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  1. Slugy

    2022 Headliners

    Not that I think sale metrics are a good indicator of someone's headline status but it seems to be mentioned a fair bit. Liam has had 2 number 1 solo albums and a number 1 live album. His singles have not done as well but to suggest that people just turn up to his show with hope of big brother showing up seems odd to me. His music is constantly played on the big rock radio stations. I've never personally gone out of my way to listen to him and im pretty sure I know all the words to all of his solo singles. Now am I pleased by that fact? No, but my brain can't deny a ear worm it appears and people seem to be buying/listening enough to get them to the top of the pops.
  2. Slugy

    2022 New Music

    I had tickets for the London show but they have just moved them to April now which is a pain but I understand in the current climate. Bummer there are none near you but I'd imagine they will pop up on the fest circuit this summer!
  3. Slugy

    2022 Headliners

    Just found this from a BBC article in 2019. Looks like the ticket sales/parking spots pretty much covers the event costs. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48750501
  4. Slugy

    2022 Headliners

    Now I know nothing about this sort of stuff so sorry if I am completely wrong but in terms of going broke don't they pay the acts after they take the due balances? So a cool 30m coming their way. Now I am not sure what 30m covers but it's defo not broke.
  5. Slugy

    2022 New Music

    Not sure why I was expecting it not to be great. The only bad thing they have ever done is not put the EP version of Tenner on Non-Fiction. Great stuff as always.
  6. Oh defo, the low end gigs are much better value and are the better bands/experiences in most cases anyway imo. The only problem is I drink like a sailor on shore leave so it always get expensive. Just love that tequila.
  7. I'd like to think the ticket prices are so high because not many bands make a lot of money from album sales anymore a long with production costs. Not so much with Coldplay but I am happy to pay these prices if it keeps my favourite bands going. Does sting a little though when you have multiple to buy in the same month. 😅
  8. Slugy

    2021 New Music

    Thought the lyrics were class and sung with some power as well, there was an NME article on his new project and stated each verse was a real story from his friends. Loving it.
  9. Slugy

    2021 New Music

    Not seen this here so I thought I'd post even though its a few months old. Lead singer of Dead Pretties released a few solo songs under the name Wunderhorse. Took a few listens but the first single is one of my favourite singles this year. The 2nd single is quite the departure from the 1st but got potential.
  10. Biffy - Margate - Don't remember all that much, I moshed the whole gig and everyone was in high spirits, my friend said they were amazing. APE - Don't remember a whole lot of Foals, I know I moshed a bit. Bombay were great. Wide Awake Fest - Blackout, can't remember much. Which is impressive considering I didn't get out of work till around 6 and missed a whole lot. Blossoms x2 - Kentish Town - In great form as always, lost my phone, found my phone, completely didn't even realise Rick had came out. Declan McKenna - Brixton Academy - I am a massive fan of his two albums but the energy from the albums multiplies when seeing him live, almost every song could of been the big single from the crowd reaction and performance. Do Nothing - Bristol Academy - Short and sweet as it was a day festival, crowd was a bit docile but sound was great, personal mosh. Yard Act - The Lexington - Fuck amazing, got to hear some new stuff, crowd chewed it up. Only thing I would say is they seem to be bored by the material that helped them come up so quick. Mainly because the crowed seemed to every 30 secs shout one of his one liners back at them. Needless to say I went a bit to hard on the first few back. Been a fucking blast though and got some many more lined up!!!!
  11. Snippet of the BBC article. Quite polarizing then if the accounts of people from here say otherwise?
  12. Was that Matt Helders on drums or am I going mad?
  13. Its a simple as Glasto does not have day passes on the Billie Eilish front. The crowd may be huge out of interest but there are so many options and the ones that do stick it out most likely won't be a super dedicated, knowing all songs and words etc as that video of Firefly Fest showed because more than likely people paid just to see her. But this will be the case for most bands IMO and only ones that really escape it are the once in a life time bands especially when your decision to go to the festival is made up before seeing any of the line up
  14. First time getting tickets this year, well 2 years ago but I have been trying for some time though.
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