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  1. God that'd be an incredible Friday opener. Please be true.
  2. They're on my "want to see" list rather than my "100% seeing" - really hope there's no clashes. A good handful of our group will be in the same boat. Saw them at Arctic Monkeys LCCC show in 2007 and they were bloody brilliant. If I remember correctly the drummer looks weirdly like a young Macca.
  3. Yup. Try this every year but still end up making my 4 league tables 😭 Won't bore people with 2nd Division to 4th Division, but Prem (Must See) are: NGHFB Paul McCartney Crowded House Lorde Haim Wolf Alice Diana Ross Bicep Skunk Anansie Sugababes. Jamie Webster
  4. This was the first and only time I've seen Primal, it was fucking brilliant. They're on my list for Friday, though I could be swayed by Heaton...
  5. Hi, does the Thursday morning run still happen at GF? Asking for a mate who's a newbie. And likes to run. For some reason.
  6. Mitski Yola Clairo Leon Bridges Roisin Murphy Suzanne Vega All of the above thanks to Richard Munden's Glasto2022 playlist. Additionally, a friend recommended Jamie Webster to me - he's bloody brilliant. Shot straight up my league tables list into the 2nd tier "Really want to see".
  7. Urgh. Is it really going to be noticeably busier this year then with the capacity increase? That will put quite the dampener on tbh..
  8. https://www.heilalavanilla.com/blogs/recipes/pineapple-vanilla-tequila
  9. Oh and Arctic Monkeys are not going to be doing a secret set at GF. Not for shit.
  10. It was fucking phenomenal.
  11. Same. Seen them 9 times in total and not once did they seem lacklustre. The Finsbury Park gig pissed me off but that was down to the dog shit sound system. As soon as I heard Tame Impala when I walked in, I hoped it was just them who sounded a million miles away. Twas not. Certainly weren't lacking energy in Bham during TBHC tour. The jam leading into the title track was incredible. Turner was back and forth on his wheely piano chair absolutely loving it. Cannot fucking wait to see them again nor can I wait to see what brilliance he's come up with for the next album.
  12. Started my vanilla and pineapple infused tequila infusion... Looks rough, and not as light as the one off the website I found - it's the brown sugar so hopefully it'll dissolve further!
  13. So you're adding a hip flask to the stuff that's already in your pockets weighing your shorts/trousers down even more? I need bog roll. I can't shit on command. One beer in the morning then you're out for the day buying drinks? Or just take a small bag with cans/small bottle of spirits... I'm not taking a 65L Backpack around... It's a small backpack, on what planet would I need to worry about that hitting people, unless I'm sprinting around backwards? Absolutely mental conversations going on here 🤣 having all the shit I need in 2 pockets uncomfortable as fuck or a simple little bag. I'm not going back to my camp when I leave that morning unless strictly necessary. Each to their own obviously... but it's mind blowing that a little bag to take essentials around at a festival so you're not buying booze all day or having your legs weighed down, is being questioned.
  14. Fuck all wrong with the classic shirts, I'll be donning my Fiorentina 99, Batistuta, Nintendo bad boy... I draw the line at bum bags over the shoulder...bloody awful indeed
  15. This sounds fucking horrible and is making me uncomfortable just thinking about it. I hate having my phone on my pocket when I drive let alone walking 40+ miles over 5 days with all my shit in my pockets and round my waist. Water bottle? Bog roll? Few cans? A jumper/jacket?
  16. Stokesy10


    Is this your flag?
  17. I managed to get it from Dudley Tesco in the end 🙂 at least Dudley is good for something (other than the Black Country Museum...). Huge thanks for your kind offer x
  18. Alcohol? Bog roll? Water?
  19. What.... Lorde might be Saturday Other up against Macca? Well that's a kick in my fucking balls.
  20. You sampling it tonight? 👀
  21. How very kind thanks mate. I'm going to try 2 more on my way back from work later. I wouldnt want to ask you to bring additional weight with your booze 🙂
  22. Hi! Yeh I'd seen this online, but it isn't on any of the shelves in the big Tesco stores.
  23. YES. Fucking this. It's so hard to describe written down but they'll tail off the end of a word in the most irritating way. Like the word "would" becomes "wuuyyid" with that grating breathing singing which a million people sound like. While I'm at it... every pissing advert and their pathetic marketing teams who select "popular song X" from the 90s and change it from and upbeat tune to a ballady, slow sack of shit, sang in an annoying female- whispered voice. Get some new ideas for the name of fuck. Edit - I've just realised my last paragraph is basically repeating yours... I got carried away when I saw your opening lines as I was going to write the same but couldnt describe it 🤣
  24. Ooh interesting! A mate of mine has one of those kegs, I'll tell him to keep a look out. Or buy it for him and reap the benefits one evening.
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