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2019 Headliners

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There's plenty of reason to take exception with The Rolling Stones for their tax evasion/Under My Thumb/Stray Cat Blues, Metallica for their bear hunting, The Who for the child porn on Pete Townshend'

Elton John is a cracking piano player, written some great songs... but he is playing somewhere else that weekend & I wouldnt talk about an act someone else has..... he is a top top piano player th

For my own entertainment (I am an extremely sad man) I decided to have a look at the festival headliners over the past few years and see if any trends/ patterns emerge with the type of acts booked….ev

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Was gonna say it seems risky to predict Macca will still be around in two and a bit years' time but then my number one prediction is Elton so maybe I should shut up.

Kendrick Lamar, or Paramore if this Green Day thing is true and means Glastonbury are giving in on their pop punk ban

Arctic Monkeys


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putting them in the right order, obviously Elton isn't going to be on Friday
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21 minutes ago, Will-2609 said:


Arctic Monkeys



Edit: The 1975 to make their major festival headline debut at R&L in 2019.

I ws stuck between Foals and The 1975 but just feel The 1975 are more likely to take that step up. I'm a big fan of Foals and really want them to headline but I'm worried they might have peaked and might just stay at the same level from now on, whereas come their next album The 1975 will be on another level and I think Glastonbury will make a bigger push for them. We all know they've been reluctant to push newer headliners recently so I think for them to do it it's more likely to be a huge act like what The 1975 will be in a couple of years.

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