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  1. Oh nice one, just checked it there. Funnily enough I've stayed in this hotel before. In 2016 I had driven through the night and with the traffic jam towards the site couldnt continue at the wheel. Booked in here, put the nut down for 5 hours and tried again at 3pm. Made it on site for 7 bells.
  2. Stayed in Frome before. Seems booked solid on the Tuesday night. Want to be in punching distance of the west side carparks. Thanks for any suggestions folks.
  3. Theyve one good tune.
  4. Better Living Through Chemistry that night. A humdinger, buddy. Also played "Fun Machine" that night. Gnarly craic.
  5. Lol. What is she looking at?
  6. Moving is ace. One or two tracks on the "Rouen" record also fab. Very much a downward curve tho. Nothing new from them since 2008? Very much tier 3 of 1990s bands, which is a shame.
  7. First two records are a hit-fest. Tight harmz from Mick. Danny a gifted drummer. Should be a whopper.
  8. Im too old to be reactionary or to troll this forum. It is as grey as a nun's nasty out there.
  9. Wooderson

    Kendrick Lamar

    It was 2018, Cally. Wasnt aware that this tour was viewed as a bummer generally. That gives me some hope actually. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/kendrick-lamar/2018/stradbally-hall-stradbally-ireland-2be808ee.html Was 20 from the barrier. I may aswell have been in a diff timezone to Kung Fu Ken. No vibes, no party.
  10. Weather last couple of weeks giving me the fear. Abysmal craic.
  11. Wooderson

    Kendrick Lamar

    Lifelong hiphop fan/geek and he's a meh from me. Where am I going wrong? The best thing he's ever done for me is The Art of Peer Pressure - be keen if someone could point out other stuff has he done with a head-bobbing break? πŸ˜ƒ I've seen him live before and wasnt impressed. Was a cold and humourless experience and at times I'm convinced he was miming at times. I was right up the front, usually pretty good with this sort of call. The cerebral nature of Kendrick's material and a need to have a really passionate 1:1 interest in the lyrical content always keeps me at arms reach I think. Seen Wu, JayZ and Kanye on the 'Mid and none really nailed it for me either. Trying to think who rinsed it. Kelis was ace I seem to recall, but this was much more a funk show. Stormzy an outlier (only saw him on telly after the fact) but I think his sense of occasion/theatre on the night was superb. He didnt just try rock a partymic. Just reckon the Pyramid is too big for some acts... For context I've seen Simz / Nas / Snoop / Tribe / J5 / Beasties do main stage fest shows and all hit the spot.
  12. If they'd knocked it on the head 20 years ago, we'd not have seen their 2005 perf tho. I can tell if someone has a clue about the fest by your opinion on that show... More Light is a whopper record also. Realise im in a v small minority on this. Their 3rd perfect record.
  13. Most people leave by 10 bells. Me and @Gnomicide usually last to call it.
  14. Friday for the eFests sesh is an abysmal option. Why not go the whole hog and schedule it at the CB like the old days.
  15. In v similar boat to you mate. See / Fest HQ do *not* want to know about this issue. We're in a tight spot coming over on the boat.
  16. Has anyone got experience of bringing kids on the coach? We got coach tickets on the resale but theres no room for kids. Interested to hear peeps thoughts on what to do.
  17. Seen a dozen, maybe more of these performances. Brian Wilson the most fun.
  18. Would really appreciate an interactive area which documented the history of the festival.
  19. Sim to City last week nothing on website. Predictable mealy mouthed shite. Diabolical on the pitch, worse off it.
  20. Mancs. Big fans of The S*n Newspaper.
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