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  1. Have been searching and cannot find any comps/free tickets, I am locked in for Strokes but was looking at the Bon Iver day and would like to avoid paying full price or paying at all for any of the other days if possible.
  2. Drink enough and none of these issue matter but I don't think I have ever actually seen anyone on the stage I'm usually so far away.
  3. We always come in from Mile End station and walk to crown gate east on the roundabout, I am pretty sure there is no other entrance but then again I have never looked for an entrance once I have entered.
  4. Dates are wrong no? EDIT - scratch that, YNOT got the dates wrong on there own landing page.
  5. And that solves my panic, life saver. Actually still panicking mind but slightly less. Cheers bud.
  6. Hi, there peeps. I can only assume these questions have already been answered and I have not dug deep enough. Once (if) you get through to the magic page, when you enter the names and postcodes do they have to match exactly how they were entered on the original registration form or will just the correct name suffice? I.e Mr. John Smith Mr John Smith John Smith SE25 9CB SE259CB Any update on this will help, trying not to go into to full panic mode. Thanks in advance. Slugy x
  7. Gerry Cinnamon BROCKHAMPTON Childish Gambino Yeah Yeah Yeah's Interpol Ice Cube Mini Mansions Smashing Pumpkins Eagles of Death Metal Mellah
  8. If it was killers/national/Eminem would we not of already had the names by now? I understand getting the bigger names out first help with sales but they know they are going to sell out being a Glasto fallow year. And you would of thought that killers/national have already announced there tours at this point and Eminem has done so this week I believe? Or maybe it's just me hoping for someone better.
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