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  1. I actually wrote it up to Sunday night. Was waiting for Monday morning and forgot while packing the car!
  2. Here we go, then! TODAY Totally dry, highs of 25. THURSDAY Unfortunately the GFS has now got on board with the threat of afternoon and evening rain. Highs of 25. FRIDAY Dry in the early hours. Threat of afternoon showers then clearing. Highs of 20. SATURDAY Completely dry, rain missed the site. Highs of 19. SUNDAY Totally dry, highs of 18. MONDAY - DEPARTURE Maybe showers. SUMMARY So we go out on a very positive update with only Friday afternoon showers and a dry weekend. RIGHT TO THE CAR! LET'S DO THIS!
  3. For one final time, then. The 06Z!
  4. Must be that. That one being Glasto specific so they tweeted it again this morning.
  5. Won't be the only one this weekend.
  6. But it's on their Twitter feed this morning?!
  7. So, for the penultimate time this year, let's see if things stay positive with the 00Z! TODAY! Totally dry, highs of 25. As usual. THURSDAY Totally dry, highs of 24-25. As usual. FRIDAY Rain around during the day. Highs of 18-19. Clearing in the evening and dry overnight. Yep, consistent. SATURDAY Rain a bit more in the vicinity of the site on this run, but still on the cusp. Highs of 18-19. Clearing in the evening and dry overnight. All very familiar now. SUNDAY Again, the showers are on the cusp of the site and nothing is definite. Highs of 18. If anything, slightly better. MONDAY - DEPARTURE Dry. SUMMARY Comparing the last run to this one, there does appear to be a little more danger of rain around on this one - but not drastically so, and it's still hard to call. And still no sign of that Thursday rain that many apps think is coming! For instance, the difference for Friday. Latest on the left. Matt Taylor of the BBC isn't as bullish as he was 10 hours ago! But it still looks fairly positive.
  8. WEDNESDAY Totally dry, highs of 25. Consistent pressure picture. THURSDAY There is evidence of the showers around, but it shows as next to nothing. Highs of around 23. Again, a consistent picture. FRIDAY There are showers showing around the vicinity of the site through the day, but it would be very high and miss. Dry overnight into Saturday. Highs of 19-20. Very similar once more. SATURDAY Completely dry, no rain hits the site. Highs of around 19. Still very similar, low slightly to the west. SUNDAY Highs of 18 but like Saturday a completely dry day unless unlucky. Pressure the same. SUMMARY What an update! Incredibly, all we now have on the charts are a few showers, with Saturday and Sunday completely dry! And if you don't believe the positivity of this run, check out tonight's BBC forecast!
  9. Guess we'll see what the 18Z says shortly.
  10. Flipped again. Only 2% lower. 🤣
  11. Next run starts in an hour.
  12. Depends what it is exactly, but the temps are good enough on Thursday for very quick recovery.
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