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  1. briddj

    The Cure

    Finally watched it back last night - outstanding. And this is from someone who only really knew the big singles. Wish they had headlined the Friday now, because I was absolutely shattered for them on the Sunday. While I knew they were really good, I wish I could have appreciated it more at the time.
  2. briddj

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Sorry mate only just seen this. That said, looking at the state of the pictures you probably didn't want a pre-report!
  3. Got it! Thanks. I was indeed being thick.
  4. Nope. Just downloaded it (for Windows) and used it for the first time.
  5. Sorry if I'm being exceptionally thick here, but once you downloaded with get-iplayer, where does the file go?
  6. Hearing it's going to be about 33 degrees all five days next year, but without the breeze.
  7. Just tried to download JDownloder and Norton is telling me it's an infected file with a Trojan. Any other to use?
  8. The mix on Hot Chip for the first 15 minutes was awful. The first 10 minutes of the set isn't even on iPlayer - Over And Over still is though and that sounds horrendous (as it did at the time!)
  9. briddj


    That's the alleged run - so it was played on the initial tour in the UK and hasn't been played since October 2010.
  10. briddj


    This Orient was dropped completely very early into the TLF tour. Don't think you'll ever see that again. In fact Setlist.com says they only ever played it live 20 times.
  11. This was the first time I've had a hold up on the M4.
  12. I've had so many horrible Mondays on the A303 I don't think I could ever trust going that way again!
  13. Thursday was busy, which I think is due to more and more people turning up earlier so they don't miss anything. But I didn't find it busy the rest of the time. That said, I didn't go anywhere near the Pyramid until Kylie and a lot of the stuff I wanted to see was never going to be over subscribed, compared to previous years.
  14. The route out especially is a god-send. Straight out and away. Sat-nav set to avoid the A303 and go into London via the M4. No traffic (until the M4 when shit and we lost 20 minutes). That was the only delay after setting off and wasn't Glasto related. I understand the rage about the showers on Saturday, but it wasn't something within the control of WV. I was caught out by it myself, because I woke up needing the loo just before 7 so thought I might as well just get the shower out of the way. Strolled down and it seemed the whole camp had the same idea. Didn't get back to the tent until 8.45am. Never had to queue before 8.30am last time. I'd say they could do with either an extra food outlet at the back of the site - or increase the serving capacity of it. And add more portaloos at the back too. I remember in 2015 then definitely added more portaloos after a couple of days due to queues, but that hasn't happened again since. I don't mind the hill at all (though it was a bit tougher on the Sunday...). Really felt for those taking it on with crutches!
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