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  1. How long to The Pigeon Detectives get announced?
  2. Other than the two main stages there isn't a whole lot going on in terms if attractions/installations at Isle of Wight and the site its self is quite unimpressive, In my option it is very much a festival that needs to have a spot on line up for your tastes for it to be worth the effort. Saying that though if it is your first festival then it may suffice as it was mine back in 2011 and I had a blast, although it has dipped quite a bit since then.
  3. Slugy

    Sleeping At Glasto

    Big bag of pingers and sleep Tuesday, Does the job quite nicely.
  4. No particular order. The Suburbs - Arcade Fire Suck it and See - Arctic Monkeys Tranquility Base Hotel - Arctic Monkeys Swimming - Mac Miller Smother - Wild Beasts Total Life Forever - Foals Currents - Tame Impala Malibu - Anderson .Paak Rise of Hobo Johnson - Hobo Johnson High Violet - The National Easy Life & Mellah missed out due only having EP's out.
  5. Never really had an issue with it any of the years but I am normally pretty tanked, was mildly sober for Robbie Williams and it sounded fine. That was at the back mind.
  6. Slugy

    The Strokes?

    But with there history of hating of being in the studio because of what happened with their contract those many moons ago why would they bother getting together to make music if they really didn't want to. They could come out retirement every 4 - 5 years for a short tour play the assorted others and wouldn't really have to worry about money for another half a decade. Assuming they are not already short of a few bob. And people saying they look like checked out/auto pilot when they play which I admit they have seemed a bit subdued when I have seem but they never really set the stage alight in there prime.
  7. Slugy

    The Strokes?

    Don't they have a new record coming out next year? Would suggest there not just in it for the pay checks if so.
  8. And up against the England game with half the speakers turned off.
  9. Slugy

    2020 headliners

    William Hill has suspended betting apparently or were they never taking bets on Glasto 2020?
  10. They are releasing a new album I believe so they should be on tour but I fear that the festival are moving away from the big money headliners due to the line up last year/price decrease but we will see. The headliners in 2018 were big so lets just hope that 2019 was a one off and get to see The Foo's rocking the main stage.
  11. Slugy

    2020 headliners

    Bit late to this but incredible is a massive stretch, they were late, put in a sub performance and half the speakers were turned off because England were busy getting knocked out of the world cup.
  12. Slugy

    2020 headliners

    (Repost) Emily said the following in that interview, has this been picked up on before? Two "new" headliners are already booked. “But you know the rest of the stuff is really great and for us, it’s amazing after kind of 50 years to be able to almost pick and kind of choose who you want and who – and in a way interestingly actually the two that we’ve booked have not done the festival before and I don’t know if now that creates…I hope now you don’t narrow it down and guess!” Read more at https://www.nme.com/news/music/emily-eavis-says-that-glastonburys-other-stage-will-feature-pyramid-level-headliners-next-year-2563232#emQvELMjEcFfwiMV.99
  13. Birch was just saying that they had played NOS three times, so I was letting him know they had played a fourth. I said nothing untoward did I? Sorry if I that's the way it came across.
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