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  1. Probably what happened to me - I noticed the message saying "No matches for your chosen date" - but right beneath is the box showing two available tickets, for the alternative date. I wasn't about to grumble!
  2. Once through the waiting room for the Friday Bruce show I had 32000 ahead of me in the queue. Managed to snag two pitch standing tickets for the Sunday when I actually got my chance. SO RELIEVED.
  3. Fiancé just sent me a pic of a particular envelope that he just signed for 😍 (What a bummer if this isn't my ticket!)
  4. Bit miffed as an iD mobile user - I've always found them to be great, and reverted back to them for an excellent contract deal earlier this year. When I had been with them in the past they piggy-backed on the EE network, so I thought I was in the clear.. but no, they've switched contracts and now use Three 🤦‍♀️
  5. I was really hoping for the full drop on the 24th to try and inspire some hype among my group. On top of some other personal difficulties in the last few weeks, the lack of excitement among my group is really impacting my own feelings about it in the run-up. 🤞 Really hope there are some tasty morsels this week to help stoke the hype-fire.
  6. My brain really wasn't ready for my age to be in the latter half of the option boxes. Why are the under-30s broken into so many smaller groups?!
  7. WestCountryGirl

    The Cure

    I'll never not enjoy that clip. Thank you for bringing a laugh to my Saturday morning!
  8. I have long harboured a hope that The Divine Comedy show up on the farm.. just checked their website and they are now performing at a festival in Ireland over Glasto weekend. More likely? Less likely? Probably the latter, but I'll be clutching these straws until the full line-up is out (although I would have had them pegged for Acoustic if anywhere.. so chances ever slimming..) https://thedivinecomedy.com/live
  9. Dance Fever is everything I need right now. I loved High As Hope but think with a few more listens this will top it.
  10. I got this last year: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08FKRH1J3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&th=1 Perfect size (surprisingly roomy) and comfy to wear. I found the "phone pouch" on the front of the strap was really convenient for storing cash/card and have it right under my nose. I've actually started using it occasionally in general life - far from fashionable, but just so practical.
  11. That's a great pic! On a similar theme, this is me on top of my dear friend Daisy's shoulders - absolutely loving life as Radiohead did Fake Plastic Trees. I too usually hate all pictures of me, but I love this one..
  12. The best thing I ate at Green Man last year was a serving of paella - it was so, so good. I foolishly did not note the stall name - but I am going to have my eyes open each day of Glasto on the hunt for it 🤞
  13. I have been citing this as my biggest pet peeve for over a decade now. And I know when I first started saying it, it was "this has been my biggest pet peeve for about three years now" but it still won't die!! "Pinky plonky, hushed voice covers of classic rock tracks" is how I always said it. Now it's dance tracks too. I could always imagine an inevitable cover of Hungry Heart coming, and could already hear the way the vocalists voice was going to break on "heart".. I cannot believe how long I have been raging about this now. Please, marketing execs.. please, think of something else! *I realised a few years back that I am part of the problem because I bought that Gary Jules cover of Mad World in 2003. I was a very, very sad 12 year old.
  14. Had a casual 3.5 mile walk to meet a friend for brunch. Haven't been using the gams as much as I should so thought I'd best start giving them a stretch!
  15. Been bringing Severance and Euphoria last few weeks. Great shows both. Obviously thoroughly enjoying the new episodes of BCS too but will be so sad for it to be over.
  16. My partner loves music and loves camping, but just doesn't like big crowds or anything too busy. It's an anxiety thing. He has said the only way I'd ever get him there is with some off-site accommodation so he could get a bit of space from it if all - and he'd probably just come in to see what it's all about and then retreat - but as if I'm ever going to do Glastonbury like that! It does make me a bit sad sometimes that I can't share my happiest place and happiest times with him, but by that same token, I also love that at Glastonbury I can just be by myself, or with my friends, do whatever it is I want and feel totally independent - and be glad to know that my partner is also happily having a perfectly introverted week at home by himself 🙂
  17. My fiancé is very sweet at humouring me when I get excited about it - whether that's me making my packing list months in advance, or just telling him something that I really want to see. He has zero interest in ever attending and I certainly will never make him - he would be miserable. It works out because he really needs some time at home alone too, so my buzzing away to a festival suits us both down to the ground. I think he most struggles when I come back and it's all I want to talk about for a few weeks. I don't think he did at first, but now he fully understands how important a time it is for me, and responds with interest. He's a goodn. I must say even when I am having an absolute whale of a time at Glasto I still miss him!
  18. Prior to Folklore, my favourite Taylor track. Really intrigued to hear the new version.
  19. This is an excellent shout. Thanks for the inspiration!
  20. I definitely got some somewhere in the vicinity of William's Green late one night in 2017. Really great pickme up/sugar rush for that time.
  21. Transferred first load of funds into the account for my card which I will solely use for Glastonbury.
  22. The Divine Comedy last night - truly exquisite. Felt like an age ago that I bought those tickets for Mum and Dad and myself but my god was it worth the wait. Unsure if I can think of another gig I've been at that has sounded better too. And National Express was the closest I've ever seen the Philharmonic crowd go to full taps AFF.
  23. Completely caught me off-guard (although it doesn't honestly take much to make me cry). Just the way Chris said "they got taken away" - I was gone. And ever since when I've seen this clip, I just think about how this must have felt for anyone who knew and loved the Viola Beach members and I'm set off again.
  24. I'd be right there with you... shivers.
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