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  1. Hi everyone, I'm gutted that my family can't make it to Wilderness this summer and as a result I need to sell our tickets and accommodation... We have 3 x adult & 1 x child boutique weekend tickets with a 4 Man Classic Bell tent up for sale. Please spread the word to any Wilderness lovers who would like to go and might be interested! Thanks again, Carl.
  2. Could there be a 'Glastonbury Light' option? Scaled down lineup (UK based acts) & scaled down punters (travel restrictions & not risking it). Granted if the government ban all large gatherings then it's off no matter what... 😔
  3. It seems that Boris will be announcing the lineup poster after he's had lunch with an orangutan?
  4. The moral of your story is my mantra for life...
  5. I need the Bubble & Squeak place near Arcadia Pangea to be back this year... last year it either wasn't there or I couldn't find it. Perfect hangover food!
  6. I had a massive breakthrough at Glastonbury 2019... after years of racing across fields at festivals to make the end of that set or get the perfect spot for that act, I summoned all of my courage and went to the stage nearby and had a listen someone I knew little about... I know many of the seasoned Glastonbury folk on here will have made this leap a long time ago, for me it was like turning on a light. I've struggled for years with whether I should race to all the acts I should see or float around the festival to stumble upon the acts I was meant to discover. It genuinely took a lot
  7. Love this outlook to Glastonbury. I've found it can take a bit of bravery to make that initial choice to abandon the bands you 'believed you should see' and discover the bands you were meant to.
  8. Thanks! Yeah I've been reading through that one, some great tips.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm Carl from Liverpool, it's my third trip to Glastonbury in 2020 and I'm very lucky that it's also my first time volunteering for Oxfam! The sense of relief when I got my Oxfam place was incredible 😃 I'm now really looking forward to seeing a different side to the festival!
  10. I'd have to go with Kings of Leon doing Paul Simon covers on the Park Stage.
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