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  1. I second the recommendation of Salomon's. Have survived two very muddy festivals (G16 & KC16) and have appeared as-new from the washing machine. They are comfortable, require little breaking in, and do not (like wellies) get sucked of your feet by the gluey mud that sometimes appears at Glastonbury. In a flood or really really liquid mud, wellies win. But I don't think we're gonna get that much rain.
  2. Yeah I know, it was bad timing. But it did look awful. I’m not a pessimist though - I have every faith that it’s going to be the best Glastonbury ever.
  3. I just looked at the webcam. I wish I hadn’t.
  4. It’s going to be Elton John. Him or Radiohead.
  5. oooh 2016 was my first one for 13 years. I arrived on Thursday after all my compadres had been there a day - so I had none of the travel chaos. I looked so clean next to everyone else but that was soon fixed after a birdcage cocktail and going arse over tit in the SE Corner. It WAS horrendous - especially through Silver Hayes, by the Cider Bus, The SE, and the path past Arcadia up to the Park... in fact mostly everywhere. This year will be so easy compared to that.
  6. Interpol or Tame Impala or Frank Turner. Or Idles if I missed them at the Park. Hot Chip The Cure
  7. Next year? No..... Park TBA Saturday 18:15
  8. Robofish

    The Cure

    Ah I'm listening to Disintegration right now and getting more and more excited by this headliner. Also noticed that they have played Catch twice this year, which would be sweet on the Pyramid. Time to get a campaign going?
  9. I read this and thought: Guardian on Saturday to reveal the lot. I hope I’m wrong.
  10. Subbing Stormzy. And duetting with him on several songs later on. You heard it here first. (And last probably).
  11. So, this Elton John rumour I’ve just made up. When will he be announced and for what stage?
  12. Really good festival, I thought. Getting in was a breeze, campsites not too cramped, good beers and great prices, excellent food selection. The music was magnificent, especially Suede, Editors, Oh Sees, Steel Pulse, Heavy Lungs and Slow Readers. I had pegged Idlewild as set of the weekend though, until Little Steven blew me away. What an inspired booking!
  13. Robofish

    The National

    How we all differ. I think TWFM was the best album, the best tour and has their best track (Pink Rabbits, although About Today runs it close). New album has a few moments of unnecessary noodling, but is pretty mesmerising. A lot better than SWB (Carin, System and Nobody Else notwithstanding).
  14. I feel I must return the sentiment. I missed all of these and would have loved them. Glad to have seen Chic in 2017 though.
  15. Top of my head... 1. Radiohead 1997 2. REM 2003 3. David Bowie 2000 4. PJ Harvey 2016 5. New Order 1987
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