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