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  1. I think it’s unfair to call everyone who voted for Brexit an idiot. The remain campaign was terrible. They didn’t focus on any of the positive things the EU has done for us or the benefits we get. They just threatened people and focused on the negative stuff all the time. It really was an awful campaign.
  2. Yes but the petition only got 7 million signatures. If the other 51 million had felt upset at Brexit they surely would have signed. I think Brexit will be a huge mistake but people voted for it twice so it’s where we are .
  3. About 68 million live in the uk though and wether we like it or not they won the referendum and then a general election on the back of Brexit.
  4. Nope. I get the impression that too many people are seeing it as a chance to go out drinking and be in a crowd with their mates after been frustrated in lockdown. Seeing hundreds of boozed up people throwing bottles at and attacking the police undermines the cause completely.
  5. I think they do work when enough people get behind it.A petition signed by millions or the world turning its lights out for 30 minutes would leave a much stronger impression on me than the videos of the attacks on police horses ( mostly from white people from what I’ve seen) and people drinking beers in the streets that we saw yesterday.
  6. To be honest if people feel safe enough to go to mass demonstrations and to days out on crowded beaches then they should be back at work where with social distancing measures they would probably be much safer. Furlough was a scheme to protect people’s jobs and the economy whilst we were under lockdown. People are now treating it like a big holiday and if lockdown isn’t going to be respected anymore then they may as well try and reopen things. I don’t like this government but too many people are trying to shirk responsibility for their own poor decisions .
  7. Of course catalysts are important. Why do people still talk about Rosa Parks? These protests didn’t happen before the event so of course it has something to do with it.
  8. There are other ways to show support. Online protests and petitions . Something of the ilk of clap for Carers every night or everyone turning off their electricity for an hour in line with the pause for thought protest. Crowds of thousands during a pandemic is not the best way to do it.
  9. I think that these protests probably will lead to an increase in the R number. The scenes in Manchester were shocking. If the lockdown isn’t going to be enforced and observed properly then perhaps it just needs to be scrapped and people just face the consequences.
  10. What a surprise. Just after his no deal Brexit .
  11. That was his story though as was Jenerick’s. I don’t believe Cummings was driving to test his eyesight so I was taking all the stories as they were presented by the people involved:
  12. Believing their stories at face value. One drove over 100 miles to his dad to give him essential supplies and then wished him happy birthday from outside the house. The other drove over 100 miles with a small child and someone they believed had coronavirus and then after that drove a car with a small child in the back to check that he was in a fit state to drive and wouldn’t crash. These stories aren’t even in the same orbit. Why are you trying to link them?
  13. They are very similar and we’re both wrong. That was the point I was ( perhaps badly) trying to make. When I said criticism sorry I meant in comparison to what Cummings did. What he did was far more reckless and the governments attempt to sweep it away has been a national embarrassment. People on social media saying that Cummings should stay because Kinnock stayed are just plain wrong:
  14. He drove over 100 miles to his parents home via his second home in order to drop of key supplies. Conservatives accept that this was in rules despite the distance and nothing more was made of it. That’s just one of the reasons why it find it very hard to accept their criticism of Kinnock
  15. Robert Jenrick also broke lockdown just in case you are trying to paint a narrative of this just been because Cummings is linked to the Conservative party. That might not be what you were trying to do just wondered why you focused on the two labour politicians.
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